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Monday, January 25, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow, but Oh, how we need all the moisture Mother Nature has to share. We have had drought the past 3 summers so we welcome it in any form. This is the beautiful, clean look out my Kitchen Window this morning.
So I took a stroll around the yard.
Even the Pileated Woodpecker is frozen.
Some of the birdhouses keep the birds warm all winter as they pile on top of one another for warmth and protection from the elements. Just at dusk, this house used by the bluebirds in summer, is flocked with chickadees in winter. It's great to know they have a refuge.
This snowed under house on the side of the deck is used in summer only as a playhouse for the red squirrels as they play Chase and Hide and Seek.
The apple tree has a small tattered A-Frame house that I was pleased to see a family of Chickadees make their home the past two summers. They were well protected under the leaves of the tree with an east facing door to welcome the sunrise.
The stump from a maple that the wind tore down 3 summers ago houses downy woodpeckers in summer. Something stays here in winter but the hole faces the north away from my view in the evening, so I'm still not sure what stays there. There are no tracks in the snow, it never has snow on its doorway, so it must be something of flight. Any one have a clue?
Here is Mrs. Robin's nest from last summer....she or one of her brood will return and make a new nest, always in this same Pine.
Last year was the first year this old gourd house was used. It housed the chattiest House Wren couple. I walk near this tree to get my mail each day and they always let me know that they are keeping an eye on me. They are a nervous but very curious, brown striated, tiny bird. I was delighted they showed themselves once in awhile. When they aren't all hot and bothered, they sing a beautiful song.
This bluebird house is used year-round also. This one too, has chickadees stay the winter.
Being too low to the ground for the liking of most songbirds, I perched this house on the works of this old 8 ft. inverted satellite dish that I plant flowers in each spring. Last year the blue house looked cool with the orange Calif. Poppies, Blue Cornflower, and a few Bluebells that the birds planted.
That's all folks. Til next time I bid you all
Blessings From God


Paula said...

The snow on the bird houses looks like cotton but I bet it doesn't feel like cotton. So pretty!

~mel said...

OMG... you have to visit my blog and look at the pine bough pic I posted today ... it looks JUST like yours. lol
I love the barn pic out your kitchen window with the red bottles on the window sill... very pretty.

Dar said...

re: Paula, the snow is funny...sometimes so fluffy like cotton, airy, when the weather is colder and the air is dry. Todays snow is 'snowman' snow, wet, heavy and the air is damp and warm. It was a gorgeous winter day. Overcast, but gorgeous. It's snowing hard again tonight so I suppose we will awaken to another 5-6 inches or more.
BlessYa...I love visiting your blog

crochet lady said...

That is a wonderful view out your window. Love the red glass in the window and the great tour of the birdhouses in winter. Everything looks so pretty with the snow.

Cher' Shots said...

And yet another beautiful walk around your yard. I love the kitchen view.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Brrrrrrrrrr Dar.... Looks so cold up there. After our flooding, today we have had flurries. No accumulation here though. Crazy Weather!!!!

Love the way you take care of your birdies. They need our help especially in winter.

Take care and be careful out in this weather.

Rebecca said...

I LOVE the window shot. The red bottles with the red barn outside. I collect colored bottles but don't have red! I would love red ones too! Thanks for visiting my blog.

GardenofDaisies said...

I like how the red glass in your window echoes the red of the barn outside. What a lovely view!