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Sunday, January 31, 2010

As I turn into the driveway to the cabin, I never what I will see or feel. Today was no different. The first quarter mile was snow covered and trackless. I did not expect that. I couldn't help but think that the wildlife didn't like the deep freeze we have been in either.
Awww, a runway. The deer are active.
The deer are Very active. I rounded the corner about three quarters of a mile in and WOW, a Whitetail Highway. The wind has died down, the temperature is actually a few degrees ABOVE zero, and the deer are hungry. They 'hunker down' just like we do when it's bitter cold and during snowstorms. These tracks are testament that they are ready to browse on the twigs and whatever they can find to sustain them. All that is at the cabin at the moment are frozen pumpkins that they are scratching at. Tomorrow I will throw corn for them and apples.

Even though I have parked behind this fence for years, somehow, today I felt as though I were fenced in. I wanted to chain it to the back of the truck and pull it up.
I didn't.
Finally, some wildlife in the flesh. Off in the distance I saw just his head as he walked up the side of the bank and showed himself. He was a beautiful partridge strutting his stuff. Keep in mind I haven't much for a camera and he was an 1/8th a mile away.
No matter where I looked, the 'white' was everywhere, even amongst the bits of gray, green, black, and browns. I started to feel surrounded again. The bench was covered.
The view out the cabin window was covered.
I opened the south door to the deck and it was covered knee-deep. Just the snow tunnels made by the squirrels were visible. To walk on the snow with these low temperatures, well, you do not sink in. There is a hard crust that is impossible to shovel. I tried.
The sky was such a beautiful, hopeful blue when I drove up the hill and into the woods, heading to the cabin.
When I drove out, it was this depressing GRAY. The sun Was Trying to Shine. It did leave a bit of a rainbow on the hood of my truck. If you click on the picture, you can almost see it.
This is still my little Get-Away from it all. I wanted to stay but the pilot on the gas stove went out. Someone forgot to turn off the gas during the last stay, the tank went dry, so when the pilot fizzled out, the smell of gas lingered. It must have just happened because the loft window was open, yet the smell was too strong to hang around long. Needless to say, I opened more windows and will close them tomorrow.
Thank God, I am not a smoker. I hate to think what could have happened when the door opened. It WAS strong in there. I can still taste it.
These next two pictures hang in the south windows facing the creek. I made them with window paints by outlining each area with a lead paint designed for this type of craft. Then, fill in with the paint. I should do more. They are so much fun to do. New Project. Do more windows. These are Wood Ducks. We feed about 30 of them that come waddling up the hill each spring and at least one pair stays and nests in the wood duck box we made for them.
This is the other duck we have visit. The family of mallards are my favorite. The woodies are timid but the mallards are quite friendly.
I know why I was so in the dulldrums today...I want more of this...COLOR. Color in the birds, ducks, the woods, the gardens, SPRING...and we only have at least a couple more months of winter. Don't get me wrong. I do love the snow, just not the cold.

God Bless from my house to yours

Friday, January 29, 2010

nasty, Nasty, NASTY

This was our 6 a.m. Moon...
It is BITTER cold out at -21 degrees, that's MINUS 21 and the wind promises to pick up. I took this picture through my window this morning. There was no way I was stepping out the door... I like the way the tree branches were caught...
Stay safe and warm one and all, especially in the 'freeze zones'
God Bless Your Weekend

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dreamin' Again

Been dreamin' again!!! All the bitter cold weather has me in a dream for some fresh off the vine, sugar snaps and broccoli florets
And bright blue skies and the 'Eye of the Tiger'
A shadowed bloom of the Yellow Hollyhock
Stately Joe-pye Weed hugging the creekside
Goldenrod swaying by the Bluebird house
Turtleshead peeking through the grasses
My Great Grandmothers Monkshood surrounding the highly scented Beebalm flanked by the Cinnamon Fern that grew 5 ft. tall by summers end
My favorite combo of Pink Poppies and Blue Bachelor Buttons
Of course, my Sweet Williams planted for My Sweet William
I can't forget these wonderful deep blue Delphiniums that dry and keep their color so famously all winter long...
I hope these quick pics of a few of my summer fun has warmed your day. Oh for green grass and flowers again....

Bless Your Day

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Moon Flower

This single seedpod of the Moon Flower, held 216 seeds, give or take a few. Some of the pod reached dampness and a slight mold developed as seen on the top right. I lightly brushed and dried them separately from the ones kept for new growth. They lay in paper envelopes all winter and it is now time to plant them .I feel badly that I could not locate the blossom , but I did find the pictures taken of its beautiful trumpet-like flower with the softest leaves similar to Lamb's Ear. I am told they are perennial in my zone 3, but have only located information claiming zone 4 and up...I will try it outside also, since I have an abundance of seeds. Should Just ONE germinate and survive, I will be a happy gardener.
The bloom alone measured 4 1/2 inches across its square top and just over 8 inches tall. This was the 23rd of July here in north central WI. where our 2009 summer was hot, dry and very windy. It loved a daily drink.
The circular spiked seedhead was nearly fully developed by the 30th of August, 09.
Before it was fully dried, it was carried inside and set in an east- facing window to continue it's drying process due to unpredictable cooler weather...cool enough to threaten frost that we already had in early Sept.
My hope now is that these seeds will bring many more graceful, strong stems to show off their awesome flowers.
I must thank my dear Aunt from the farm, for her generosity of this gift. I have gifted my sisters, Mother and friends in return as an insert in their Christmas cards. If the seeds don't germinate, be sure to call. I have plenty of seeds to share. Good Luck my dears, with great success with this wonderful Gift of God, the Moon Flower.

God Bless

Monday, January 25, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow, but Oh, how we need all the moisture Mother Nature has to share. We have had drought the past 3 summers so we welcome it in any form. This is the beautiful, clean look out my Kitchen Window this morning.
So I took a stroll around the yard.
Even the Pileated Woodpecker is frozen.
Some of the birdhouses keep the birds warm all winter as they pile on top of one another for warmth and protection from the elements. Just at dusk, this house used by the bluebirds in summer, is flocked with chickadees in winter. It's great to know they have a refuge.
This snowed under house on the side of the deck is used in summer only as a playhouse for the red squirrels as they play Chase and Hide and Seek.
The apple tree has a small tattered A-Frame house that I was pleased to see a family of Chickadees make their home the past two summers. They were well protected under the leaves of the tree with an east facing door to welcome the sunrise.
The stump from a maple that the wind tore down 3 summers ago houses downy woodpeckers in summer. Something stays here in winter but the hole faces the north away from my view in the evening, so I'm still not sure what stays there. There are no tracks in the snow, it never has snow on its doorway, so it must be something of flight. Any one have a clue?
Here is Mrs. Robin's nest from last summer....she or one of her brood will return and make a new nest, always in this same Pine.
Last year was the first year this old gourd house was used. It housed the chattiest House Wren couple. I walk near this tree to get my mail each day and they always let me know that they are keeping an eye on me. They are a nervous but very curious, brown striated, tiny bird. I was delighted they showed themselves once in awhile. When they aren't all hot and bothered, they sing a beautiful song.
This bluebird house is used year-round also. This one too, has chickadees stay the winter.
Being too low to the ground for the liking of most songbirds, I perched this house on the works of this old 8 ft. inverted satellite dish that I plant flowers in each spring. Last year the blue house looked cool with the orange Calif. Poppies, Blue Cornflower, and a few Bluebells that the birds planted.
That's all folks. Til next time I bid you all
Blessings From God

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weather or Whether Not

We are getting the White Stuff again just like most of the Midwest as predicted. It was snowing even harder than this earlier in the day. I keep saying to myself, we need this, we need this. We really do need the moisture. I only hope we have a rain filled spring and summer for a change.
We had rain first, then ice, then the snow started. My son works nights 30 miles away and his trip home this morning was a nerve-wracking one...icy and slow with whiteout snows.
ItalicMore of the rain and ice droplets but they sure make a pretty picture on the pine needles.
So the operative words of the day are WHETHER or not we should attempt town in this WEATHER....I think I will just snuggle the grands and read to them.

Also, a quick thanks to all for your concerns over my reactions to a new med. I am doing much better with the rash. No more severe itching, tho I still look a mess. My eyes are clear again and my ears and throat don't itch anymore....sure hope none of you ever have a reaction to prescription drugs.

God Bless You All

God Bless You All

Friday, January 22, 2010

Predictions, Pain, Coq Au Vin

This was our first snow this season on Oct. 24, 09.....a beautiful but heavy wet snow. Now we are predicted to get more of the same. Our entire county is under advisement. Quite frankly, I am anxious for it. Can you guess what this is? Here's a hint. I wish like the world that it was around my entire body right now to alleviate the pain I have been under since this morning. In fact, I would gladly lay in that cold snow....butt naked to ease this.
Probably this is a dead give-away. This looks like a hip and leg to me. In fact, it would partly cover one of my hurting limbs.
By now you probably wonder what has happened to cause me such agony. Well, I am having a terrible side effect to a prescribed drug. I broke out in the worse rash that has covered nearly my entire body, including inside my eyes, ears, nose, throat, bottoms of my feet....all over me is covered with rash and welts. After reading and talking with my doctor, it appears that 1-6 in 10,000 people react to this medication in this way....needless to say, I take it no more. The answer to What is it?, it's ICE. That's exactly what I'm doing, icing. It does help along with the Benedryl to alleviate the itch and the Prednizone to stop this in it's tracks.
So, for all that ales you and ME, there is always Chicken Soup. If you click on the rooster, it should enlarge the picture enough to read the recipe at the bottom....I do not know what the recipe title is, perhaps you may know, but reading the recipe, tells me it may be a stew. This stained glass graces my Mom's window. It's time I try some Coq Au Vin.
Blessings Be Yours