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Friday, April 29, 2011

Gone Shopping

We are so ready for some warmer weather.
We are so tired of frozen rain gauges.
A frozen patio table top is no place for tea, coffee, or even a hot cocoa.
We are saddened by frozen apple buds.
So we are out of here in Big Blue.
See you in a few days. Have a great weekend at the end of your rainbow.

BlessYourHearts and Thanks for stopping

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Any Volunteer's Velcum/New Toy

One of the greatest things about gardening, are the volunteer's! I never turn one away. They may get moved to another location but they are always welcome.
Any plants you see here today, are from prior garden years. We are still a good month from any planting, with any luck. Snow is also in the forecast again....ho-hum~~~
Does anyone know the name of this poppy? A few years ago, it showed up all over the garden but were tilled under or pulled out except for the garden's edge. What a show they put on. They still show up amongst the vegetables. If they are within the walking path, they get raked out, as they are not happy to be transplanted. The seeds that they give each year, however, self-seed as the wind takes them where they may. There are even some showing up in the field.
It's supposed to rain for a few days. There is nothing prettier than raindrops on the cabbage leaves.
Look at my newest ' toy.' It's a convertible rake with a long arm and rubber handles. I love anything that makes gardening more of a pleasure than it already is.
This lil' rascal converts from 7 1/2" wide for in-between my flowers in tight places, to 25" wide for larger raking with just a flip and lock of the orange handle. The teeth are lightly coated with a rubber-like material that will not damage my plants, yet get the job done. It's a real gem at only $5. I found my Black and Decker rake at our local Dollar Store. Now, go get one. You will love it.
I already had one but it did not convert, nor did it have that much desired, longer handle...needin' it and recommending it for any of my fellow arthritics out there~~~

Thanks for coming by and taking the time to comment. I love hearing from you.
Have a day of sunshine and

Monday, April 25, 2011

What a Fun Weekend

Yes, those beautiful flowers on our table were from our son, Andy and family. I love the 20's bunny dashing across the top. The plate they sit on is a decoupage creation from my MN. girlfriend from some 30 yrs. ago. Thanks again, Suzi.
Yes, we had ' snow ' again, waking to it Sat. morning. It melted away by Easter morning, thank goodness. Sticky, wet, snowbunny snow.
Part of our weekend entertainment was provided by sister Cher's granddaughters. What natural talent our great nieces have. Minnie picked up her sister's guitar only a couple of weeks ago, and already she has figured out cords, picking and strumming. I'm so proud to be great aunt Dar. The little one, Summer, made up words for a song to thank their Mom for being such a good influence on them, and Minnie put the words to song. Amazing and beautiful. Look out American Idol.
Next Minnie uncased her viola and did a little number. So cool what this young lady has accomplished in her young life. She also has done a little taxidermy with her Dad...what a talent.
The viola turned fiddle for a few doe-se-does around the room.
Even Great Grandma got into it. No bunny hop here, just ' twirl your partner, round and round. '
Do you think if I watch real close, I could learn?
Way to go Brooke! You've got the idea. Brooke is my sister Mel's granddaughter. Such talent we have in the family. It has to make one proud.
Of course, every kid around, young and old, had to visit Grandma O's newest members of the farm...she has a couple pair of geese from one of my neighbors.
I'm calling these two, Lucy and George.
Hey, George, do you think they saw my egg? Will they leave it alone.? Oh, dear!

No, this is not Lucy's egg. It is another that came from our neighbor's farm. It's huge compared to Ben's 3 yr. old hands. He was being so careful not to break it.
I keep them in my cupcake tin as they do not fit in an average egg carton. Just one goose egg is equivalent to 3 large chicken eggs. I use them in baking.
I saved the shell. I want to learn how to craft something with it. Hmmm, I said the same thing about the three that are still in storage.
This was just a peek at the past weekend. We did a lot of visiting at the farm and at home. The food and conversation filled my appetite for family. The GrandLoves and their 2nd cousins all had such fun. The sun warmed the day enough for walks and egg hunts pursued here and there after thanking our Lord for the greatest gift of all, His Son, who died and rose again to save everyone of us from our sins. One of our grandson's learned that colored eggs and Easter baskets really did not have anything to do with the true meaning of Easter at all.

I feel refreshed and I pray you feel the same after this glorious weekend.
I've heard that Christmas is everyday in Heaven.
The same has got to be true for Easter.

Thanks for stopping and

Thanks for stopping.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Blessing

It's big family time here, so I will be away from cyberspace. Happy Easter to you all as you celebrate with your loved ones.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Managing, Moving On

Just when the weather was showing us some ' spring ' promise,
Just when we were beginning to manage real life changes,
Just when we were beginning to prepare for next winter,
Yes, IT snowed AGAIN!
Are You KIDDING? At least it was just a dusting and not the 9 inches the lower part of the state received. For that, I remain grateful.

So, mixed snow and freezing rain has kept me inside, again!
I thought I'd start by making this camisole that I have had my eye on. It's light enough for spring/summer wear and adds just the right warmth for upcoming rainy/windy days when I still want to wear a tank top.....hot flashes, ya understand?
Practical/ still a bit daring/ me!
I also am having issues with my split end, salt and pepper hair, so thought, what the heck. If I can still manage a camisole, surely I can go for another change. I'm only as young as I feel and today I still feel young. So, from this salt and pepper, to~~~~
To ah-nat-u-ral auburn with subtle copper highlights....like? I love it and feel so much better. What is it about a ' cut and color ' that makes us feel so good? It works for me.
That's it for my day of doing for ' me ' on a blustery day. So much for my vanity fair. Everyone needs one once in awhile.

Thanks for coming by and

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Iced Tea Anyone?

So, anyone, Would you care for a spot of tea, and would you like ICE with that?

Once again, we have been snowed upon and iced. The weather outside is frightnin'! Sooo, in hopes of finer days to come, I thought I'd take you on a garden tour of my flower beds...
The first on the tour is my garden of Snow On The Mountain. Appropriate, don't you think...brrrrrr, as the ice and snow covers it.

I was serious when I asked if any of you would like a spot of iced tea, as my mint is so full of it!
As we move around to the back door bed of Purple Iris trying to make an entrance, you will find more ice damage. As hardy as these plants are, however, they will still come back strong, just to stick their tongues out at the adverse conditions they are under at the moment.
Tho the tulips are also dancing on ice, they don't seem to do as well after this harsh of a freeze. After all, it is April and they were hoping for a drink of rain water, not frozen ankles.
The deep burgundy lilies aren't sure if they want to survive. My hope is that they will give me quite the show, just out of spite, come mid-July.

I haven't seen many buds on the Quince Bush, so I am still hoping the ice has not deterred this one from showing it's stem-hugging coral blooms. Like nearly everything planted in my gardens, they must succumb to the bitter surprises of spring in the northwoods. Zone 3 is not an easy place to be if you are a human, let alone a vulnerable plant.We have sure learned to ' brave the elements.' It keeps us as strong as the branches that bend in the strong winds. The spruce trees were covered with a thin layer of ice too. Click on any of the photos for a closer look., not that you'd want to.

The driveway was iced, as well as~~~
the wind chimes by the feeders. As the wind blew, I could see the ice chipping away. Have you ever heard a difference in the tone the chimes when they are ice covered? Me either! Ha!
Even the waddle fence around the flowerbeds were ice covered. Let's just say, it was treacherous out there for the early perennials and anyone taking an early walk.
Are we sick of this weather? YES! Are we used to it? YES! Do we want to move because of it? NO! Even though we have very long, sometimes miserable winters and springs, we still would not leave. We have grown to love the 4 seasons of the year, even tho they are not equally shared in length. We love the fact that we have no venomous snakes, and only one of the dangerously venomous spiders. That keeps me happy and here. We usually only have to turn the A/C on a couple of weeks out of the year and we have most gorgeous color in our maples, birch and oaks, come fall.
All in all, it is not so bad here, but anytime, if any of you southerners or tropic dwellers, would like to trade just one winter with us, we are sure ' game. '

Thanks for stopping. I love comments so make sure to leave your opinion. I do not ' hurt ' easily and can take all kinds of criticism, so bring it on. Just remember, what goes around comes around. Just kidding.....maybe.

Hi J and A....great visiting you this morning at the farm.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Big Changes

Take a last look, because soon there will be change going on.
As much as I love this glorious old fence that has withstood time on our homestead for the past 30-some years, time has dictated a change. These pictures are from about 5 yrs. back, and since then, the old fence has taken a turn for the worse.
The boards are now down for the most part, having rotted away from the spikes that held them fast. The posts have rotted off at the ground, no longer holding strong. Even the weight of the flowers is too much for the fence to bear. I will miss the moss that has decorated with time.
I am hoping that some of their beauty can still be salvaged for another use. Maybe they will still make fine birdhouses or a trellis with iron support behind them...any suggestions for these old fence boards? Bill wants to burn them but I'm not ready for that. I digress, my man just has no vision.

My dear man also told me that, plants need to be moved if I want to keep them. Of COURSE, I want to keep them. Is he kidding? There are Rudbeckia from my mother, native Queen of the Prairie rescued while clearing land for a driveway to our cabin, Grostendorf Roses that were my grandmothers that I've had for the past 20 years, a white rose, name unknown but most fragrant, from himself, a Silver Lace Vine, native Yellow Irises brought to me by my son from the edge of the marsh when he was 12, Hostas from my sister who has since passed away, and Purple Phlox from my great grandmother's garden. Is he serious? How can I not rescue all of these gifts from the sharp edge of the bucket on his tractor.? I do believe I will be lifting those plants myself, with care, with that bucket! So much to do, so little time.

Thanks for stopping and

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Only Sunshine!

The only sunshine I am seeing this morning, is in my archives. Until spring arrives here in the northwoods of WI, we have to patiently search for every bit of sunshine we can muster. Today, mine comes from the past. The sunflower was from about 15 yrs. ago. Isn't she a beauty reaching nearly 20 ft. in the air.
The little fawn rested under the rhubarb leaves, thinking she was hidden. She too, is from many years past. This picture was taken by my Mothers little 110 camera while we were on a MN. fishing trip and Mom was tending the kids and the farm. Bless her heart.
These next two pictures are just because I am yearning lambing seasons gone by. The farm raised many a lamb. They are so darned cute.
What's for breakfast? The lambs are having alfalfa hay. I'm having a spinach, bacon & onion, tomato & cheddar filled omelet, steaming hot coffee and an apple. Yum Yum
What are ' ewe ' having?

Thanks for coming and

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Birthday Cupcakes, Easter Gifts

Happy Birthday Eric! It was just my youngest brother's birthday, so I baked and cooked for him. Dark Chocolate Cake from scratch, filled with Peanut Butter Cups or Whoppers, (Malted Milk Balls), frosted with Peanut Butter Frosting, and
the end result was a box of cupcakes, enough for, one for each year of his life. He grinned ear to ear when we presented them to him. He said he was not taking them home. In order to set the table the big box had to be moved so he, eventually, did put them in his truck. I have a feeling he will be making a few stops on his way home to share.

For supper, he said he was cleaning out his freezer and found a bag of last springs native Rainbow Trout so, would I fix them? Of course!

I regret forgetting to grab the camera. Sorry, but I will tell you, they were delicious along side of homemade chicken tenders, bread dressing, cranberry sauce and Paula's Corn Salad...(thanks for that great recipe, Paula.)
After supper, we cleared the table for our usual card game of Golf. I lost in the last hand, which we always play blind...but what a nice evening with my little brother.

I've been keeping busy with ' little things,' as sis Cher suggests. I finished the handbags I made for a couple of my darling GrandLoves for Easter. Inside, they will find little wristlets to go with their purses.
BENNNN just said, " That's 'tupid!"
Grandma should have known better than to ask a little boy to model his girl cousin's wristlet...his Daddy didn't think it was too cute either....
thanks again, sweet, helpful, Ben.
So much for today. Thanks for stopping and listening.