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Sunday, August 24, 2014

R & R ~ Rest and Repair

From sun up til night fall, I've been 
hangin' out, doing ~ not much of anything ~
except taking photos, 
 enjoying visits from my grandkids and their folks,
 doing a little sight-seeing from Lake Superior's shoreline,
 to the north fork of the Flambeau...
 taking walks down the cabin roads,
 and picking veggies and zinnias from my garden, ~
 and finally helping make my first 2 gallon jar of 
Garlic Dill Pickles, Green Beans, and Carrots...
anything, I say, ANYTHING, I could manage with one hand ~
~ while ~
waiting for THIS to finally heal ... and what fun ...
 I apologize if these photos make you squeamish but you don't know how wonderful this looks to me.  Finally, I can feel my fingers again and use my left hand.  I'm a ' lefty ' so it's even a bigger thrill.  This is the result of carpo-tunnel repair of the first surgery from over 20 yrs. ago.  I'm as tickled pink for the success as my hand is as it regains use.  Now, to get the swelling down a bit more so I can put my wedding band back on...I miss it.
I missed you all but now I can type with both hands again.  You still won't see me often this time of the year, however, as the garden is beginning to bounce back from the hail damage and I have vegetables to process.  I'm still reading your entries but also not writing quite so much just yet.  

Thank you all for hanging in there with me and commenting in spite of my lack of appearing anywhere.  You're good folks.


Kellie said...

OH Dar!!!! OUCHY!!! Hope you heal up fast! It's a busy time with all the harvest getting ripe, so take care of yourself :)

Kellie said...

Also I love that jar your garlic dills are in.

Buttons said...

Oh Dar i have been putting that surgery off for twenty years and now that I hear yours was such a success I am reconsidering it. I have heard that sometimes it works and sometimes it does not I am so Happy yours worked. It must fell wonderful. LOVE the jar of beans garlic and carrots pickles looks very cool and yummy. REST now and take care of that hand making sure it heals. HUG B

jack69 said...

Love the entry. Always a joy to see an alert from Dar's Stuffings. SOOO glad the surgery seems to be a success, that means a world of good.

BUT I did get just a little GOOD jaw lock when You mentioned and showed the Dills. Love 'em.

You be sweet and enjoy the last days of Summa as they say up in Maine/Mass.
From the shores of the Patomic, LOVE to you and Bro Bill.

Shug said...

Bless....glad you are healing and able to feel your fingers and hand. I know that feeling. Goodness, those pickles are sure looking tasty! and....I love the jar!! Take care and don't overdo with that hand...
hugs to you

Chatty Crone said...

You hand looks more black and blue now - and so sore - I sure am glad you are on the mend!
Your pickles look so beautiful.
It is soooooooooo green and lush there.
I think I like all those feet pictures in all different sizes!

Dee said...

Glad your surgery was successful even though it looks painful...I can tell by your words you are elated. You have done amazing things with just one hand. :)