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Monday, December 29, 2014

That Time Again

During the fall and early winter we had a trail camera set up near where my hubby was planning to put his deer shack during rifle season.  About a month later, once the snow started to threaten to stay, this big boy was on the camera.  Bill's heart began to pump, but never to see the 8 point buck again.  He passed through during the rut, but that was it.
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 Hunting season had come and gone and another buck was never seen in real life or on his camera.  Before the next snowfall came with furry, Bill decided to move the camera closer to the cabin so we could watch the deer, turkeys, songbirds, squirrels,  as we keep them happy all winter with treats of apples and pumpkins and occasional hands full of corn.  
 Bill came in with the camera card, all excited to see if anything was still around after the annual deer hunts.
He got pretty excited to see the 8 point was able to outsmart all the hunters at least in the acres near and around our neighborhood., " but wait, Bill, that's not the first buck you saw,"  I told him.  This boy has a much taller rack and a darker forehead.

He was coming to the cabin at all hours of the day and night which was nice.  Maybe we would see him in the flesh if he comes in steadily.  As you can see, 
 By early Christmas morning, he came in sporting only half of his rack.  It's that time of year again, when the bucks shed their racks and put all energy into resting up for a new set of antlers come late spring, through the summer and early fall when they develop velvet to protect their new ' look.'   
Don't quote me on all my facts and fiction, but at least I'm close.  I do wonder each time I see one of these beautiful creatures, if we will see them again in another year.  The antlers will fall off, leaving a distinctive nob where they had been.  I will remember this fella by the dark, nearly black forehead and grayed muzzle he already has.  I'll watch for him, feed him and hope to see him again.
On the warmer days of winter, and before more snow, I will walk a few of the closer trails to see if I can find these antlers before the mice chew them for their calcium.
Enjoy the wonders of the woods around you.
You never know what you will see.

It's winter in our north woods where the air is crisp,
the shadows are long and the snow is icy cold on our skin.
The four seasons can be bittersweet !

Until next time ~
Stay safe and toasty warm
And careful of the deer in your headlights !

Thursday, December 18, 2014

We Wish You ~~~

A Merry Christmas is coming, 
and I'd best get my ' busy' on.
 Fall has come and gone when I wasn't looking,
Snow is making a spectacle of itself,
rather well at the cabin, our promise place of 
peace, quiet, and calming.

 The tree is up, decorated and being enjoyed.
Can you believe it took me a couple days to hang 
ornaments and hide a traditional Christmas pickle.
I know, but it's a German tradition in our home.

Logs of creamy, melt-in-your-mouth fudge have been cut and boxed, ready for the trip they will be taking as~
 our first Christmas celebrating will be with our daughter and her family.  Everyone else, our boys and their families will meet us there for fun, food and games.  There are always games., board games, snow games, who can hug Grandma most gently games and Scrabble, of course.  This Grandma can't wait.
 I also am anxious to do some cavity-craving therapy.  I have been getting feedback on who's bringing what so I know my sweet tooth will be more than pleased.  Remind me to make a dentist appointment when we return and to check my blood sugars and cholesterol.  These treats could do a person in....yikes !
 All of the goodies will be the bonus of our weekend.  The most important thing for us to remember about Christmas, is that True Love was born in a Stable
 (Thanks to a dear friend who sent us that perfect saying to remind us of the reason for the season.)
So, until we can get back to the comfort and warmth of our Cabin in the Wood, we wish you most joyful
preparations for Christmas.

My entries have been few and far between lately, but I still do some blog reading, just not commenting much at the moment.  Thank You for your patience with me.
So, until next time or year,
I wish you love and happiness 
and Christmas Joy all year round.