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Thursday, January 13, 2011

What a Pain

Have you ever had such an unbearable pain in your neck that it made you nauseous? Right about there and all the way to my ear and down my arm directly to the fingertips. Ouch. Ice, ice, ice, is my best friend at times like this. That, and inch by inch, stretching.I sure find myself indulging in self-pity a lot lately, but hey, it hurts.
It may have been all the snow, that, tho it looked quite fluffy, the sleet kept interfering with an otherwise easy and joyful job. Someone has to shovel.
There wasn't all that much, maybe 4 more inches to shovel off the deck and the steps, to get to the bird feeders. Alright, so I love being outside in the winter, but I cannot stand idle hands, so, of course, I grabbed the shovel and pushed it around a bit.
' Waddle ' ya gonna do!
Speaking of waddles, this one is protected in a corner and under the large spruce trees branches, so it doesn't take too bad a hit from the piling snow. My other one, however, is next to where my dear hubster plows. Needless to say, these things are just another thing to mow and plow around. There isn't much left to it, I'm afraid. At least the perennials in the bed behind the fence, are still there, thanks to the shrubs acting as deterrents. So, like I said earlier, ' Waddle ' ya gonna do!
So, my dear friends, if you must get out there and help with the snow removal, be careful. Push over lifting, if you can. If it's too heavy, leave it for the kids. They will be by, sooner or later, for a hot meal. Let them earn those hot vittles from Mom's kitchen.

BlessYourHearts and Thanks for Stopping


The White Farmhouse said...

Oh you poor dear! I don't think anyone can say they have shoveled unless they have shoveled Northern snow. Wow, that crap is heavy! I would come and shovel it for some of your cooking though!

Darla said...

Well guess what? I haven't any snow to shovel, but I have been experiencing a very similar pain in my neck for several days....tiger balm ointment, aleve and a nice soak in a hot tub have been my relief....(somewhat)

Fred Alton said...

Dar, Sorry for your pain. May the Lord give you healing in Jesus' name. We need you to shovel some snow off our driveway...or you can just let it melt by tomorrow. Haha.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Ibuprofen might be your best friend this weekend.
Keep warm!

jack69 said...

No need for the shoveling advice down here (I hope) although it is near freezing this morning.

A prayer already for the neck, bless YOUR heart (and neck).

Yep, it ain't no secret where a good hot meal is, after you have been around an area for awhile.

We were just commenting on the meal you set for us. Yesterday your's, Bill's, Sy's and the pictures of the meal popped up on the slide show we have going most of the day(and the rest). OH YES it brought back good memories, Bill was laughing so BIG and that wonderful smile you have inherited. Short time but great memories!
Love from Florida! (Careful in the snow, that advice from someone who sees it mostly in pictures. LOL)

texwisgirl said...

I'll send you some Texas warmth (when we get a little more to spare) to help melt your snow! :)

Dianna said...

Dar, I'm sorry to know that you are in that kind of pain. Being someone with fibro, I do understand that kind of pain in that exact location...it does get to the extent that you mentioned.

If you really like to be outside enjoying winter, maybe you could find something a bit less strenuous to do with those hands so they won't be idle. ;)

Hugs to you, my sweet friend,

~mel said...

...and WHY??? did you think YOU had to shovel when you have an able bodied son living with you?? Quit doing that stuff that makes you hurt!

Take some time off and let yourself heal for a bit. Drink some hot buttered rum or whiskey! lol

Dar said...

Thanks all, for your prayers, love and warm air you are sending my way. And Mel, I have wheels tomorrow, so will pop in for that hot buttered rum. That aughta doit!
All kidding aside, I AM feeling a bit better, can turn my head a bit today and thanks to son, Andy for the neck rubs and exercises, and to grandson Ben, for doctoring me with his Dr.'s kit. I'm more better:)
As for the snow, we are in for another week of it...pray for fluffy.


imac said...

Gee hope you feel better soon my friend.

Cool how you took this photo,lol.

Paula said...

Bless your heart~ Those "pains in the neck" can be very debilitating!! Hope you're feeling better now~ if not, take it easy for a few more days.

Cher' Shots said...

I believe there's a masseuse in Connie T's hair salon - might want to check it out! Can't tell you how wonderful I felt after my massage. Stay inside and warm. 'love & hugs from afar'

Amy said...

Now that I live in south Texas, the days of shoveling are gone. I lived in Ohio until July 2009. Can't say that I miss the snow!!

Soak in a nice warm tub with epsome salt. It will help.

Thank you for visiting my blog. No, I'm not the Amy that talked about turkey legs.

Have a wonderful evening.

Amy said...

That is ok about the turkey leg. I am sure that it was funny.

I hope that you feel better tomorrow. I always keep epsome salt on hand.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

OH Dar, I am so sorry.... Sounds like you may have a pinched nerve in your neck... Please take care of yourself --and listen to your sister, Chickadee!!!!!

We did get out today to get some groceries and run some errands. The main roads were good and the back roads were fair, due to the snow and ice.. It was nice to get out though.

Have a wonderful weekend.

A Primitive Homestead said...

Oh my! Pain is no fun. Was glad to see you later commented on feeling a bit better. Prayers for continued recovery. Your Sis is right. So take a rest & listen to her good advise. Blessings!