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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunset, Hockey, Family Fun

Add a rainbow on each side of this glorious sunset, (this one is from the North Pole, from sis Cher), and you will see what we saw on our way home from our Grandson Josh's Hockey tournament last night. For over 20 minutes, we watched the sun set slowly, developing the coolest rainbow spires, straight up each side of the sun, pointing to the sky. As all the glory mesmerized us, while peeking through the tree-lined horizon, I couldn't help but wish I had my camera. Of all times to forget my 'story-telling' assistant...my grandson's hockey tournament and a gorgeous sunset.The Mustang's got bucked their first game but carried on, to win game 2. The ice checking and puck throwing came to an abrupt end this morning, as the lil Mustangs suffered another loss.
It was so exciting to watch these powerful-on-skates, troopers, learn and play the game with their hearts on their sleeves. I was amazed at the quickness of these youngsters. Of course, our grandson, Josh, back row, 2nd from the coach on the left, dark hair, is the best defense player on the team. We are so proud of him, can you tell. Do your best, is all we ask of any of these kids, and they are ' winners ' in our book.
Once again, I forgot my camera, so this is a team picture from last year.
Josh is in a new league now, so the uniform color has changed to burgundy and black....but colors-do-not-the-athlete-make. Another couple of years, and this is going to be a 'powerful' team.

Also, there were a lot of ' 2 honks ' going on as we entered Rhinelander where the tournament was going on. There was a fella wearing a sign as large as himself saying, 1 Honk for the Bears, 2 Honks for the Packers., as he waved to every passer-by.
Needless to say, ' 2 Honks ', sure were getting the town fired up for today's game. Go Pack Go....besides Josh's Mustangs, the Packers Rule!

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Anonymous said...

The photograph of the North Pole sunset that you display at top of the post is amazing. I'm not sure if you are aware, though; it is a digital creation.

jack69 said...

Ain't it the truth about the camera. I determine I am going nowhere without it and invaribly it is not there. We didn't take one on our first boat ride.

Ahhhh, no matter how you try to play it down (haha!)you are partial to JOSH!!!!! Don't blame you in the least. It is fun to watch the grandkids play their hearts out, and yes they are winners. Love the photo.s

Take care and try to stay warm...

Sherry & jack sending LOVE!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I wish you had your camera for the the sunset that you did see. I saw a photograph on Facebook that a friend took of a sunset that sounds like the one you witnessed, with rainbow spires. One of the comments said that the rainbow spires are "sundogs".

Cher' Shots said...

Dar, the pic is beautiful but I know I didn't take it. It must have been an internet find. Whatever - I bet the sunset you saw was beautiful too. Even though this is last years hockey pic - I can't believe how big Josh is getting!
'love & hugs from afar'

imac said...

Smart shot of the sunset, this shot has been around the net for a long time, ive seen it about a doz times, and its amazing, but tis true its been photoshopped.

eileeninmd said...

Sounds like a great time and a wonderful sunset. Sorry, you didn't have your camera.

Rebecca said...

Oh dear. Pack that camera...it is always when I leave it home that I wish I had it.

Fred Alton said...

Dar, I had my best camera broken - replaced it with a Wal-mart Special "Casio" on sale that fits in my shirt pocket. I carry it everywhere - then promptly forget to take those "unforgettable" pictures that I see!

I loved the story about the "2-honkers"! What a unique way to show support for the team.

Of course our grand-children are the "best" at whatever they do. I can tell from following your blog that you are a strong and supportive family! I think that is wonderful.

Jean said...

What a beautiful sun set I wish you could have took a picture. My camera is larger then I like so I don't carry it with me much. Maybe one day I will do like Fred get me a small one. Take care.

Dar said...

My sis informed me she got that moon shot off the net...no matter, the one we witnessed was the greatest we've seen, with the sundogs, as Linda from Shutterbug, points out...thanks Linda, I had that title on the tip of my tongue but forgot to take my 'whatever' that pill is that enhances memory...ginko biloba? Thanks anyway, dear.

Paula said...

It is wonderful that you live close enough to take in your grandson's games. I know you are proud as you should be.