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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rambling On

Walk with me awhile.  I'm bored with gardening and mowing lawns so....come along, ramble with me.
 So, I can't decide.  Do I like the green of the Reedgrass, or it's tassels?  I can't decide so I will like the entire patch along my driveway.
 The Speckled Alder can be seen from some distance, 
if you know how to see it.  It's the color purple, dark but bright, that gives itself away.
 Within the thick bark of the Basswood, are pinhole-sized holes drilled by a wood-boring insect waiting within, to finally hollow and destroy this ancient beauty.  Then comes the woodpeckers in search of such tasty morsels, such is the life cycle of this particular tree within our forest.
 The clouds captivate me.  The dark V and the cottonball clouds look like Big Bird to me, lying on his back, just floating along for the ride.  Phew, he just missed those powerlines.
 The Hemlock trunk and roots below, are at our cabin, overlooking the creek.  It's become a favorite place to sit and read, watch the woods and the creek, explore.  The Grandkids take turns crawling throughout the roots.
Look below.
Do you see the confused Flying Squirrel?  These velvet-coated rodents are nocturnal so to see them out in the daytime, there's a good reason.  This particular fella was looking for his home, being blind in the daylight.  His home was in a dead tree that had tumbled down in a storm.  He did find the hollow of his home eventually, as it lay on the ground.  Most likely, he will find another hollow much higher off the ground again.
 Look closely by clicking on any of the photos and you will see much more.  The green rock is full of moss, shadows and lichen.
 The rock below has a surprise.  It appears to be the fossil prints of perhaps a raccoon.  I love happening upon these treasures.
 And check out this freak-of-nature find...it's a rock within the trunk.  Apparently the tree grew ' around ' it.  I've seen this before, especially along a river bank, like this one.  Cool, heh?
 Tattered old buildings always catch my eye.
 This one has eyes of broken out windows and an eeriness
about it.  I wonder what those walls would have to say about 
it's youth?
 Legend has it that this old trappers fort was one of the first established along the northwest shores of Lake Superior.  It's logs were caulked with mud and clay, ceiling, very low and much ventilation.  It's now at a wayside/rest area just north of 
Ashland, WI, not 45 minutes from my home.
 I'm sure the caulking of the cabin was done after it was moved.  It isn't too likely that a nail would have existed back in 1696.  or am I being a skeptic???
This has just been ' me ' taking a reality check.
I've been so busy gardening that I needed a reprieve.  
It was fun finding a few pictures to share with you that really had nothing to do about nothing, just a rambling of my mind.
Now ' that ' could be dangerous.~~~
Hope you enjoyed the walk.
I know I enjoyed your company !


Dicky Bird said...

neat pictures - perspective of the trees, the rock and neat old cabin - cool.

jack69 said...

Old building cause my mind to wander, I am seeing many in this area of Virginia.
Ah? and I did not know the flying squirrel was nocturnal. I love seeing them though and never thought how few I actually have seen.
They remind me of the flying fish.

Thanks for the walk. Love it.
From the shores of the Potomac, Sherry and jack sending Love your way
(Hug Brother Bill for us, he raises my spirits every time his picture pops up, and that is at least once a day!)

Muffy's Marks said...

Thank you for taking me along on the tour of your neighborhood. You have found lots of interesting things along the way. Beautiful photos.

Chatty Crone said...

I enjoyed your journey you have a lot of wonderful and unique 'things' in your yard! The tree roots. I knew squirrels were nocturnal. The cloud did look like Big Bird. And I hate when a good hardwood dies.

Kellie said...

Great pictures! I've never seen hemlock roots like that before, pretty neat. I love watching clouds too. Hope your hand is healing up well.

Dee said...

I loved taking this walk with you and seeing what you see... I do see big bird in the clouds...:) I have never seen a flying squirrel....and a empty house always gives me a feeling they carry secrets. Loved my visit and your photo's and words.