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Monday, February 28, 2011

Crazy Boys, GrandLoveGifting, Supper

Tho this picture was taken over 5 years ago, when my nephew came home from his 2nd tour at Iraq, these two fellas, my Andy and Cher's Nate, always manage to keep me in stitches and wondering just 'what' are they up to now.
This past weekend was no different. They had planned to ' take a hike ' to unknown territory, to find new hunting ground for this coming fall.
They each carried over 40 lb. packs on their backs, including their survival arms, a couple of 45's, just in case. The woods can offer supper in a pinch. One never ' plans ' on getting lost and having to spend a night or two in our cold country, this time of the year.

Their packs also carried extra socks, gloves, change of clothes and warmer boots, as they started out in cross-country ski shoes and wool socks. They also carry a GPS, extra felt packs, matches, a flint, a lighter, in case the matches get wet, survival blankets, cell phones and their snowshoes. To stay hydrated for their day hike, they had each a 2 liter bottle of water and trailmix with nuts, berries and yogurt chips.

As it turned out, they were only a 1/4 mile into their hike when they decided to ditch the skis and pick them up on the way back out.
That didn't happen.
They left at 10 a.m. and at 3 p.m., we get a call that they were sitting on the island they were looking for, having a snack and mapping their continued hike. They did not think it would have taken as long to get to their destination, mark it on the GPS, and get back before dark.

New plan. They said they would head south and west to the shooting range out east of us, and should be out of the woods about half an hour before dark. Could we pick them up and drive them back to the truck? They were excited to find the island and see all the deer sign, but also a lot of wolf sign, definitely a pack and not a straggler or two.

Another call about 4 p.m. this time from his cousin's phone as his battery was dead, telling me not to worry, but they changed direction again, having found a closer road to where the truck was parked. That was where we were to pick them up and drive them to where they parked, as their legs were jello from crawling through so much brush and blow-down. They said they felt like a rabbit on the run from a hungry fox, tired and wanting to stop.

It worked out fine. They were out of the woods a half hour before dark, calculating on the Geographic Positioning System, that they had walked and crawled over 5 miles. They were grateful they didn't have to walk that last mile.

Quite the adventure, well, except for one thing. The skis they poked into the snow were still in the woods, waiting for their back-track return, to pick them up.

Nate had to head back home, so Andy said that he would get them out of the woods the next day. Being they were both exhausted, and that it was such a remote area where, no one, in their right mind, would tread this time of the year, the ski 'pick-up ' waited until the next day.

Since Andy borrowed a pair of snowshoes from Nate, he picked up mine at the cabin, taking our truck this time. Probably not a good idea, since it was just about out of gas and he was headed the other direction from town. It was only about 6 miles down the road from where he would park and walk in to get the skis, so it should not be an issue.

As the picture goes, young, energetic man in his late 20's, but still aching and tired from the ' hike ' the day before, Dad's truck, new tires, " Why not." He decides to drive into the gravel pit road, never plowed all winter, I might add, so he wouldn't have to walk quite so far to get those danged skis. You get the picture. Stuck. Stuck bad. He calls his brother for help who ' also ' thinks he can just drive in, pull out their Dad's truck and he would never have to find out about it.
Yes, you got it. Stuck. Now there are two 4-wheel drive trucks, stuck in the middle of no where, no way for a wrecker to reach them, so they are forced to make a decision. Call their uncle. Ok...

Uncle Eric decides to stop and get chains, come-alongs, rope, anything that might assist a couple of foolish boys out of the woods. Stac says, " Take a left, then the first right and just drive back here." Eric says, "Now, boys, WHY would I do that when the both of you already are stuck?"
They must have thought he wasn't going to show up so they called yet, another couple of guys. One of them has a bigger truck with bigger, wide tires, so they figured that would work.

Meanwhile, Dad is filled in on what's happening and I'm peeling him off the ceiling. He calmed down enough to decide to go with Eric, saying, "Well, let's go rescue the little sh...!" Needless to say, he was a little on the irate side. Thanks to my brother, he calmed him down enough that we didn't have to worry about another heart attack. Seriously!

The friends had Stacy's truck out by time they got there, and Dad's Big Blue Dodge, came out shortly after. As soon as they got back, I checked to see that all the guys were in tact while Bill checked on his beloved truck...

And the family wonders why I turn my head the other way.

I stayed home and finished another girly thing for GrandLove Megan. I think she will like this cute little Trinket Bag and Fingerless Gloves.
I also moved the flower on Ryele's bag, to utilize the button as a closure with a loop. It works great.
Now, I have to go and check the Pork Hocks...I can smell they are going to go just fine with a little Pork Gravy, Fresh Chunky Apple Sauce, and Brussel Sprouts with Almonds. Sounds good enough to me.
For dessert, another slice of this delicious Apple, Black Cherry Crisp with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream....Yum, Yum!
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Sunday, February 27, 2011


Remember, way back a month or so ago, I started something, not knowing what I was going to ' Make of It. '
Already knowing how much the lime neon green was a favorite color of my Grandlove, Ryele, I knew something was going to materialize for this Sugar and Spice, little girl.
Well, just like her Mommy, she LOVES purses, shoes and hats. I didn't have the shoes in mind, but do have enough yarn left to crochet her some sandals to go with her accessories.
The purse is completely hand-stitched with lining, so Ms. Ryele does not have to worry about loosing her treasures. The only thing left to do, is a thin strip of velcro to secure the flap.
I love the way this set has turned out. Now, to continue with more sets for the little ' southern GrandLoves.' Hmmm, what colors will we make these out of? Ms. Katie and Ms. Megan are at the age where their favorite colors change daily. Perhaps something variegated?

Thanks for coming by. I love reading your comments and suggestions.
Please do come again and again and again.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just One, Chickens Sunning, Dad's Thought

This sweet little bench sits by our door. It gets used almost daily by one grandchild or another, to put their boots and shoes on and off. I can't remember just when I painted it but it may have been 30-some years ago when we moved here and started our lives together. Come to think of it, our own 5 used it.Chickens have been a part of our family long before I was even born...eons ago! Mom still raises them, in her 80's, she says, for the fresh eggs, fresh air, and the exercise. When I stopped over a couple of mornings ago, there she was with her water can in hand and a shovel. She had just cleaned out the hen house, spread fresh bedding and gathered nearly a dozen eggs.
Bell and Brew couldn't get high enough to sun themselves while the Keeper of the Coop, did her chores.

I love this picture. It was painted 14 yrs ago, when my Dad was still dreaming of a cabin in the woods someday. When we told him we were building a log cabin, and what spot we had picked out, he said, "YUP, that's where I'd build it." He couldn't cross the creek because of his lame legs, and there was no bridge yet. We did agree it should go ' just where he told us, and it did. '
Dad's ' vision ' of what our cabin would look like is pretty close. We had already cleared the land, had the slab layed, and the first round of logs went down before he and Mom arrived. They were there for most of the ' cabin raising.' I will have to show you more of that process someday, but for now, the plan is to extend the roof, just like Dad envisioned and I always wanted. The cabin frame went up in less than 2 weeks, much too fast, and plan as we went along....not advised.
None the less, our little piece of Heaven has paid for itself over and over again in rest and relaxation. I cannot believe how fast the time has flown by and so much is still undone. Does it really matter? No. We have a retreat from the daily rush, where we can daydream a day away if we so choose.

Have a great Day Dream yourselves, even if it's just in your favorite easy chair with a good book or a hank of yarn, knitting a piece of warmth. How do YOU relax and where?

Thanks for stopping. I love hearing from you.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's a double Anniversary today.
This is my family. It's my parents 64th Anniversary today, even tho we lost Dad 4 yrs. ago. What a life we all have had growing up with a large family and such loving parents. We all miss Dad unbearably sometimes, and are so grateful to have each other to lean on. Thank God for our 'variety pack' of siblings and Mom.

Back row, left to right: Mel, Cher, Dar (me) and my twin, Doug, Lana, Linda, Colleen.
Front: Eric, Mom, Dad, Randy

This picture was taken at the folks 50th. Did we ever have a great party right there in the yard. Dad said, the only way he would agree to a party was if it was at home, so that's exactly what we did. There were over a few hundred of their friends and family that showed up. The only invitation was a note in the local paper reading, Party Til the Cows Come Home in honor of Ted and Wynette. And boy, did they come from all over the country. Mom and Dad sure were surprised, even tho they knew a party was in the making. I'm sure one of my siblings must have a copy of their wedding picture. Sure wish I had one. Anyone?
The other anniversary today, is that of the death of my sister, Lana, two years ago, back row on the right side of Doug in the tan blouse. I miss her so much. She was a headstrong gal, leaving 3 adult children behind. She had lost her husband too, just 6 months prior. What a contagious laugh that girl had. We could not help but to laugh with her. God has worked his miracles in helping all of us heal, slowly, as we remember her and Dad. They both are so loved and missed by the remaining of us.
Life goes on and we grow in the process. I often had heard that God does not give us what we cannot handle, until at my sister, Lana's, funeral, Pastor Deitz said, God Does give us more than we can handle, so we REMEMBER to Turn to HIM. Pastor is so right. It has become more and more a part of my life. God be with you all, as we remember our loved ones that have had the privilege to pass before us. I am so jealous, and so ready. God is Good.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hierarchy/Survival of the Fittest

The Eye of the Eagle tells all. (The squeamish may not want to look any further, as some of the pictures show the survival of the fittest.)
Those who follow here, know that I love to catch the magic of our wildlife and birds, in action. After processing a deer from deer hunting season in the late fall, I had asked the boys to put the carcass where I could watch the eagles and birds, from the kitchen window. I have seen the eagles several times, as well as 20-30 crows at a time, tons of song birds, that the trail camera did not pick up, squirrels, weasel, and during a blizzard, the coyote. The camera was covered with snow a few days so I did not get a daytime shot of him, but did get one at night. Hope you enjoy.
Snack time.
I love the patience of the crow, waiting his turn, respecting hierarchy.
Love how the crow folds his wings during his descent. Click on the picture for a better view. Sorry, but it's a bit dark just before sunset on a gloomy day.
There's Mr. Coyote, looking quite healthy in his winter fur coat. I don't mind having him around, it means the wolves are not. At least, today.
I have a thing about the wings of the birds, and how they lay them during different circumstances. This fella is ,\' dropping ' in for lunch.
I'm not sure ' what ' this crow is up to, but my guess would be that he is trying his best to find ' his ' seat at the table. What do you think?
That's it for tonight...as I aim to please a new palate tomorrow. Who knows, maybe a recipe, more snow, Heavens Forbid, a constructive project? Naaah! Actually, the next couple of days will be busy enough that you may not see me here. Another storm is brewing outside, and I always have to see if I can drive in it. That means, after appointments, I plan to drop in on Mel from UpNorthWithMel, and see her new oil paintings in person, visit Mom and smile at her chickens. Maybe, just maybe, I will remember to take the camera with me this time.

That's all Folks. Thanks ever so much for stopping and~~~~

Friday, February 18, 2011

In Search of the Daffodils

While searching for a glimmer of spring this morning, amongst all the bitter cold finding its way into the house, I was surprised.

I was surprised by all of the embroidery, crocheted lace and doilies, vintage fabrics, that I have decorated nooks and crannies with. Some were tag sale finds, some Grandparented to me, like the circular embroidered napkin and the daffodils, above. Thank You Grams B. So much is still in storage, but comes out when I get ready for a change.

My love of flowers is also everywhere, as well as the birds. Our hometown school team was always the Cardinals, until a merger just this past year that has really changed things. Who can even say Chequamegon Screaming Eagles...can hardly stand to write it...gads. I will always be a Cardinal Backer. (Sorry, getting off track again!)
How about some flying lessons, or, butterfly crochet. I also have a love of old books, such as the stack of books on learning to fly. The butterfly doily just had to fit amongst the flight patterns of planes, butterflies and birds.
Then there is ' cabinet ' lace,

doily protectors for stacks of dishes,
vintage Bible lace,
frilly bedskirts,

lampshade lace for a vintage lamp,picot edging on the embroidered curtains in the family room,
yesterdays lace tablecloth became todays lace curtain,
pinecone curtains in our country kitchen,
even reflective lace through the mirror.
Hey, I really must like this old stuff, all the lace, embroidery, crochet...
for, this old gal is even wearing it!
I thank you for weaving through this nonsense with me. It's a cold and windy day, I'm cold! No excuses, just one of those things that happens when the fingers do not want to create, but instead, ' just get by, ' and the eyes 'just want to look around,' at a few of my favorite things.

Come back again. I promise to have some interesting reading, One Of These Times! I love reading your comments, so Please Do Comment! I value your opinion:)

BlessYourHearts and HaveAWarmWonderfulWeekend

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Cabin in the Wood

Those of you who have been faithful followers, (thank you, by the way), know that we have been having some problems with our little piece of heaven in our mid-40. Some kind of borers are having a picnic of our logs, even tho they have been treated repeatedly. Any suggestions? The little bugs look like hornets, the color of the ash borer, turquoise blue and black, with long stinger drills at their rears. I still have not identified them, and mistakenly gave the National Forestry my only culprit. After two years, we still have not heard back from them. Apparently, they do not know what it is either! Help! In the meantime
we need to re-think these nasty, killer stairs that have taken me out once already.
And tho, we love the evening glow of our ' little piece of heaven,' we are seriously thinking of making some changes. The west wall you see through the windows, we are thinking of bumping out and adding a bunk room. To the east, we want to bump out another wall for a master bedroom/bathroom/extended deck. What do you think?
Another traipse around the woods on the old-timer Bear Paws, and I will gladly start drafting some serious changes. Now, all I have to do, is to convince DearHeart that this is essential. The rest of the family agrees.
Even the grandloves. This draft was drawn by our grandson this past Nov. I see he has everyone working except Grandma. That works for me. I think he must be hoping for hot, home cooked meals throughout the process.
Now, the only things missing are, a mudroom, and the initiative. Anyone? Anyone? Any takers to convince Bill?

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day, Shadows

Happy Valentine's Day!

Muffy, at Muffy's Marks, shared this idea of placing a ring in the fold of a book to see its shadow, which just happens to cast a heart. How appropriate for today. Happy Valentines Day everyone!
Thanks again for the challenge, Muffy. It's not as easy as it looks unless the ring is a wide one. My first photo, is of my Bill's wedding band on satin and pearls, used in my wedding bouquet. ( Apologies for the lack of clarity in both photos.)
The second photo, is a silver ring of mine, in the fold of my Bible cover. Try it with your wedding band. It's exciting when you first see that heart-shaped shadow appear. Like I said, it is not as easy as it looks, just like marriage or any successful relationship. Love isn't always easy.
Once again. Have a great day of surprises and heart-felt moments. My day started with a kiss. How about yours.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Whew, It's a Hot Day, and Lovin' It

What a wonderful, warm and sunshiny, Feel Good, Day! Not because of this fire, but

because of these temperatures we had today. I just knew Spring was on it's way. Yes, it DID get up to 50 today, and Above zero.
Oh, there is still a lot of the white stuff out the cabin window,
and, out the door, waiting to be shoveled. But, as Bill said, " It will melt."
Can't help myself. I have been so cabin-fevered in the worse way with daily snow and cold, and now, it is finally melting,
slipping, dripping and sliding, right off the roof, the decks, the walks, ahhhh, everwhere, it is M-E-L-T-I-N-G!, just like the wicked witch of the west.
No one could put the spoils to my happy mood today. Steak anyone?
To top the day off, just look what else God did! What a glorious sunset. If you look closely, you will see a heart lying midway between the pine tips, about center of the picture. Happy Valentines Day everyone;)

Thanks for stopping! I do hope you had a warm weekend, as well.