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Sunday, December 22, 2013


 Are you familiar with the craft called scherenschnitte?
It is simply a paper cutting technique using special scissors.
I do not own a pair of scherenschnitte scissors but I do have a set of Exacto Knives that do a fair enough job.
My first attempt was of playing around with making garland for the Christmas tree.  I have made several of these for gifts throughout the years, but only one set this year.
Those ' itis' brothers have been up to their schenanigans with my joints again, making it more of a chore to do fine work.

Garland was easy enough so I thought I'd give a set of trees of different sizes a try.  I still haven't found my pictures of them.  I wonder if my sister still has her set?
My templates don't stand anymore to show you at this time.
On to another challenge like these of the geese and lambs which are intended to be framed with colorful paper or fabric to help them stand out. 
 I do love doing these.  It's like therapy.  I get lost with time as I work on them.
Who would think that folding paper certain ways and cutting tiny bits of it away, would reveal such wonderful images.
This is supposed to be a ring of angels with a star in the center.  I, however, made just one wrong cut...( tired cut ), and a few of the angels took flight, never to be seen again.

The Nativity was cut from a single piece of paper, which lay flat, no folding, as I cut away the pattern.  The angels at the top are hard to make out, as well as the doves, but they're there.  Another depiction of a manger with a cow, sheep, cat and rooster.  What do you think.  Can you hear the cattle lowing.
The Butterfly is still my most treasured piece.  After I cut my first one, I could not believe how much the paper felt like real lace.  As difficult as it was to hold my paper work in place while cutting,  I still want to make enough of these to fill my Christmas Tree with only the butterflies and the Nativity, wrapped with Dove garland with white lights.
Each time I work on another piece, the templates are carefully placed in envelopes their size, so as not to destroy the fine work that takes hours to accomplish.  
I hope you've enjoyed this 'sneak peek' of scherenschnitte.  Take the time to research this craft.  You will realize that I have barely stepped in the door.  I'm amazed at some of the pieces I've seen but could never begin to do.
Do remember The Reason for the Season...and
Have a Very Merry Christmas~from our home to yours.

Jesus is Born

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Caw, Caw

I toss a little corn and sometimes, apples and kale, 
all so I can watch the creatures of the woods that may 
be looking for a free handout.  
 However, I completely forgot about the crows.
At first, just a few, OK, that's not so bad.
 The crows did start their cawing, 
calling in their families.   
" Hey, family, there's free food here.
Come and get it!!!! " 
and their families came....and
 their friends, and their neighbors...
they came flying in and out to ' caw ' in more.
Finally, they all left, making room for the
family I really wanted to watch.
Thanks for coming, dear deer~
I've been waiting to see your friendly faces.

Normally, we don't feed too late into the season, but this already has been such a harsh winter that we want to be sure the deer get enough warmth around their bones to strengthen them for the running they are going to have to do to outrun the wolves.
Good luck to them.  There aren't many Whitetails left in our area, thanks to the wolf problem created by some 
' not so smarts' out there.  Nuff said.
I wonder if they could do anything about those 
disease-ridden crows???

Have a wonderful week.
I'm off to try to see some sustainable beauty in the woods.
Nuff griping.

Thanks for stopping in and making my day a good one.