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Friday, March 29, 2013


No matter how you view them,
tulips are a true sign of spring.

Not only do they speak of spring,
with their bright colors and silky petals,
 But their promise of creating rainbows 
in the fields across the country is reason for an
Awwwww, Owwww, WoW.
 Even with a backdrop of black and dew, 
 Nothing speaks Easter and GOD,s 
Promise of Unconditional Love
like  Tulips.
Happy Easter 
God Bless

Sunday, March 24, 2013

You Get A Line~

It is almost that time of year when the fishin' holes 
are busy with spawn and anglers.
This is Mom fishing the Flambeau just down
the road from her place, checking out a hole
a few yrs. back on a sunny summer day.
We have had many memories on this river and 
at her shores.  Many a river trip in canoes, 
many deep fried Channel Cats, pickled Redhorse, stuffed and grilled Muskies, Walleye fillets, herb breaded Bass~~~
We've eaten well off this river wild.

Today, I dream of ' fine fishing.'
We don't wet a line often, but when we do
it's a guaranteed day of R&R.
Yes sir, we be needing that.
So, melt, snow., so I can sing to my man;

"You get a line, I'll get a pole, honey.
You get a line, I'll get a pole, babe, 
You get a line, I'll get a pole, n'
We'll go down to the fishin' hole,
Honey, Baby, Mine."

~Melt, snow, Melt~

Those of you able, 
Grab a pole and hit that sweet fishin' hole.
May the Good Lord fill your plate with fine eating.


Saturday, March 23, 2013


If you are at all faint of heart, do not watch a video
about this procedure.  I had this plus 2 more procedures 
done 10 yrs. ago and it's what needs to be done again.

as I arrived at the clinic for my pre-op,
I was summoned to the nearest desk for a message 
to report to the orthopedic dept. immediately.

Upon my arrival, the receptionist did not have a
clue as to what was going on.

Once in a patient room, the nurse came in to  
with an anxious look on her face to inform me that
my pre-0p and surgery had been 


Apparently the doctor himself, had an appt. that morning
to find out there was something wrong with his eye~~~

All I can say is "Good call."  I would not feel comfortable
having major surgery with a guy who couldn't see what he was doing.

So, here we go again.
More waiting, another 3-4  appt.s before we get things done.

The real positive here is that I can only 
that the neurosurgeon I have been referred to,
can help with a much less invasive procedure....
Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me and
the prayers coming, that this is going to be 
a much better choice.

OH, I am SO OVER this.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this piddly stuff.

If you're having trouble leaving a comment, 
please leave one anyway.
I messed something up, as usual, but 
I am getting your comments sooner or later.
Thanks for your patience with this ol' gal

Thursday, March 21, 2013


 I am a carb addict. 
 I love my bad carbohydrates like breads, pasta, high carb veggies like peas, carrots, winter squash, you know, the rich, buttery ones.
Needless to say, I have become a ( chunky monkey.)
I need to get back in shape. 
 I know that.
I need to be more aware of what damage I'm doing to my heart, joints and blood that runs through my veins.
I know that.
 I am first to admit that 
This girl has a problem to ' attempt ' to solve.
There are a million excuses and good ones,  but the worst is
my very own lack of persistence.

Sooooo, folks,
hang in there with me while I work on a new me.
I started with eating a bit healthier., at least one meal a day.
That I should be able to accomplish, right?
That's why the green salads and lean chicken, turkey and fish., 
at least for ONE meal a day.....are you still with me?

Next, a new haircut.  It didn't take any weight off or help my ' innerds '
but it did make me feel better leaving half a dozen inches of  split-ends
and 'scragglies' on the floor instead of around my shoulders.
And YES dear sisters, I covered the gray.
Who needs them when I have at least another 40 yrs. to live, God willing.
Might as well make myself feel good and besides, 
poor Bill has to look at me all day now that he's retired.

All kidding aside, my rejuvenation is more purposeful than
pure vanity.

I am preparing for another journey, 
a detour, as it be, down another surgical path.
 Risk is taken every day but, All will be fine.
Though an invasive and intense ride,
I am every bit confident that God will see me through.
You see, He has given me HOPE.
May you all be blessed with the same.

You do not begin to know how much I appreciate
each and every one of you for taking the time to stop by.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

K & M

Learning something new, it's a satisfying thing.  K is learning how to do some of the basics of cross-stitch embroidery.  She is working on a gift for her Mom for Mother's Day, being instructed at her church youth class.  Once home and on her own, she got stuck, not being sure what came next so, of course, during my visit, I was more than happy to refresh her memory.  Secretly, I think she was just waiting on Grandma's help, rather than her parents...she really did well, completing half of her project in the week we were there.  Way to go Katie!
 Miss M has interest in paper crafts, and magnets.
For her birthday, Megan was surprised with a wall runway that has blowups of herself dancing.  To make the wall even more entertaining, it is not only a blackboard for her friends to sign, but a magnetic runway and dancers.  
To add to her birthday surprise, I made bags full of magnets with feathers and leatherlike fringe for her native girl, lace for her ballerina, dangling beads for earrings and lots of beading for her hip-hop gal, and flowers for  the flower-child down the edge of the runway.  The girls spent hours playing and play-acting with the bags full of magnets and drawing faces.
 of course, Grandma never leaves before helping whip up a batch of Cho. Chip Cookies for the kids.  This time, it was Grandma time with Megan while her older sister practiced her routine with friends for the upcoming talent show at school.
 I was distracted several times with this gorgeous craft room used by the entire family.  Jolene got the shelving ideas off of pinterest and Billy built all of them.  
 There is storage everywhere, shelves, bins, stack totes, and two working tables, a window bench (that still will get a cushion), a sewing center, scrapbook center....on and on....
 even a ladder shelf unit that holds the Game Night games, (which is every night in this home.)  I want this room.  Hmm, maybe with the sunroom???
 Like most of today's children, these kids are constantly busy with 
' activities.'  This day they had dance practices first, then home to try on the costumes they will be wearing for their upcoming recital.
We will not be able to attend, so we got a personal performance with the same music...but at the same time...it was awesome.
These kids are good!
 Katie is Miss Ballet and Megan is Miss Hip-Hop
So much exercise for one day and it was time to brush their teeth, lay out their clothes for the morning and say their prayers.

I know it's Tuesday already, but I'm still exhausted from last week.
I don't think I could handle one school day like the kids have anymore.
I'm not so young I think I is...
and no more boost in the best of me.

Have a great one, while I look forward to tomorrow.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Belated, A Bit of Trivia

When we left for a road trip a week ago, there was still plenty of snow on everything and everywhere.  When we returned, yes, another foot of it had fallen on top of what you see here.  Please do remind me to stay away until the grass is green.
Did you know that St. Patrick's Day is traditionally the first day of the year to plant your spring peas like Sugar Snaps?  I don't think we will be doing any of that today.~Those tasty eatable pods will have to wait 'At Least' another month or so around here.
 We had a most wonderful time with these two very silly and talented GrandLoves, Katie and Megan...and Buddy~
 Chloe, our 2nd oldest GrandLove, lives across the street and dropped in each night after her softball practice....even tho they have plenty of snow too, the strength training still goes on inside.  
 Bill and Bill Jr. kept busy framing walls, doorways, and boxing in venting and pipes.  It was one busy, noisy week for those boys.
I got to spend time with the girls and their mom, Jolene.  We shopped, we cooked and baked, we did crafts and went to dance practices, did I say we shopped.  

 Megan made a St. Patrick's Day Hat, her perfect version for her classroom celebration.  I love it. 
 and Katie wore a Shamrock in her hair.   I will show you more as the week evolves, and there is talent to be seen.  I love that these kids keep busy doing crafts, reading and playing with teddy bears and sliding outside.  Not once, did they turn on the television or play on any computers or I-Pads.  Makes Me Proud that they make their own fun.
 I hope your day was filled with GREEN things like cabbage with your corned beef, and shamrocks on your cake.  
Or did you eat RAINBOW jello with your pot of GOLD?

whatever you ate or however you celebrated, it was refreshing for me, to read that Saint Patrick, used the shamrock to illustrate the TRINITY.   He was a devoted missionary to the Irish people, the very ones who had held him captive as a youth.
 ( taken from my garden calendar and a bit of trivia for you buffs )

So it goes from my chair to yours

Have a fantastic week everyone.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rambling On

Two more projects~~done.  I've been staying busy with orders that should have been filled months ago.  I know, shame on me.
 No excuse is good enough, but at least I am done and over it.
It's been a while since I have had to paint on this particular medium.,
deer skulls.
 Click on each photo for a closer look, if you wish, and
please do criticize honestly.  The deer is the young buck that my grandson harvested with his bow and arrow, his first buck, taken in 2010.
I hope he likes it.  I painted his lil buck from a photo taken with the trail camera the same week in the maples.
 This one is for a friend who hunts in the oak woods behind the barn on the edge of the hills.  I do NOT like it.  I don't think I should continue to do these so this is another ' freebie.'  My fingers just cannot walk the walk anymore...grrr
 At least the Split Pea Soup was good...
as well as the Orange Banana Pecan Bread.
Now, how am I supposed to watch my caloric intake this way?
 Just imagine the 'shock' when 3 little boys announced that they

' Had Worms! '

Noah, Sy and Ben were pulling a fast one on Grandma!
and secretly, I loved it.
They shared one of those worms with me....have you ever had one?

Thanks for stopping by to read these ramblings.
You are just precious to me.  
LoveYouAll and

Sunday, March 3, 2013

K-razed Kat

 Hussssssssssssh , someone looks angry,
more so than when he first crawled out of the garden.
 Those of you who have followed here awhile, 
have already met our K-razed Kat.
 He's tried catching our birds, right out of their nests,
as he travels around the world, looking for sleeping lunch.
But, the problem is, he's turned mean.
After taking him down from his favorite resting place, I began to understand why he's beginning to look more agitated.
Here, he has split his side open, his tail looks like it's gone through the grinder, torn and loosing his dignity a bit.

Just like people~soon we begin to fall apart.
Our elasticity starts to fall, lines around the eyes are more apparent,
our chins drop, everything starts to fall where it sure should not.
We've lost our girlish figures and manly stature.

I will hope there is still hope
to retrieve my loveliness....LOLOLOL

BlessYa if ya Don't Laugh