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Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'd Rather

It's been a rough couple of days.

My hope was to be here., visiting this beauty and it's contents, my daughter and family. They are fortunate to own this wonderful 1886 farm house that they have made, home.

And, I'd rather be eating this delectable chocolate bar.....but instead.....
I'm stuck with this....yes that is tea,....and yes, that is dry toast.
Mama would rather be playing but instead...
I'm one sick puppy...it's taken it out of me to just type this...so....nap time it is....I'm still not sure who took this picture...

So, until the pep is back in this gal, I will check in whenever someone else turns the pc on, or gets me up to have a sip of tea. Stay healthy, my friends. This is a bumber.

I'd rather be playing with Mel at the fisheree, or fishing with the boys. I promise to catch up with your entries as soon as my aching body will allow. Until then...
Thanks for stopping and

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Lamb-o Leap

Photo taken from the net, buuut.........It reminds me of the Lamb-o, oops, the LAMBEAU LEAP......WAY TO GO 'GREEN BAY!' Way to go!
Good luck at the Super Bowl...

O.K., I know it doesn't mean anything to anyone but a ' Packer ' fan, but I loved that game today. I was on the edge of my seat for most of the game. Now, onward to Super Bowl 45. In our state, today's game was as awesome as any Bowl game. We are the Champions, either way it goes in two week. Way to Go Packers.

We celebrated with Venison French Dips and Shrimp for supper...just about as tasty as victory.

Thanks for stopping

Sunset, Hockey, Family Fun

Add a rainbow on each side of this glorious sunset, (this one is from the North Pole, from sis Cher), and you will see what we saw on our way home from our Grandson Josh's Hockey tournament last night. For over 20 minutes, we watched the sun set slowly, developing the coolest rainbow spires, straight up each side of the sun, pointing to the sky. As all the glory mesmerized us, while peeking through the tree-lined horizon, I couldn't help but wish I had my camera. Of all times to forget my 'story-telling' assistant...my grandson's hockey tournament and a gorgeous sunset.The Mustang's got bucked their first game but carried on, to win game 2. The ice checking and puck throwing came to an abrupt end this morning, as the lil Mustangs suffered another loss.
It was so exciting to watch these powerful-on-skates, troopers, learn and play the game with their hearts on their sleeves. I was amazed at the quickness of these youngsters. Of course, our grandson, Josh, back row, 2nd from the coach on the left, dark hair, is the best defense player on the team. We are so proud of him, can you tell. Do your best, is all we ask of any of these kids, and they are ' winners ' in our book.
Once again, I forgot my camera, so this is a team picture from last year.
Josh is in a new league now, so the uniform color has changed to burgundy and black....but colors-do-not-the-athlete-make. Another couple of years, and this is going to be a 'powerful' team.

Also, there were a lot of ' 2 honks ' going on as we entered Rhinelander where the tournament was going on. There was a fella wearing a sign as large as himself saying, 1 Honk for the Bears, 2 Honks for the Packers., as he waved to every passer-by.
Needless to say, ' 2 Honks ', sure were getting the town fired up for today's game. Go Pack Go....besides Josh's Mustangs, the Packers Rule!

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Broken Hinge, Another House Warming

Have you ever had this dilemma? My lazy-susan door of my cabinets broke a hinge/hinge plate. I have spent the past couple of hours looking for a replacement. There are no part numbers anywhere on this piece, but one of the inside hinges had a name on it of BLUM. Ok, check there.
Either the piece has been reconstructed into something better or they just don't have them. It has a clean enough break, but because it is not something that can be welded, I guess I'm either in a pickle, or will have to live without a door section. I hate when these things happen. We already know, that , that is not happening.
I finally found a phone number and will try there, but if all else fails, I have not given up yet. My youngest brother is a metals fabricator/tool n' die/guy, and says he can make me a hinge out of stainless steel with a lifetime of use. Sounds good to me....if all else fails, that is. He's a busy man and I hate to tie up his shop for a measly lil hinge. So, on with the good stuff.

As you all may have heard by now, the bottom dropped out of the temperature in WI, to the extent that schools and activities were all canceled until this ' dangerously, frigid air passes.' That would be when the full moon passes into a friendlier phase for us 'snow countrymen, women and children.'

Upon waking at 4 a.m. (being dear Bill had to clock in early at the mill this morning), our thermometer read a nasty-a** -27 degrees. Just at dawn, it dropped another degree. When Bill opened the door, a bit of wind hit his mustache and it froze before he got to the garage just across the driveway. Now, that's bitter c-o-l-d.

So, what a better thing to do, (as long as I was up) and the house needed to be warmed, but ..........BAKE GINGERBREAD. Ok, don't get on me about the box.
It just happens, that I bought it, intending for a quick batch of Gingerbread Boys and Girls, with the Grandloves over the Christmas shuffle...it was just waaaay too busy, so Gingerbread a month later, it is. With all the ice and cold, warm Gingerbread sure hit the spot. It's nothing like Mama's, but I can guarantee, it Will Disappear.
See, one piece is already going, going, gone!

Thanks for stopping...enjoy whatever weather the Good Lord brings you and

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wishful Thinking

The Lord knows we needed plenty of moisture to replenish our past drought conditions, but....I'm thinking that with all of the rain we finally were blessed with last summer and fall, and now, constant snow?, I'm thinking that we here in the northcentral WI are so ready to share.
I am being selfish here, and wishing for the sight of green, plush grass. I promise, if we have an abundance, we will gladly share that also. Rather than sliding around on the ice, pushing snow, shoveling snow, bundling in many layers before treading outdoors, I'd much rather be on a long Trail Ride with the family on our 4-wheelers. I'd even go for Mudding right now, and I hate getting muddy.
I'd rather be swishing my hands in the creek with Sy, letting the bubbles drift through my fingers, day-dreaming with nor a care in the world. Or
picking apples with Grandpa Bill and Christopher, such sweet Grandloves, or just chewing on a piece of straw with Austin. They will giggle when they see these pictures from years past...not too many years, but past. Right now, this very bitter cold moment, I would much rather be embracing spring, summer or fall, for I have already had enough of
THIS. It is gorgeous to look at, but I am getting cold....cold feet, cold hands, cold bod, cold hearted about winter. Bring on that green, plush grass and some summer fun.
Thanks for visiting, in spite of my bit--y attitude tonight.
You all stay healthy, warm and motivated to get through this cold, blustery weather. If I were only a snowman, I would not care.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Packer Melon, Chocolate & Peanut Butter

Did you watch the Play-Offs over the weekend....we have a Packer Smile on our faces and are thirsting for Packer Melon to bring-it-on with for the upcoming Sunday game between the rivals, The Green Bay Packers and The Chicago Bears...it is going to be a fun game to watch, no matter the outcome. To honor our green and gold team, a southern WI melon grower, developed the Packer Melon, It's only right. Go...Go Pack Go!
And in honor of my sister Mel of UpNorthWithMel, and friend Jack of Shipslog, a bit of chocolate cake with peanut butter icing for your birthdays...Happy Birthday you two!
Go on over and wish them a Happy Birthday. I guarantee you will enjoy their blogs. Both are informative, loving, sarcastic, supportive, funny, fun to be around. I forewarn, they are contagious.
Thanks for stopping and have yourself a grand day.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sunset After Snow Sale

It is a sight to behold. The sunset looked like fire amongst all the white we have been seeing lately. Color is always welcome in our northern winters.It snowed like crazy last night, with flakes as large as your thumb. Any wonder they piled up so fast and fluffy.
We woke to another easy 8-10 inches, depending on where you stepped. It's a winter wonderland. God's clean landscape. The sunset shines pink on the pines to the east.
My dear Bill is sick as a dog today, waking with the stomach flu. It meant a trip to town for fluids to rehydrate my man, being careful to not include too much sugar. His diabetes is hard to control when he gets sick...not wanting to catch his flu, I'm keeping the house warm, staying my distance except to tend to his needs, (how do I not get close?) and praying this does not last long for him. You must understand, when this fella is down, he's down. He never sits still, always busy, so I know he's really sick when he doesn't go out to play (plow) the snow., or tinker in his shop.

I stopped to let our son know that Dad would not be helping him finish the walls of his ice fishing shack today and why. Thanks to Stac, the plowing got done. He came down from the Archery Shop to push us out with the Ranger that has a nice blade on it. He sure did an awesome job. Thanks Stac.

While at the shop, I noticed the renters of the house by the shop, were having a Basement Sale. Well, that was right up my alley., and of course, I shopped. Bill was sleeping for awhile, so I had a bit of time.

I found these nice Pyrex dishes, both for a buck, can always use those. I'd rather bake and serve in glass over metal and plastic, any day.
This is one of 5 bookcases that I found, also $1, yes, one buck each. Who could resist. Now the grandloves have shelves for some of the small toys and Books.
Like these cuties,
and these! Our 11 Grandloves are all little bugs, so they will love that bug book., a bug card game, too, all for another dollar. The Grandloves library at Grandma and Grandpa's is growing.
Not unloaded from the back of the truck yet, is an oak file cabinet and a nice pine bookshelf/storage cabinet for GrandmaG., that's me. Each of those were also a steal at $5. each. Oh, and a beautiful Brown/gold-toned twin complete comforter set, like new, $5. I love a good bargain and I had plenty of them today!

It felt good to go to a 'basement sale' in the dead of winter. I met the new neighbors that are renting, but now, moving to FL, silly folks. Their wonderful kids were so helpful carrying all those items to the truck for me. I have never given a tip at a garage sale before, but it felt good to tip these two pre-teens for all of their hard work. Those shelves are heavy. Thanks kid-eens.

Stay healthy and away from this nasty flu, but still enjoy the snow. We are supposed to get another week of this weather, so, what else is new for Wisconsin?


Thursday, January 13, 2011

What a Pain

Have you ever had such an unbearable pain in your neck that it made you nauseous? Right about there and all the way to my ear and down my arm directly to the fingertips. Ouch. Ice, ice, ice, is my best friend at times like this. That, and inch by inch, stretching.I sure find myself indulging in self-pity a lot lately, but hey, it hurts.
It may have been all the snow, that, tho it looked quite fluffy, the sleet kept interfering with an otherwise easy and joyful job. Someone has to shovel.
There wasn't all that much, maybe 4 more inches to shovel off the deck and the steps, to get to the bird feeders. Alright, so I love being outside in the winter, but I cannot stand idle hands, so, of course, I grabbed the shovel and pushed it around a bit.
' Waddle ' ya gonna do!
Speaking of waddles, this one is protected in a corner and under the large spruce trees branches, so it doesn't take too bad a hit from the piling snow. My other one, however, is next to where my dear hubster plows. Needless to say, these things are just another thing to mow and plow around. There isn't much left to it, I'm afraid. At least the perennials in the bed behind the fence, are still there, thanks to the shrubs acting as deterrents. So, like I said earlier, ' Waddle ' ya gonna do!
So, my dear friends, if you must get out there and help with the snow removal, be careful. Push over lifting, if you can. If it's too heavy, leave it for the kids. They will be by, sooner or later, for a hot meal. Let them earn those hot vittles from Mom's kitchen.

BlessYourHearts and Thanks for Stopping

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stow and Go!

My days have been so intensified with ' busy ' and ' stress,' that I needed some ' me ' time. This time, I grabbed a puzzle to calm me.

Have you ever seen one of these? Talk about convenient when you only have one multi-tasking table.

Are you getting the picture of this air-filled roll's use?
Simply work your puzzle on this felted sheet, roll it up using the air-filled tube, velcro strap it together, and move it.
Taadaa, room for dinner.
I was skeptical when I first got this amazing item but am totally sold. Until it is used once, there are a few creases caused by the fold lines to fit it into it's box, but, after opening it , who needs the box? No more creases and it unfolds your puzzle smooth as a babes bottom.
So, if you are into puzzles during the winter dulldrums, or you simply DO NOT want to do your Spring cleaning yet, get a Stow and Go and play with the puzzles you inherited from your Grams and that gift from the Grandloves. When the only place you have to do a puzzle, is also your dining room table, one of these simple fixes is the ticket. As long as the puzzle pieces are not overlapping, it rolls up beautifully, saves space and is just fun to use.

That's it folks! Now, go play!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Grams, Warning!

Grams B, after a 1/2 mile walk to and from the mailbox, in the dead of winter. This picture was taken when she was 92. She refused a ride up the driveway. I hope I have her spunk at that age, that gives me some time. I sure miss this vivacious gal.

This little bit of prose has been around for quite some time, but I find myself relating to it more and more. It could be, that's exactly why I like it.

It is simply titled, " Warning," by Jenny Joseph

When I am an old woman I shall wear purple
With a red hat that doesn't go and doesn't suit me,
And I shall sit down on the pavement when I'm tired,
And gobble up samples in shops and press alarm bells
And run my stick along the public railings
And make up for the sobriety of my youth.

I shall go out in my slippers in the rain
And pick the flowers in other peoples gardens
And learn to spit!
You can wear terrible shirts and grow more fat
And eat three pounds of sausages at a go
Or only bread and pickles for a week
And hoard pens and pencils and beermats
And things in boxes.

But now we must have clothes that keep us dry,
And pay our rent and not swear in the street
And set a good example for the children.

We will have friends to dinner and read the papers.
But maybe I ought to practice a little now?
So people who know me are not too shocked and surprised
When suddenly I am old and start to wear purple.

I guess this getting older isn't all bad, after all. I remember Grams B. and some of her curious habits. Each time she went to the store, no matter what, she always, always came home with white bread and bananas and white thread. Her sewing drawers had more spools of white thread. I always wondered, as a young girl, what is she going to do with all of that white thread. She didn't sew much, mostly did occasional patching. I don't ever remember seeing her truss a chicken., so I asked her once. Her reply was, "You can never have enough white thread." There was no other explanation. To this day, I'm still curious.

I also had asked her, to what did she attribute to her longevity and her good health? She told me to remember always to use it, or loose it, but not abuse it. She repeated this whenever she saw me limping across the yard when my joints and back started to give way. Grams also told me she ate two eggs a day, a banana, white toast, coffee, and a sip of wine never hurt. I don't know why that surprised me. I still think she may have been kidding as she a smirk came across her face. She warned to always stay active, as she jumped on the back of my brothers motorcycle in her late 70's. Don't be lazy as she yanks grapevine out of the trees in her 80's, and remember to pray. Now I understand.

Grams believed in using plants for medicinal purposes. There was peppermint for tea for her upset stomach, chamomile too. And pansies just for your salad tho they would purify your blood. I never paid much mind as a kid, thinking it was all nonsense. Now I find myself wanting to hear more.
Grams gave birth to 8 babies, at home. She saw a doctor for the first time in her life at the young age of 92. She lived a life full of spunk and adventure. She passed away years back just shy of her 102nd birthday. I wonder if I have inherited her zest for life, her long-life genes.

Do I want to live that long? Only if I still have all my wits about me like she did and only if my health holds true. I do not wish to be a bother to any of my children. Life is short on this earth, but not at the expense of a loss of dignity.

For now, I will be content to live busily but quiet, as I have, enjoying the sunshine and the beauty around me with my family and friends to laugh with. I will someday wear purple, (well, maybe), and for certain, I will run my stick on the railing. I already know how to spit and I have been known to wear my red slippers in the rain. I won't eat 3 lbs. of sausages for they upset my delicate system, ha...but chocolate covered raisins sounds like a good substitute, don't you think? I do not need to make up for the sobriety of my youth, as I've been there, done that, no more. I already hoard pens and pencils, and love little boxes, even empty. People who know me, will not be shocked or surprised if I should wear purple. If I were to wear a lil black dress and suddenly go out dancing, ....maybe a surprise. Life is just too good to miss out on all the fun.

God Bless You All as Life Passes You Good Fortune and Health So, Dance
Thanks for stopping

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

House Warming

How do you warm your house?
We bake, of course. There is nothing finer than warm Raspberry Doughgen for an excuse to turn the oven on and warm the house at the same time.
Several days a week, I have helping hands and these belong to Grandlove Ben.
Mmmmmmmmm, the juice is the best part.
While still enjoying the ovens warmth, why not whip up a kettle of Barley Beef (alias,Venison) Vegetable Soup for supper. Grab a spoon! This is chuck-full of everything from right here. My garden provided the potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, peas, green and yellow wax beans, and even the venison. Living off the land sure is satisfying and heart-healthy ta boot.
This brings to mind~~~do you have a favorite Stock Pot for cooking up your best ever soups and stews?
This old-timer is at least 50 yrs. old. I know it looks a wreck, but it is still the only one I reach for when ' souping and stewing.' This is the original cover, a domed one, that I Never use...it always boils over on me, no matter how much I turn the heat down or tilt the cover.
It's the only thing I have changed , was the lid. This glass one is vented and, tho it's newer, the handle broke. Improvised with a child's toy block, with the letter B, was a quick-fix during a soup-er day. Need it, want it, fix it, I always say. At an even closer look, you will see the handles are either missing or in really bad shape. Quite frankly, I just do not give a care. The handles do not the soup make. I'm not even sure what this kettle is made of, I'm thinking it is cast aluminum. All I know for certain is, it is my favorite, it makes the best of everything that hugs it's walls and it stays as long as I can still stir up trouble in the kitchen.
Oh, I'm sure the kids will laugh and shake their heads someday as they clean out our nooks and crannies. Some of them just may even remember me using that old-timer, but they won't relate it to those hearty winter-warming soups, stews, chili, they ate growing up.
So, do you have a favorite pot or pan? I'll bet you were never asked that before.

Stay warm, enjoy every bite and

Monday, January 3, 2011


I'm longing for warmer days, without freezing nostrils and air that takes your breathe away. I love going to the farm and watching Mom's chickens pick and scratch the ground. I think they may be thinking the same thing, longing for spring. Longing for a chance to resurface a lost seed or two, maybe even planting a tomato or asparagus from the summer past.
We would Love to wake to the smiling faces of Morning Glories hugging the wall of the coop, and bask in the sun the whole day through, a warm bathing sun, while dusting our feathers and digging our hands in God's good earth.
Tho the days are very cold for several months yet, in northern WI, USA,
we and the chickens can dream. Wouldn't a hot day be something to crow about!

Until then, you all in snow and cold country, stay warm, wrapping in many layers until the floor warms. Still take the time to wander outside and breathe the cold air into your lungs. It will remind you that Spring Is coming~~~later. It will remind you to be thankful for another day, in spite of its harshness. It's cocoa time, so thanks for stoppin'.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Glaring Truth

Yes, that IS Glare Ice. New Years Eve Day, slid out with style. The temperature here in north central WI was beautiful, at 42 degrees. We were told a cold front was coming in. By evening, the freezing rains came, then sleet, to snow, then high winds and bitter cold. We woke to 4 degrees with a wind chill of minus 20. I'd swear on a stack of Bibles, it felt a lot colder than that....Arctic cold with wind devils whirling across the fields. Down the road, the neighbors stubborn horses were hugging the edge of the trees, too bull-headed to head for the barn, or do they know something we don't?

Ya know what they say, if you don't like the weather here, wait a minute, it will change.

We visited Bill's brother, Pat and wife, Tina, today. His brother had been in the hospital again. We are grateful to God, that he is home again, but still a sick man. We just saw him 2 weeks ago and he lost 25 lbs. Scary, tho we are told he will be alright. Somehow, I think he needs our prayers. He and Bill are very close, talking often on the phone and visiting when they can. Had we only known just how bad he was, we surely would have been there sooner. He's such a kidder about everything, that sometimes we just don't know when to take him seriously. With everyone so busy during the holidays, we didn't see one another as often, tho we were talking and thinking about each other. I wish him well and his wonderful wife. They have wanted us to get a camper and sit at the campground with them for years, maybe this is the year. We get along so great and love each others company and interests. You'd think we had done it years ago.

The house was warm, the wind blowing cold air through the cracks and down the chimney, so, what a better thing to do today, then to drink cocoa and take the Christmas tree down. While taking each ornament and dusting them off before retiring them another year, I couldn't help but have a few good memories with some of them. One thing led to another, and before long, the job was accomplished.

Does this mean that it's time to start that Spring Cleaning?

Thanks for starting my year 2011 with a visit. Please leave your opinion. It's valuable to me.