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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stow and Go!

My days have been so intensified with ' busy ' and ' stress,' that I needed some ' me ' time. This time, I grabbed a puzzle to calm me.

Have you ever seen one of these? Talk about convenient when you only have one multi-tasking table.

Are you getting the picture of this air-filled roll's use?
Simply work your puzzle on this felted sheet, roll it up using the air-filled tube, velcro strap it together, and move it.
Taadaa, room for dinner.
I was skeptical when I first got this amazing item but am totally sold. Until it is used once, there are a few creases caused by the fold lines to fit it into it's box, but, after opening it , who needs the box? No more creases and it unfolds your puzzle smooth as a babes bottom.
So, if you are into puzzles during the winter dulldrums, or you simply DO NOT want to do your Spring cleaning yet, get a Stow and Go and play with the puzzles you inherited from your Grams and that gift from the Grandloves. When the only place you have to do a puzzle, is also your dining room table, one of these simple fixes is the ticket. As long as the puzzle pieces are not overlapping, it rolls up beautifully, saves space and is just fun to use.

That's it folks! Now, go play!


jack69 said...

Never heard of Stow and Go, but it looks like a neat innovative idea. But then you guys up there are used to coming up with something to do when you are 'snowed in'.

We laugh at our peers down south. When Snow is called for in the forecast the stores sell out of bread and milk. It is like we think a blizzard is coming to stay for weeks, the longest we have been in is three days.

Speaking of Blizzards, Gotta go to Orlando to meet Don & Evelyn.

Love and Bless your heart!!!!

Hug Bill for us!!! and Kiss Sy for us but tell him it is from Sherry, I know he don't want a kiss from me. hahahaha

texwisgirl said...

Hi Dar! Nice to meet you! Thanks for coming over to my blog from your sis's. :) Yes, I'm still a Wisconsin girl at heart, even tho I've lived in Texas now longer than I was ever in Wis. :) Looking forward to getting to know you in the future!

P.S. Love how you go by Dar and your sis is Mel. :)

The White Farmhouse said...

How cool is that? I wish they made one for when you are doing taxes at the kitchen table for weeks on end. I can tell what we have eaten at that table by the spills on my paperwork!

Lynilu said...

I was looking for one of those at Walmart the other day. They didn't have one, so I will have to order it or get to a city to buy one, I guess.

Paula said...

Saw these advertised on TV and wondered if they work as well as they said so I see they do for you. Thats great.

Paula said...

Well, that's just the neatest thing ever!! Whoever thought of that is a genius!

Cher' Shots said...

Cool ~ Mom has one too, unless you inheirited hers?!
'love & hugs from afar'

Darla said...

Oh yeah, big puzzlers around here, we have one!!

Dar said...

Re: Jack, gotta do something with my spare time....Bill doesn't want to play...will kiss Sy for Sherry and Bill for you.
Re: TexWisGirl, our sis in TX has been there longer than here too but WI is still Home. We have another sis that goes by Cher at CherShots.
Re:Wt. Farmhouse, I do think this would work for the tax papers as it has the slightest sticky on it to hole the puzzle in place...I'm gonna try it.
Re:Lynilu, 2 Paulas, I got mine at the Dollar General, try there or Pamida
Re:Darla, isn't it great?
Re: Cher, sis ol' girly, the one Mom has was a gift from me last yr.
They are cool.

imac said...

What a great idea Dar my friend.
useful indeed.

Fred Alton said...

Though we don't own one, I've seen those stow and go mats for puzzles and they work!

Anonymous said...

We owned one a few years ago, but it got covered in dog hair so badly, we couldn't see the puzzle pieces.

Naturegirl said...

Great idea!
You come walk and experience fun in the sun with me any time you want! It is warm here and I shall take you on many adventures this next 3 months!
Happy that you stopped by!
Wishing you a Happy New year!
Happy Trails from Az! Anna

Anonymous said...

I haven't put a puzzle together for a long time. The Stow and Go looks like a great idea.

Suz said...

my mom will love that! thanks

Gerry's Soap N Stuff said...

How nice and I love your puzzle design too. We used to put a puzzle together every year in the days following Christmas. We have not done that in a few years. I don't really know why. Bless your heart Dar. Gerry

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Dar, I love working puzzles.. We used to put up a card table and keep a big puzzle going. Everyone would come and take a turn ever so often.

I have never seen one of those "Stow and Go" things---but I want one!!!! How neat...

What a pretty puzzle you did...

A Primitive Homestead said...

Getting snow here tonight. I am not about to venture out. This would make a nice gift for my daughter. Only room for one table & we gotta eat too. My daughter baby sat a young child her last year of high school. The child would tear apart her puzzle every time she got the chance. My daughter was so bummed about starting over time & again. Maybe we should send the child one too. For old times sake! Blessings!

Dianna said...

I've seen those stow and gos, but was skeptical about whether they work or not. So, thanks for sharing with us about your success. I may actually buy one. Carroll and I love to work puzzles in the winter, but I usually brought down the card table from the attic and it is a bit low to work puzzles on.

That puzzle that you have pictured is absolutely gorgeous, Dar! Will you frame it?

Sunny said...

i need one of those, Dar. I have many ancient puzzles stached in a bookcase, for when I .... want to!I can see that would be a great item to have on hand!

Lucy said...

Hi Dar, I have not been in for a while but I bet I will be more often, Sick of Facebook as I knew I would be. I will; go in from time to time but that is not for an old lady. Puzzle looks like fun. Cool idea in storing it.