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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Moon Flower

This single seedpod of the Moon Flower, held 216 seeds, give or take a few. Some of the pod reached dampness and a slight mold developed as seen on the top right. I lightly brushed and dried them separately from the ones kept for new growth. They lay in paper envelopes all winter and it is now time to plant them .I feel badly that I could not locate the blossom , but I did find the pictures taken of its beautiful trumpet-like flower with the softest leaves similar to Lamb's Ear. I am told they are perennial in my zone 3, but have only located information claiming zone 4 and up...I will try it outside also, since I have an abundance of seeds. Should Just ONE germinate and survive, I will be a happy gardener.
The bloom alone measured 4 1/2 inches across its square top and just over 8 inches tall. This was the 23rd of July here in north central WI. where our 2009 summer was hot, dry and very windy. It loved a daily drink.
The circular spiked seedhead was nearly fully developed by the 30th of August, 09.
Before it was fully dried, it was carried inside and set in an east- facing window to continue it's drying process due to unpredictable cooler weather...cool enough to threaten frost that we already had in early Sept.
My hope now is that these seeds will bring many more graceful, strong stems to show off their awesome flowers.
I must thank my dear Aunt from the farm, for her generosity of this gift. I have gifted my sisters, Mother and friends in return as an insert in their Christmas cards. If the seeds don't germinate, be sure to call. I have plenty of seeds to share. Good Luck my dears, with great success with this wonderful Gift of God, the Moon Flower.

God Bless


Rebecca said...

Oh I think yo will have luck planting the seeds. I planted some a few years ago, but not since. They are annuals where I live.

Dar said...

Re: Rebecca, thanks for the encouragement and the visit...stop again
Bless You

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful, Dar.. I have never seen them before. I love that gorgeous white flower. Wonder where it got its name, Moon Flower???? Such a neat one.. Hope you have plenty of new growth this coming year from your seeds.

Paula said...

Beautiful! Good luck with your seeds.

lil sis said...

Great pics of the flowers and seed pod.
Come down and help me plant mine!
Should I start it inside or out?
Let me know.
Love ya - me

~mel said...

I got my seeds planted day before yesterday. I hope they grow! Colleen.. I bet you could sow your seeds directly into the ground down there. Isn't this plant called a moon flower because it likes to show it's bloom in the late evening and through out the night? They say to plant it near a window because it has such a lovely scent. I'll have to google it and check it out.

Cher' Shots said...

Hey,do you deliver? It's beautiful and I love that you gifted the family with them, how sweet. What a wonderful gift from Aunt Lois.(Now I know what I'm getting ... happy dance, happy dance!)

Dar said...

Cher, so Sorry, I thought I sent yours when you couldn't make it home for Christmas...so goes for my brain power...should I send it or hold them for you?...again...so sorry
Bless Ya

crochet lady said...

That is one fantastic flower. I have seen them but never grown one. I did not realize they, had such an enourmous seed pod with so many seeds.

eileeninmd said...

What a rewarding hobby. Your plants and garden must look lovely.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

GardenofDaisies said...

Would you believe that I am currently reading a book called "The Moonflower Vine". ?? They are apparently related to the morning glory, but these bloom in the evening instead.

Lucy said...

I am so glad you visited my Day to Day blog so I could find yours. I love flowers and I will try anything but I have killed many in my day. I have a tendency to "mother" my plants to much. I love your blog. It is very attractive but I will devour anything you write on flowers.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Moon flowers. One time I cleaned out my Mother in law's flower bed. Unbeknown to me, I pulled all the moon flowers thinking they were weeds.
She wasn't happy with this daughter in law!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dar: That is definitely a Datura. Take care with the seeds that they are not ingested because they are very toxic. The flower you have shown with the seeds is exactly the same as mine. I posted some other photos of the plant on Today's Flowers and the photos are the same.