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Friday, October 28, 2011

Carvers to Pumpkin Heads

Look what's going on at Grandma's house~~~
Yep, it's that time again for pumpkin carving and Freight Nite---eeeek!
Our little Grandloves are turning into
Pumpkin Heads.

They sure love getting their hands full of the slippery, slimy guts of their future creations.
They sure have done a fine job of lighting the way to the door...
for now they sit in front of the door facing the inside for them to enjoy, but
come Halloween, they will line the pathway to the treats. Trick or Treat everyone.
I opt for the treat, but I know a few tricks are in store.

Have a safe weekend but have a blast.

(I sure am doing the Happy Dance. I finally found my misplaced camera...phew!)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Where? Where?

Have you ever been a victim of illusion?
Sometimes while just driving along on the country roads, side roads, your county roads, logging roads, abandoned railroads, oh, it's endless where you can go with the right vehicle. Anyway, sometimes, you are fortunate to see wildlife.

Well, I hate it when someone will say, " Did you see that deer?," and you did not? It happens to me all the time. I have quite an eye for the wilds, but when my eyes just don't ' get it ' or badly deceive me, it gets frustrating.

This first deer was an easy-see.
But, some of the upcoming ones, were a bit tougher. Keep in mind, that looking through the camera lens catches them by movement or full lens.
Once you zoom in, Unless you have already got him in sight, it can get tricky. Only after taking the shot and viewing the picture, do you see the flash in their eyes ~ sometime.
Enjoy the ride. I won't hold it against you if you click on the pictures to enlarge them, simply for location, of course. Some are dead give-aways. YOU have the advantage here.
I'm looking at you.
How many deer do You see?
Here's one of those give-away easy sightings.
Now that you have a trained eye, this fawn should be a give-in.
I come from a long, long line of outdoor sportsmen and women. Though I no longer hunt wild game, there is one thing my parents taught me that I have never forgotten. They said that the easiest way to see deer, etc. in heavy brush or way off in the distance, was to look for a horizontal shape. Unless it's a log or half-fallen tree, it looks out of place in the woods. It made sense, and besides, it works.

So, the next time someone says, look at that deer, it's right there, or that turkey or partridge, you will spot it much easier. Anything that matches the terrain is hard to spot, no matter what, but folks will be amazed as to how good you are at spotting a feast for the eyes. Once it moves, you no longer will get the credit due you for being the first to see the wildlife .

Take a ride. The deer are moving with the weather, the rut, the need to fill their hunger. There are still bear who have not hibernated and elk roaming about if you live far enough north. (Game farms don't count.)

Enjoy the ride. " Keep your eyes peeled.," as my Daddy would say, and have a great time. Be the first! Drive with care and ~


Thursday, October 13, 2011

In Preparation

It's here. It's in the air.
It's preparation time.
The birds are relishing in the last of the warm sunshine on their breasts.
The shadows are getting longer, the days, shorter.

( Please, click any picture for a closer look, and twice for a greater feast for the eyes. )
The Warblers, like this wee one on the welcome mat, are flying with the Bluebirds, I'm sure to warmer branches, warmer homes. Who can blame them, for they instinctively know that northcentral WI has bitter cold and snow-covered, long winters.
Sometimes, even in late Sept. and certainly in Oct., it is not uncommon to see waters covered in thin sheets of ice. Soon, as soon as the cold fronts come in to stay, ice will be impossible to penetrate for fresh drinks, leaving only springs to quench thirst, and snow, oh, that ' s ' word.
So while there are still a few warmer days and nights, the birds take one last splash in the birdbaths before flocking for their flights southward.
"Come on in, the water's fine."
Mallards preen themselves and bask in the last of the rays of sunshine.
Our year-round residents are filling their bellies with food and water almost constantly this time of the year in ' Readiness! '
Even the winter-hardy birds like Mr. Bluejay, fill their crops with corn wherever they can find it. It will keep them warm.
The squirrels have been so busy gathering and storing mushrooms, seeds, corn, acorns to sustain them throughout the coming blizzards.
They must be little 'scatter-brains,' as they easily loose track of where they've hidden their treasures.
"Now, where did I put that acorn? I thought it was right here~~~hmph!"
I'm always impressed as to how compatible the forest animals and birds are. This is one of the reasons I love to sit and gaze out my windows at the cabin. It's amazing what you will see. It is not at all uncommon to see the deer, rabbits, partridge, squirrels, chipmunks, several song birds, even the raccoon, congregate in the same area, just for a chance at a free buffet of corn, apples and sunflower seeds.
Do you know how difficult it is to catch a small bird on the wing with your lens? Thanks to trail cameras, it's much easier. The Bluejays stay, but~~~
Fly away Bluebird. It's getting cooler by the hour. The rain is coming down hard and steady and promises of more. I do hope the Bluebirds take flight soon, as they have been flocking together for a couple of weeks already. They are a sight to see during their preparation for migration. We noticed that they also have been checking out the Bluebird houses for their return in the spring. But, for now, one last rest on the Sugar Maple branch overlooking a favored nest box feels so good.
I hope you enjoyed the migration preparation in our back yard and at the cabin. We actually only caretake for the birds and animals, for the forest belongs to them. It's a privilege to be part of their world.

Thanks for stopping by on your busy day.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Week Two of VaCaTion

Well Hello There!

Week Two of our vacation was spent mainly at the cabin.
We watched the wildlife,
enjoyed the warmth of a cozy fire
we played cribbage after every meal~
loved the rustle of the leaves while
bringing in the firewood for the potbelly stove,
we sat quietly on the deck after dark,
listening to the creek ramble on~
and the owl~
R&R included reading,
pencil play~
journaling and crochet~
riding side-saddle on the tractor~
ready the hunting tent for this falls bow hunt~

We enjoyed the giggles and clowning of 4 of our
GrandLoves, and their friends~
as they and their Dad's visited over the weekend.
It was the end of a relaxing week at the cabin~
as we sat around the campfire and
dreamed of the Next trip to the cabin.

Hope you all had a wonderful week.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Week One of VaCa

Above All,
Look Up
Enjoy the Scenery
Enjoy the Stay
Be Awed by the Beauty
The Magic
The Mystery
Have some Yukons and Pontiacs
Take a Hike
Fall a Dead Tree for Heat but~

Beware! The Hornets
and the Bear Prints on the Door
Pick some Pumpkins
Hunt and Hike with your boys
Show them the Joy
A-Maze them with their names in Leaves
Foam the Deck Clean
While the Sun still Shines
Mark some Dead Hardwoods for next years Fires in the Stove
Stain and Seal that Cleaned Deck
Find December's Christmas Tree
Enjoy the Ride
tho bumpy and on the tractor wheel
So MUCH Better Way to Go
NOW, Onward to Week Two