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Monday, January 3, 2011


I'm longing for warmer days, without freezing nostrils and air that takes your breathe away. I love going to the farm and watching Mom's chickens pick and scratch the ground. I think they may be thinking the same thing, longing for spring. Longing for a chance to resurface a lost seed or two, maybe even planting a tomato or asparagus from the summer past.
We would Love to wake to the smiling faces of Morning Glories hugging the wall of the coop, and bask in the sun the whole day through, a warm bathing sun, while dusting our feathers and digging our hands in God's good earth.
Tho the days are very cold for several months yet, in northern WI, USA,
we and the chickens can dream. Wouldn't a hot day be something to crow about!

Until then, you all in snow and cold country, stay warm, wrapping in many layers until the floor warms. Still take the time to wander outside and breathe the cold air into your lungs. It will remind you that Spring Is coming~~~later. It will remind you to be thankful for another day, in spite of its harshness. It's cocoa time, so thanks for stoppin'.



Cher' Shots said...

Just the thought of green foilage and the chickens scratching the dirt warms me up. I was looking through my flower pictures last night - it soothes the soul when the cold wiinds are howling.
'love and hugs from afar'

A Primitive Homestead said...

As I look out the homestead windows I am in a hurry to get started on a new garden. Right now visions in my mind. But I just want to get my hands in warm dirt again. Morning glories are one of my favs. Just so beautiful climbing up the chicken coop. Beautiful chickens. I have heard some about them through Mel. Since last summer I have been wanting to add chickens to the homestead farm of sorts. Just a small flock. I have been looking at chicken coops built by the amish. Take care & keep warm. Blessings

imac said...

Enjoy your Cocoa, and you are certainly right about getting out and about in the cold, at least we can get out and about.

Cicero Sings said...

Thank you for visiting and leaving such a kind comment. I never went to university, no not for one day. But I did manage to do all right for myself despite the fact.

Your girls are lovely and I'm sure they are yearning for a few juicy bugs and some ground to scratch in. I love watching and listening to chickens. I don't have any but my friends had some for years.

I'm sorry about your legs. Bummer. But you are right, pity parties aren't where it is at ... don't do us or anyone else any good. (But it does feel good to get a beef out every now and again!)

A drab day today and it sort of matches my spirits. Not quite sure what to do with myself today. There's tons needs doing of course.

Best tootle ... I'v a latte to sip (in place of the cocoa) ... before it gets too cold.

TTFN ...

Darla said...

I'm sure we will warm up long before you do. Beautiful Morning Glory Vine.

jack69 said...

Darla my friend, I know you guys apprecdiate spring much more than we. I know the chickens appreciate more.

When we are traveling out west and see the cows roaming looking for just a little green growth, when Sherry gets back to the East she talks to the cows to tell them they don't know how lucky they are to just graze at their leisure.

Well, that is us, today believe it or not we came close to A/C weather. We sat out side and cracked pecans, got a couple quarts of halves. Now it is time to hit the black walnuts, a little harder nut to crack.

But You guys are so tough, makes us look like pansies. But we are not gonna be mad!

Love you and take care, the Morning Glories will bloom again! And that will be something to crow about.

\Love ya!

Lynilu said...

I was reminded by a friend recently that there is usually a significant shift in the weather patterns around Valentine's Day. That's just six weeks! Of course, that's a "shift" and I suspect we will still have to wait for a change enough to see green stuff again. It helps me to think "it's comin'!!"

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

We are so lucky here in Texas to be having good weather...not freezing and not scorching...just right...most of the time. Although, like you, I'm a warm weather gal, there have been cold days where you'll find me by the fire. I just love your picture of the chickens. Aren't they so pretty! I miss having chickens...no coops in town! Thanks for your visit...hope your New Year turns into a warm spring soon.

Fred Alton said...

Yep, Dar, it's cocoa time...Sit by the fire-side time...put on extra socks time... (I can take lots of cold if my feet can stay warm.) But in the morning, I'm heading out with my mule for what will probably be my last deer hunt of the season. It's to be 24 for a low - but up to 51 after lunchtime.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Dar, Since I have always lived in the south, I am one who doesn't understand weather like you all have all winter. As much as I love snow, I am not sure I could handle as much as you have. AND--when it's 30 degrees here, that is DANG cold!!!!! ha... (Bet that is a heatwave to you.)

Do stay warm and just remember that SPRING will COME... Just be patient---like I am NOT... ha

moni said...

Hi Dar, thank you for visiting my blog and for the kind comments. I am so ready for Spring, I just have not enjoyed Winter, this year or any other! Overall, our Winters are mild compared to yours, but still, at my age (76), I get cold clear through. Keep warm, stay healthy and Spring will actually be here before we know it.

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed a warm up in the last days of 2010. The temperatures are more seasonal now. I look forward to Spring too; however, I will enjoy the Winter season as best I can.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this post and loved the photos. I enjoy the change of seasons and look forward to each one...especially spring. :)
Have a great day Dar!