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Friday, November 29, 2013

Use It or Loose It

Have you been feeling fenced in lately???  We have had snow on the ground for some time now,
just the beginning of our 6-7 months of winter here in northern WI.  It's exactly this kind of weather that makes me a bit crazy.  I have to find things to occupy my hands., keep me busy.  
enlarge photos by clicking on them.  ( Note to Bill:  I want this fence, by the way. )
It's months of gloomy weather that gets my blood flowing.
I get so I cannot sit still.  I need ' projects.'  So, outside I go, off to the woods, and into the workshop.  The woodstove is fired up to keep me warm while I work.  I have found that my hands don't work as efficiently and not as quickly as they used to.  The ' itis ' brothers visit my joints daily.
 The movement of squeezing bough clippers to cut branches of greens to do a bit of decorating has turned into a struggle, a chore, a pain rushing up my arm and involving every finger.
 The woods is full of Balsam, Pine, Cedar and Winterberries, just waiting to be transformed into beautiful wreaths, garland and swags.  Will the fire warm my hands enough to work?
 Maybe using a wire form to stuff full of branches~~~
no, I don't like that at all...
 or a pitiful excuse of a wreath that consists of boughs and berries wrapped around a twig wreath from the past.  Oh my, oh my, how sad looking.  Maybe some lights attached and hung on the door?
This poor little wreath definitely needs a haircut!
I definitely need to keep at it and come up with some acceptable outdoor decor for our doors, deck and barn.  The family will be here soon to celebrate an early Christmas together.
Since I was unable to deck the halls and trim the trees for a couple of years, I am so anxious to out-do myself this year,....
just for them.  
So, when I'm finished with all of my pent-up excitement over the true meaning of Christmas, I will show you my success and failure.
Until then~~~
Carry On and Share Your Excitement As Well
Always, thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit.
I appreciate every second of your time.
for now,
As my Grandmother used to always remind me:
" Use it or loose it, but don't abuse it."
Until next time, I now turn into an ' elf,' with work to do.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

the Power of Persuasion

Have you ever had to change a flat in the middle of nowhere?  or  Have you ever rotated your tires yourself?  It so happens that Bill is my jack-of-all-trades.  There isn't much he won't at least try.
 Of course, it helps to have the right tools, like the power jacks to lift the truck and all fours off the ground, power tools that work and the room to do it in a heated garage.
 This time however, the tires were so tight, that they needed a little persuading.  I was across the room working on one of my projects when I thought, what was that ping??? that loud ping???
 Just a warning here, to the first time persuaders out there.  Remember Bill's persuader/sledge hammer, from the last photo?  
Warning:  never persuade the ' top ' of the tire.  
Persuade the bottom, please.  Do you see why in the next photo?
 New trucks never stay new around our acreage., that's for sure.
(Any truck under 10 yrs. old is still ' new ' to us.)
The last tire was finally secure again, so off he goes for a test run.  When asked how she held the road, his answer was
" Straight as an arrow," so that's good enough.

About my project across the room,
maybe I'll share it next time.
For now,
Life is a Learning Curve

Saturday, November 16, 2013

This Ol' Barn

This old barn sits across the road from us. 
It has been around for many years and has taken
many a beating by wind, rain and snow.
 The Year of our Lord, 1919, is when this barn was built.
 From the ground to it's peak on the west side rises
at least 40 ft. tall.
 Again, a few weeks ago, the wind tore both of the sliding doors completely off of it's rails, tearing two of the rails to the ground with both doors.  Today was repair day in spite of the weather.
 With the help of my guys, the old-timer in the doorway, was a happy man, to have the doors going back in place.
 The forks of the tractor did a lot of the work that would have taken several strong men to do.  Just lifting it into place was a chore all it's own.  Next the rollers had to be re-positioned,
 and eventually~
 eased back into place within the rail until~
 both doors were finally rehung.  Onto the next step.
 Lifted high on a pallet hooked in the tractor forks, 
the last two rails had to be replaced and secured.
Lift, tuck into place, 
 remove the cap off of the end clamp, 
 place the last rail, and done.  Well, not quite...
 Once back on the ground, the guys fastened the two door sections together.  This way, when the doors are slid all the way open to the right, they will both come back together.  There used to be a latch that hooked them together.  It's no longer there, so to make it a quick job until the rain stops, this will do for now.
It's hard to believe the wind tore those doors and their working assembly completely off the barn....but then, this ol' barn IS 
94 years young.
Yes, another labor of love, done!
Life Here Goes On

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Creating Havoc!!!

What on earth???, you may wonder, if you're not familiar with such a sight as this...
click on photos to enlarge
and why???you may ask, for these holes in the trees are deep.
 Why?, a hole in a tree of this size and leaving behind such a pile of sawdust? ~ what is going on here?
 It sure wasn't this little fella, our friend Hairy!  nor~
 Downy, or have I mixed their names up?  Mel will know. 
a fella near this size, sure could create some havoc to a tree.
The Pileated Woodpecker can saw some pretty deep holes in the trees in search of  succulent worms and wood-boring insects.
It doesn't take long, and the insects lay their eggs and the circle begins, continues, and ends finally, when the tree dies.  That's when the woodpeckers do their part, by going after a meal of grubs until a pile of sawdust lays at the base of the trees.
You will know a pileated woodpecker is in the area.  You will most likely ' hear ' him long before you see him.  Watch for him, for, you will not believe how large they are.  ( the one you see in the tree by my garden, is a wooden one my Dad made many yrs. ago, but the real thing is about half that size, none the less, BIG. )

We now know that the triple spruce trees at the end of our driveway will have to come down.  The insects and the Pileated have done their job and the sawdust pile and the holes in the first 2 pictures are from those particular trees.  So goes the cycle of life of three more trees.  Nothing is totally lost, for the trees will either become firewood, compost or lumber....waste not~

So it goes up here where the wind blows cold tonight, so
as I warm my feet with wood heat,
I feel fortune has fallen once again.  It's the little things that
Warm My Soul

Monday, November 11, 2013

Beef Stew and Coleslaw

Some buttery Yukon Gems,

 tender and fresh green beans,
a large onion,
 a few baby cabbages from around the base of the big ones,
 sweet, outrageously crisp carrots, 
 or, maybe just one potato,

a purple topped turnip or a rutabaga,
a wedge of a medium-sized cabbage for a side dish, 
and beef....what's for supper Tuesday?
Beef Stew and Coleslaw!!!!
Yum Yum

Our garden produced some fantastic-sized produce and a great amount of most items.  We have a freezer full and  full pantry shelves of vegetables and fruit.  We have truly been blessed for our labor.  Gardening is hard work twice...planting time and harvest time., but so worth tired feet and every backache.
I love being able to pick out our meals from what we have raised instead of going to the grocery store.  God has been good to us again this year as many in the past.  Thank you Lord, Amen.
Life is Great

Saturday, November 9, 2013


 We in Northern WI, have been bombarded with weird weather, even tho it's already November.   A few snow showers, we expect, but for it to ' hang around,' quite frankly, not ready, are you?
 On our way to the cabin, we had to literally get out of the truck and brush our way in.  Brush frozen branches free of snow so we could pass without the branches scratching the truck.
 The snow was wanting to cling, and cling hard to the trees.
Under the snow was ice from the day before when the snow was barely beginning to melt.
 The sun was shining through the iced branches making for a spectacular sight., but, isn't this prose for late January?
 This was 3 days already, and I found myself wanting to say, 
"  come on, Joke's over~"
 Already at the cabin anyway, we decided to stay a spell, start a fire in the potbellied stove and watch the deer awhile.  One of this spring's fawns and her mama came in to nibble on the pumpkins, apples and corn that we left for them.  All of that dry corn and they may want a drink.
 Iced water, dear, deer???
 The sunshine on the treetops took my breath away.  This photo doesn't begin to do it justice.
 Most of this early snow is gone finally, after a week.
I suppose with Thanksgiving coming just around the corner,
I'm sure there is thanks to give by a big bird, 
Mr. Turkey, that is.
His tracks are no longer visible as he probably is 
showing sighs of relief.   Next time, big boy, next time.
I'll catch up to you, next time.
Until then,