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Sunday, January 31, 2010

As I turn into the driveway to the cabin, I never what I will see or feel. Today was no different. The first quarter mile was snow covered and trackless. I did not expect that. I couldn't help but think that the wildlife didn't like the deep freeze we have been in either.
Awww, a runway. The deer are active.
The deer are Very active. I rounded the corner about three quarters of a mile in and WOW, a Whitetail Highway. The wind has died down, the temperature is actually a few degrees ABOVE zero, and the deer are hungry. They 'hunker down' just like we do when it's bitter cold and during snowstorms. These tracks are testament that they are ready to browse on the twigs and whatever they can find to sustain them. All that is at the cabin at the moment are frozen pumpkins that they are scratching at. Tomorrow I will throw corn for them and apples.

Even though I have parked behind this fence for years, somehow, today I felt as though I were fenced in. I wanted to chain it to the back of the truck and pull it up.
I didn't.
Finally, some wildlife in the flesh. Off in the distance I saw just his head as he walked up the side of the bank and showed himself. He was a beautiful partridge strutting his stuff. Keep in mind I haven't much for a camera and he was an 1/8th a mile away.
No matter where I looked, the 'white' was everywhere, even amongst the bits of gray, green, black, and browns. I started to feel surrounded again. The bench was covered.
The view out the cabin window was covered.
I opened the south door to the deck and it was covered knee-deep. Just the snow tunnels made by the squirrels were visible. To walk on the snow with these low temperatures, well, you do not sink in. There is a hard crust that is impossible to shovel. I tried.
The sky was such a beautiful, hopeful blue when I drove up the hill and into the woods, heading to the cabin.
When I drove out, it was this depressing GRAY. The sun Was Trying to Shine. It did leave a bit of a rainbow on the hood of my truck. If you click on the picture, you can almost see it.
This is still my little Get-Away from it all. I wanted to stay but the pilot on the gas stove went out. Someone forgot to turn off the gas during the last stay, the tank went dry, so when the pilot fizzled out, the smell of gas lingered. It must have just happened because the loft window was open, yet the smell was too strong to hang around long. Needless to say, I opened more windows and will close them tomorrow.
Thank God, I am not a smoker. I hate to think what could have happened when the door opened. It WAS strong in there. I can still taste it.
These next two pictures hang in the south windows facing the creek. I made them with window paints by outlining each area with a lead paint designed for this type of craft. Then, fill in with the paint. I should do more. They are so much fun to do. New Project. Do more windows. These are Wood Ducks. We feed about 30 of them that come waddling up the hill each spring and at least one pair stays and nests in the wood duck box we made for them.
This is the other duck we have visit. The family of mallards are my favorite. The woodies are timid but the mallards are quite friendly.
I know why I was so in the dulldrums today...I want more of this...COLOR. Color in the birds, ducks, the woods, the gardens, SPRING...and we only have at least a couple more months of winter. Don't get me wrong. I do love the snow, just not the cold.

God Bless from my house to yours


chubskulit said...

I believe you that the deers are hungry, I haven't seen the ones that keep coming back to our backyard but every morning when we take our dog outside, a pile of deer poop are in our backyard. Great photos!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Dar, I LOVE your cabin... How Neat!!!!! I would LOVE to have a cabin somewhere.. We go to Arkansas once or twice a year and stay in a little cabin on top of a mountain. It's my favorite getaway--and a good substitute in lieu of having our own.


Paula said...

I'm glad you feed those hungry animals. Like your cabin. I've never had one but my daughter and son-in-law do. Not the snowy kind but it is pretty in the piney woods of east texas.

GardenofDaisies said...

Poor little animals outside in the freezing cold, just trying to get enough to eat and drink to survive. Bless you for feeding them.
The snow and the cabin look so peaceful. Thank goodness no one was hurt in the gas leak.

AL said...

Hello Dar, from your pictures, I can already feel the cold wind, makes me quiver. I don't think I can stay in that freezing cold area, I come from a tropical country and my system won't tolerate that cold weather. Your photos are perfectly captures especially the bench covered with snow.

About your question, actually it was my other dog Coffee who fell off the stairs, I already told him not to but he still insisted to sleep on the stairs until one night we heard something fell on the floor and a silent moan, I know it was Coffee but he is okay. Thanks for the visit.


Cher' Shots said...

Beutiful as always.

crochet lady said...

That a wonderful winter get away. Gas leak? That's so dangerous, glad everything was ok.

Love those paintings in your window! I am ready for color too. The white and gray palette is getting old.

Darla said...

I love your cabin too. Would love to see photos of the inside. Girl that is a lot of snow..I couldn't take it! Very beautiful though. I love the window paintings, I tried this many years ago, should have a go of it again!

Darla said...

Okay got you in my bloglist now, us Darla's need to stick together! lol

~mel said...

Thanks for the tour of your winter wonderland. Dee says HOWDY... somethings up and she can't make a post on your blog.

Dar said...

Thanks all for the visit...gotta check out why my messages aren't getting through...so, this will work or it won't

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Gorgeous, just gorgeous. Love your windows! The wildlife is lucky to have such a good friend like you.
Have a great week!

Crystal said...

Oh what a beautiful cabin, I am with you on the love the snow - minus the frigid cold. It has been cold here, but not in the negative numbers, yet. Don't you wish you could provide shelter for all those poor animals, but God made them to survive. We love to see our deer here.
Thanks for visiting me, it is always nice to meet new friends. I hope you stop back soon.

Dee said...

I hope this posts this try.

I love your pictures. Beautiful!
I'm thankful you were able to get the gas problem solved. That scares me knowing how dangerous that was for you to open the door.

Take care of yourself!
Wishing you a warm week of sunshine and bright colors!

lil sis said...

Awesome post - great pics as usual. Next time you come down we're
gonna find us some windows and do some painting.
(Maybe we'll paint something on Howard's windows - rofl)
I love the ducks - so natural and peaceful. It inspires me
to want to try it again. Notice I said TRY. lol

Dianna said...

What a wonderful gift of artistic ability the Lord has blessed you with! SO love your blog!