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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Here We Go Again...grrrr

I have the PC woes...
I am still having problems, tho there is supposed to be no problem...
So, I will quickly let you all know that I will be away from this dang thing for awhile.

We also will be in the woods, on the road and going south for a visit to my lil' sisters in TX.
With all the 'puter' problems, I may not be back until this old'fangled thing can be replaced...in other words, it could be awhile.

I will miss reading all of your entries. Every time I attempt checking you out, any of you, this tired ol' gal goes down...she has not been too reliable lately. I guess she's trying to tell me she is as tired as Bill and I and needs a long-deserved vacation.

With my heart broke and missing you all, already,
I will check on you when I can.
Happy Birthday to Colleen, Thom, Dale, Darcie, Josh, Sydney, Slim and Shannon., all between now and Christmas.
Happy Anniversary to us yesterday, and Jack and Sherry next week.

Have a colorful fall, fun halloweeeen, stuffed Thanksgiving and maybe, just maybe, Christmas will bring a new computer for Dar....I'm not counting on it tho., for that is not what Christ-mas is all about., and I gladly will go without.

God Bless You All
Stay Safe and

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hello, Hello, Hello

Just a note to say HELLO!
I missed you all.
I finally got my computer back and guess what.........
There wasn't anything wrong with it.
I have, instead, an internal, meaning, in-house, problem.
It seems that too much is being pulled off this old house's circuit that the computer is on. Bill promises that he will run a separate power source, new line, for the computer or the A/C. Apparently, when they both are run off the same line, we have trouble. One good thing happened out of this delay in my cyber activity....I finally got my pictures backed up. I could not believe how many I had neglected. Let's just say, it took 32 CD's before I finished.
For now, there will be few pictures, for I will be working on a special project that I have been thinking about for a long time.
The other Good thing about my absence, has been that my time was used wisely. I caught up on some bookkeeping and filing, ditching a lot of paperwork, the garden is nearly cleaned out, the truck is ready for our roadtrip to TX., some of the packing is even done, the cabin has been appreciated with nights spent, and lots of meals have gone in and out of my kitchen with Bill and brother Eric doing some logging. Another story, another time. Some canning was finished and even a bit of fall cleaning got done.
The past couple of days I have been reading cause it's been cold out, so why not curl up with a fine book or two or three. Our good friend Jack left some fine reading material here. In fact, I cannot put them down. (A note to Jack here, "Thanks Buddy!, What a talented writer you are. We are thoroughly enjoying your books. And Hi Sherry! I sure miss our talks.)
While my computer was down, our son was back to China again and is now back home with his sons. Two of his older brothers are in the process of having another competitive archery shoot over the weekend, so I expect company to flow in and out again over the next few days. The business, by the way, at the Northern Archery is booming. There is not a day when there are not anxious archers in and out practicing for the upcoming archery season., besides the archery league members coming in each week to compete. The boys added game machines, an electronic dart board, a pool table and jukebox to the bar and waiting area. It's all looking good for their new venture. We wish them well.
Tomorrow is Bill's big birthday...62. Our youngest grandson, Noah, will be 1 the day after so we are invited to a Birthday bash for the two of them. It's going to be a big weekend once more.
You all have a warm weekend, without rain if you've had a summer full of it and with it if you need it. We are hoping for sunshine and warmth. Just a few more warm days before the fall cold snaps stay, would be great.
Now, I have a ton of blogs to get caught up on. That will probably take another couple of weeks. I never realized how much I missed this.