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Monday, April 25, 2011

What a Fun Weekend

Yes, those beautiful flowers on our table were from our son, Andy and family. I love the 20's bunny dashing across the top. The plate they sit on is a decoupage creation from my MN. girlfriend from some 30 yrs. ago. Thanks again, Suzi.
Yes, we had ' snow ' again, waking to it Sat. morning. It melted away by Easter morning, thank goodness. Sticky, wet, snowbunny snow.
Part of our weekend entertainment was provided by sister Cher's granddaughters. What natural talent our great nieces have. Minnie picked up her sister's guitar only a couple of weeks ago, and already she has figured out cords, picking and strumming. I'm so proud to be great aunt Dar. The little one, Summer, made up words for a song to thank their Mom for being such a good influence on them, and Minnie put the words to song. Amazing and beautiful. Look out American Idol.
Next Minnie uncased her viola and did a little number. So cool what this young lady has accomplished in her young life. She also has done a little taxidermy with her Dad...what a talent.
The viola turned fiddle for a few doe-se-does around the room.
Even Great Grandma got into it. No bunny hop here, just ' twirl your partner, round and round. '
Do you think if I watch real close, I could learn?
Way to go Brooke! You've got the idea. Brooke is my sister Mel's granddaughter. Such talent we have in the family. It has to make one proud.
Of course, every kid around, young and old, had to visit Grandma O's newest members of the farm...she has a couple pair of geese from one of my neighbors.
I'm calling these two, Lucy and George.
Hey, George, do you think they saw my egg? Will they leave it alone.? Oh, dear!

No, this is not Lucy's egg. It is another that came from our neighbor's farm. It's huge compared to Ben's 3 yr. old hands. He was being so careful not to break it.
I keep them in my cupcake tin as they do not fit in an average egg carton. Just one goose egg is equivalent to 3 large chicken eggs. I use them in baking.
I saved the shell. I want to learn how to craft something with it. Hmmm, I said the same thing about the three that are still in storage.
This was just a peek at the past weekend. We did a lot of visiting at the farm and at home. The food and conversation filled my appetite for family. The GrandLoves and their 2nd cousins all had such fun. The sun warmed the day enough for walks and egg hunts pursued here and there after thanking our Lord for the greatest gift of all, His Son, who died and rose again to save everyone of us from our sins. One of our grandson's learned that colored eggs and Easter baskets really did not have anything to do with the true meaning of Easter at all.

I feel refreshed and I pray you feel the same after this glorious weekend.
I've heard that Christmas is everyday in Heaven.
The same has got to be true for Easter.

Thanks for stopping and

Thanks for stopping.


Farmchick said...

This looks like a lot of fun and so nice to see those musical girls at work!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI Dar, Mel posted a similar post today... Looks like the entire family had a wonderful Easter.

What talented grandloves you all have.. I know you are proud of them....

Thanks for sharing.

Muffy's Marks said...

Oh you are so lucky to have such a fun loving and talented family. You are truly blessed!

Paula said...

I read Mel's entry too. What a fun family you all have.

~mel said...

Wow.. we did make the same post (almost). I'm happy to see that you at least got a snapshot of Mom and Shannon and Brooke:) ~ It was a nice weekend get together!

Shug said...

I love every bit of it...Family and fun...It's wonderful!
Glad your weekend was delightful...Beautiful family that knows how to enjoy life...

texwisgirl said...

I saw your grand-niece on Mel's site this morning too. I love it - such talent! :)

Suz said...

such a wonderful family
I'm glad they are yours

Cher' Shots said...

Being Grandma does have it's advantages... we get bragging rights when they are talented and sweet! Simynda and Summer did a great job - their song choked me up because they wrote it from their hearts in thanks to their mom (my daughter) for being supportive.
'love & hugs from afar'

Fred Alton said...

I love seeing the children being called on to perform for the family! Passing the joy of our faith to them and watching with pride as they tell us and show us that they have paid heed to our teaching them is a grand experience. Your's is a wonderful family.