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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Any Volunteer's Velcum/New Toy

One of the greatest things about gardening, are the volunteer's! I never turn one away. They may get moved to another location but they are always welcome.
Any plants you see here today, are from prior garden years. We are still a good month from any planting, with any luck. Snow is also in the forecast again....ho-hum~~~
Does anyone know the name of this poppy? A few years ago, it showed up all over the garden but were tilled under or pulled out except for the garden's edge. What a show they put on. They still show up amongst the vegetables. If they are within the walking path, they get raked out, as they are not happy to be transplanted. The seeds that they give each year, however, self-seed as the wind takes them where they may. There are even some showing up in the field.
It's supposed to rain for a few days. There is nothing prettier than raindrops on the cabbage leaves.
Look at my newest ' toy.' It's a convertible rake with a long arm and rubber handles. I love anything that makes gardening more of a pleasure than it already is.
This lil' rascal converts from 7 1/2" wide for in-between my flowers in tight places, to 25" wide for larger raking with just a flip and lock of the orange handle. The teeth are lightly coated with a rubber-like material that will not damage my plants, yet get the job done. It's a real gem at only $5. I found my Black and Decker rake at our local Dollar Store. Now, go get one. You will love it.
I already had one but it did not convert, nor did it have that much desired, longer handle...needin' it and recommending it for any of my fellow arthritics out there~~~

Thanks for coming by and taking the time to comment. I love hearing from you.
Have a day of sunshine and


Dar said...

Oh, yea, are there any volunteers to redo the deck?


Suz said...

ooo I loev those poppies....I have seen them up in Ellison Bay..breathtaking
as hey opened just as our workshop in writing began..I miss them
Love that rake too
bending is getting to be a pain that I notie every time I do it
stinks getting older
It has been raining here too much
the yard is so wet
I have to redo my deck too

Darla said...

Dar, these look just like mine! Red Breadseed Poppies...google it and see...

Remington said...

It is always fun to see what new visiters will pop up each year!

texwisgirl said...

no gardening for me (veggie or flowers). just lots of yard mowing and pasture maintenance (time to spray those pesky mesquite trees again!)

Gretel said...

Oh Dar, are you really forecast more snow? Even with lovely poppies coming up? It hardly seems fair.

About the hedges in our countryside - they are typical of the area we live in, the Midlands/West country area (if you look at a map of GB we are almost on the border between Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire). Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Cornwell, Suffolk all have similar lanes, even prettier and higher than ours. Some are there from literally thousands of years ago, well worn tracks that are now little tarmac roads. Apparently really deep lanes are probably Anglo Saxon or older! Because they have been worn down and the sides get higher.

The further North you go the more the landscape opens up and is harsher, (you don't get lanes like that in Scotland) but I'd say about half of the England and Wales countryside is networked by hedgerow lanes. (And of course we have plenty of motorways, though they are also planted up with trees and hedges) I think it's because it's always been like that, we don't have so many big agri-fields as you do, (though they do exist in flatter parts of the country, Eastwards). They are there for practical reasons, to act as field dividers, to work as homes for birds and animals and as windbreaks. I didn't realise how unusual this was until I went out in a car (for a country drive) with a couple more used to the big roads in Utah and Seattle; the husband drove and he found the little narrow twists and turns really hard going, though we are used to them. By the end he was a bit stressed... Later his wife observed that England was 'very green' (so was her husband's face after driving round the lanes for an afternoon).

So, to answer, yes, this is typically what it's like where we live and we are very lucky. I think Brits are a nation of tree huggers, we like our green!

Sending you spring blessings Dar, from the other side of the pond.

Arkansas Patti said...

Now I like that rake. Will have to look for it.
My volunteers each year are tiny Malabar spinach. I love the plant and just dig up the volunteers to give to friends.

Sunny said...

Lovely poppies!

Cher' Shots said...

Most of my flower beds are filled with 'shares' from family and friends. Every blossom comes as a gift from someone else. I love your new rake, will be watching for one. It was great seeing you over Easter!
'love & hugs from afar Sis'

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Stop by this fall and be sure and bring that new cool rake with ya!

Paula said...

The poppies are beautiful and the more they spread the more beautiful they are going to be.

Fred Alton said...

I love wild flowers. In the Spring I'll even stop and pluck a handful of pretty ones and bring home for Frances. She will know what they are called most times - while I do not. Your poppies are very nice!!!

Shelley said...

I like your poppies and your new rake - (something that should definitely be on the hubby's gift list.) Sorry, can't help you w/ the deck - i'm looking for volunteers to help stain mine - lol!

The White Farmhouse said...

Love your poppies. Can you gather the seeds before they are windblown to plant where you want them? I get a couple stray poppies in my yard and just love to see them. Love that rake! I am going to have to go through each and every single dollar store til I find one! Did you find it at a Dollar General? I hope the snow holds off for you!

Lucy said...

That rake is just the thing I need since I am pulling leaves out from the flowers with my hands. Then this 81 year old body objects to getting back up. Poppies are pretty and must be really wild.

crochet lady said...

Really beautiful color on those poppies.