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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weather or Whether Not

We are getting the White Stuff again just like most of the Midwest as predicted. It was snowing even harder than this earlier in the day. I keep saying to myself, we need this, we need this. We really do need the moisture. I only hope we have a rain filled spring and summer for a change.
We had rain first, then ice, then the snow started. My son works nights 30 miles away and his trip home this morning was a nerve-wracking one...icy and slow with whiteout snows.
ItalicMore of the rain and ice droplets but they sure make a pretty picture on the pine needles.
So the operative words of the day are WHETHER or not we should attempt town in this WEATHER....I think I will just snuggle the grands and read to them.

Also, a quick thanks to all for your concerns over my reactions to a new med. I am doing much better with the rash. No more severe itching, tho I still look a mess. My eyes are clear again and my ears and throat don't itch anymore....sure hope none of you ever have a reaction to prescription drugs.

God Bless You All

God Bless You All


crochet lady said...

Wow, reactions to meds can be scary, glad you are doing ok.

I just could not believe all the slush today. I went for a walk with my dog Ginger this afternoon and my pants were drenched when I got in from all the slip-sloshing around.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Dar, Glad you are feeling MUCH better. Those rashes are NO fun...

We had floods here today... Be sure and check out my blog tomorrow. Wish it had have been SNOW... We just never seem to get any snow.


Paula said...

Glad to read you are better. The pictures are so pretty and I'm glad your son got home safely.

Stine in Ontario said...

The weather sounds miserable but, yes, we do need the moisture from the snow. It also is good insulation for plant roots to protect them from extreem cold.

Sheesh! A reaction from prescription medication is SCARY! I'm glad you are feeling better.

janet said...

after all our freezing temps..63 today, but rainy and very windy..I blogged about what the wind did to me ;-) Stay cozy with the grands.
your friend,

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dar: Nice captures in your freezing conditions.

chubskulit said...

Great photos although I feel so cold looking at it..