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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sunset After Snow Sale

It is a sight to behold. The sunset looked like fire amongst all the white we have been seeing lately. Color is always welcome in our northern winters.It snowed like crazy last night, with flakes as large as your thumb. Any wonder they piled up so fast and fluffy.
We woke to another easy 8-10 inches, depending on where you stepped. It's a winter wonderland. God's clean landscape. The sunset shines pink on the pines to the east.
My dear Bill is sick as a dog today, waking with the stomach flu. It meant a trip to town for fluids to rehydrate my man, being careful to not include too much sugar. His diabetes is hard to control when he gets sick...not wanting to catch his flu, I'm keeping the house warm, staying my distance except to tend to his needs, (how do I not get close?) and praying this does not last long for him. You must understand, when this fella is down, he's down. He never sits still, always busy, so I know he's really sick when he doesn't go out to play (plow) the snow., or tinker in his shop.

I stopped to let our son know that Dad would not be helping him finish the walls of his ice fishing shack today and why. Thanks to Stac, the plowing got done. He came down from the Archery Shop to push us out with the Ranger that has a nice blade on it. He sure did an awesome job. Thanks Stac.

While at the shop, I noticed the renters of the house by the shop, were having a Basement Sale. Well, that was right up my alley., and of course, I shopped. Bill was sleeping for awhile, so I had a bit of time.

I found these nice Pyrex dishes, both for a buck, can always use those. I'd rather bake and serve in glass over metal and plastic, any day.
This is one of 5 bookcases that I found, also $1, yes, one buck each. Who could resist. Now the grandloves have shelves for some of the small toys and Books.
Like these cuties,
and these! Our 11 Grandloves are all little bugs, so they will love that bug book., a bug card game, too, all for another dollar. The Grandloves library at Grandma and Grandpa's is growing.
Not unloaded from the back of the truck yet, is an oak file cabinet and a nice pine bookshelf/storage cabinet for GrandmaG., that's me. Each of those were also a steal at $5. each. Oh, and a beautiful Brown/gold-toned twin complete comforter set, like new, $5. I love a good bargain and I had plenty of them today!

It felt good to go to a 'basement sale' in the dead of winter. I met the new neighbors that are renting, but now, moving to FL, silly folks. Their wonderful kids were so helpful carrying all those items to the truck for me. I have never given a tip at a garage sale before, but it felt good to tip these two pre-teens for all of their hard work. Those shelves are heavy. Thanks kid-eens.

Stay healthy and away from this nasty flu, but still enjoy the snow. We are supposed to get another week of this weather, so, what else is new for Wisconsin?



texwisgirl said...

Sorry your hubby is so sick! Hope it doesn't spread to you. The snow looks really beautiful, but I don't envy you with snow plows needed to get out and go anywhere.

Stay warm!

Lynilu said...

Yay, great sales!
Boo, sick hubby!

It was a day of the best and the worst, wasn't it? But be happy for the good finds. I hope everything is back to normal with everyone's health soon.

Paula said...

I notice your little guards are not on the porch today. lol It looks so beautiful but I bet I would be scared to death to drive in it. Guess its not your first time and you're prepared, huh? Hope your hubby feels better soon and don't you get it.

Gerry's Soap N Stuff said...

Oh, didn't your do well at the sale! I love glass too, wood book shelves and books. Hope your hubby improves quickly. I don't think I have heard of an ice fish house.
Your snow is very pretty.
Our snow is melting and I am glad.
Try to stay warm, Gerry

Fred Alton said...

So sorry to read that Bill is sick with that stomach flu. I pray you won't get it. It's impossible not to get close to a spouse that is sick. I know God has protected me numerous times when my Frances was sick - and vice/versa. Beautiful colors in the tree tops. And what bargains you found at the basement sale. WOW!

Darla said...

The snow will never cease to amaze me. Sorry our hubby is ill, prayers for a speedy and 100% recovery. Nice score at the basement sale...and just what in the heck is wrong with Florida??? lol (we aren't snowed in)

Anonymous said...

You certainly got a lot of bang for your buck at that basement sale! I'm sorry that your husband isn't feeling well. I hope that he recovers quickly. Your sunset picture is very pretty.

Rebecca said...

I would love to go thrifty shopping with you. It is such fun find those treasures! I am an addict.

Your snowy pics are a delight. Hope BIll feels better.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Dar, So sorry that your Sweetie is sick... Hope you don't get it---and hope that he feels better soon.

That's the kind of snow I love---big flakes... BUT--we don't seem to get those much here. We have had alot of snow --but it's the dry kind which just blows around... And it can snow all day long and we only get an inch!!!! ha (Gripe Gripe)

Wow---I'd love those shelves/cabinets that you got at the Basement Sale... Wow--what a deal.


jack69 said...

Man what a kick in the teeth. Sorry Bill is sick, I could tell he would rather stack marbles than be sick. have already said a prayer for him (and you).

What deals, Especially the wood shelves.

The snow and color is beautiful. It is nice to read you blog and see you driving down to the range, see how the snow is being plowed (in my mind). It was a blessing meeting you guys. It hurts worst to know Bill, seeing his picture nearly daily, (yours also sweet heart)
Hope all is going to be well and you avoid catching IT!
From Florida where it is illegal to snow!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Hope Bill recovers quickly. My blacksmith had it Christmas night for 14 hours straight. It was really rough on him and he's not diabetic. So I feel for bill.

WOW you got some awesome buys. Not many garage sales here in the winter.

Have a blessed Sunday! and stay well.

Sunny said...

Dar, hope your hubby gets feeling better real soon, goodness! My hubby had it too and effects lasted 3 weeks.
Sounds like you got wonderful bargains, especially the bookcases! Stay warm up there and be blessed (I know you are!)


The White Farmhouse said...

I hope that the hubby is feeling better really soon! Only thing worse than a hubby being sick is a sick kid. Of course, here, there is not too much of a difference. Hopefully it is not the long lasting kind like everyone is seeming to get.

Love the finds! You did good!

~mel said...

Hey ~ you did good at that sale ... some pretty nice bargains!

Make Bill some chicken soup ~ I hope he's up and feeling better soon. It's just as hard of the wife as it is on the hubby when they're down. Hang in there!

imac said...

Sorry to hear of your DHs sickness, A little soup and plenty of water does help.

Cher' Shots said...

Sure hope Bill is on the healthy list again soon! Beautiful sunset!
Super finds! I would have knocked you out of the way for those shelves. LOL - Just kidding - maybe! LOL 'love & hugs from afar'
How bout' those PACKERS!!

Anonymous said...

I hope hubby feels better soon. Good job on the great deals. I would love to find a garage sale during winter.

le Chef said...

A basement sale in winter; that would be awesome! I love finding those neat treasures for a buck.
Hope the hubby feels better. I was a gestational diabetic; it IS hard to control, and getting sick is no small matter.
Sending well wishes.