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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Road Trippin' Again

On the Road Again, and with Willie
in my heart,
And Mama by my side
filling our cart.
There are Christmas surprises in store,
So we will check out gifts for Mama and some mine,
Check it off our list,
One gift at a time.

We will attempt to purchase within our own state,
Loosing our state of mind while we wait.
Nothing foreign this year,
It will be a difficult task, Mama dear.

Lunchtime at Tula's
Will please our palate,
With a salad piled high,
and Pie, full tummies and a sigh.

Another lengthy visit as we travel
the lonely distance from point A to point B.
It will be a pleasure, I'm sure
For Mama and Me.

Come along if you please,
There is always room for more.
Just give me a quick call
Before we head out the door.

Have a wonderful trip today
Wherever you may trod,
But remember to save a seat next to you
For your guide, our God.

BlessYourHeart and YourTravels

Monday, November 28, 2011

A Gift from Nature

Though we have been fortunate to have unseasonably warm weather all fall and early winter, I still have not strung my outdoor lights, nor have I done any decorating....I'm not sure why? but I always manage to wait for the most bone-chilling, hand-freezing day. It must feel like it's ' time ' then.

I did, however, begin to gather.
I've cut balsam, pine and cedar boughs, winterberries and pine cones.
The kids went home with swags for their doors and their decks.
The scents of Christmas linger in the air as I cut, wrap wire, and hang things ' just right.'
My primitive workshop is all I mustered for the few items I would be making this season, but how I love it. The Christmas carols sound in the background, they're sung as I attempt to do my share of the ' elf ' duties.
Soon, the doors will be dressed at my house too,
but for now,
the ' cheer ' is sent over the rivers and through the woods
to the grown ' loves ' of this shop.
Two by two,
One for me and one for you.
Enjoy the scents of the season.

Now, I have a few lights to string, wreaths, garland and swags to make.
There are mittens, socks and scarves to finish knitting for the ( shhhh), Grandloves, on my list, and Christmas cakes to bake.
A tree, take Mom to pick out the perfect Christmas trees.
Make fudge and cookies and cocoa and slush.
Yarn, I need more yarn.
I really do have to run.

Thanks again, to all of my faithful friends, for taking a second out of your day to stop in to say 'hi' and extend your warm hearts.

God Bless Each and Everyone of You
as you prepare for the Coming of God's Son


Wednesday, November 23, 2011



Tuesday, November 15, 2011

' Back Then '

( Please click on the photos for an up-close look )

The times sure have changed even within the past few years, but look at this.
I sure would love to return to 1967 to go grocery shopping. The grocery stores in this old news ad were a couple of the local, family-owned groceries within 10 miles, thus a bit more pricey than the chain store prices. None the less, I STILL would love to shop those prices once again. ( I just paid $2.49# for a pork roast last week...on sale.)
This piece of tin has been turned with the blank side facing the pot-bellied stove for years, to deflect heat from a too-close-to-the-stove-end of the countertop in the cabin.

The tin sheet is how they apparently made newsprint before transferring it to paper back then. ( note to self: research this procedure )
Today, everything is computerized. The old phrase, ' back then ' is aging me, as a picture of me is on this sheet.
' Back Then ' was 1968, the year I was wrangled into running for Homecoming Queen. Thank God, my classmate and dear friend, Carol took the stage. I quickly realized I hated this kind of attention. I remember Ruthie in the back row with me was as grateful as I was for the lack of class votes. What was I thinking? I still remember celebrating on the bus ride home that night. I found out that I did not want or need this kind of fame.
One thing I did not regret, was getting involved in the folk singing group. We were called the Lincoln Singers, after the Lincoln High School we attended together. It was a fun time.

I felt fortunate to be a part of any extra-curricular activity ' back then.' I lived way out in the country with a houseful of siblings and we were lucky to be allowed to participate in anything that meant an extra trip to town to pick up busy kids. It was way different then, than it is now, where kids are involved in everything offered. The money wasn't there for extras and the privilege was earned.
So, I felt pretty good when the folks said I could ' sing.'
I've been taken ' Back Then,' when I was given this newspaper clipping today. It reminded me to take another look at the tin sheet of yester-years.

Where you in any ' extras ' in high school?
I'd love to ' read all about it.'

Thanks for stopping, reading and commenting and

Monday, November 14, 2011

An Apple A Day

An apple a day keeps the doctor away,
At least, so they say.
I have eaten an apple a day for as long as I can remember,
And that will not change, even tho~~~
Last week was another busy one until a couple of days were rudely interrupted by a simple bite into a most delectable, juicy apple.

I heard a quiet snap, like that of a thin rubber band and something against my tongue and between my two front teeth.

Being religious about flossing, immediately thinking I had a piece of peel between my choppers, I slid a piece of floss between them. OR did I?

It did not feel just right, so after a look in my looking glass, I see the floss was actually lodged in a thin crack from the bottom of my tooth, nearly to the gum. Looking closer still, there was a chip and the entire section could be moved back and forth with my tongue...talk about irritating.

A trip to my dentist revealed an even greater problem. Not only one tooth, but two, were chipped, needing the grind, file, fill, file, floss and polishing. Finally, I got my smile back after a couple of soup and straw days.

One regret~~~all of this happened on the day my brother got a trophy buck with his bow and arrow. I made steaks and mushrooms for him to celebrate. He, my son and Mom said they were the best eye of rib steaks they had ever had. Of course, I would not know, as I wasn't taking any chances eating steak yet too.

Moral of this story~
Beware the bite you take~
Always take good care of your teeth, as they are the only God-given set you will have and always,


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rest, Re-use, Warmth

(Click the photos to enlarge your view.)

Hey, sleeping bear,
Wake up and go to bed!
Surely you know it's time to rest your weary head.
It's time,
Time to crawl in your den,
Slow your breathing and
hibernate for the winter.

The weather has cooled,
The wind's icy cold,
The snows are coming today
To blanket your winter home.

I found for you, the perfect place
To slowly decelerate your pace,
Rest, Sleep, We will see you again
We will see you in the spring.
OK, I know, that was rather corny but oh well~~~

Bill has been at it again.
This time he built a time-saving, back-saving bunk.
A bunk for stick firewood for the cabin.
It works great. We fill it with a trailer load of hardwood tops,
cut them a foot long for the pot-bellied stove,
Zip, Zip, Pile, Pile, and we are done.
Of all the things my dear has come up with,
This one is a keeper.
Whatever works.
Whatever saves our aging backs and bones.
We will keep this one and build another when this one falls by the wayside, tired as we.
I know, we have been making firewood all year.
It's what we do to stay warm and we have even sold a cord or few.

We are under a wet snowstorm warning for today so we are grateful to have wood for the fire. We couldn't afford to fill the fuel tank this year so at least we have what God gave us to keep the fires burning.

I just realized that I do not need another sweater or a new pair of jeans.
I know how to sew, patch and mend, I know how to knit and crochet. I have plenty of fabric and yarns. I will re-use, re-purpose.

All I need for the winter, is to burn what's freely lying on our forest floor for warmth,
Eat what has filled our freezer and pantry shelves from harvesting our own gardens. We have been blessed with venison, partridge, fish, chicken and pork to nourish our bodies. We will share with our family.

We have our Bible to fill our lost souls with His word, and
Hugs. Hugs from our loved ones fulfill all, whether in person or from afar. We feel the warm embrace.
Find your hug.
Find your warmth.
Stay safe.

God Bless You All