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Monday, January 20, 2014

Under Cover

SOMEWHERE under that pile of snow is a Taurus.
 There also rests for the winter, a 79 Chevy pick-up named Buttercup.  She's nearly a'drift like anything else left out for the Winter.

 The bit of yellow you see here, is just one of 3 flying saucers and snow boards forgotten in the growing snowbank.  They were dug out this weekend so the grandson's could go to ' the big hill ' with their cousin and dads.  Those little rascals pray for more of this snow while....
 Grandpa is wishing it would all ' go away.'  He's getting tired of pushing and pulling it out of the way.  Besides, he's now suffering from the ' Plowman's Neck.' .... kinks to the right from always looking back while piling it ( I don't want to say it), higher.
 Somewhere under the bird feeder roof, is a fifth of the days supply of small black oil sunflower seed.  The birds are constantly coming and going for ' freebies 'to the feeders.
 Last, I had considered swinging for awhile but did not think it was worth climbing through the snowdrift in front of the swing to plop my hinny in another one.  
We definitely are getting our share.  My guess, ' it ' won't be gone anytime before the end of May.  Afterall, it's only January!
So it goes where we ' choose ' to live.  I wouldn't have it any other way....well....maybe at least another month of fall.

Thanks for stopping by.  I haven't been around much lately, but all is well.  I just must have needed a break.  I appreciate your visits more than you know.


jack69 said...

From Florida, those are some pretty pictures!!! Yep, I understand the neck strain for Bill, not from snow but from NC red dirt and mud. hahaha
Loved the discoveries pointed out to us. Known to you but I would never have known that was a Taurus, coulda been a chevy! hahaha. Okay , not at your house.
I hope you soon see the thawing and start tater watching.

Love ya, Sherry & Jack

Shug said...

Here we are in East Texas today with temps in the 70's. This is short weather! I would love to have some of your snow.....package it up and send it our way. Hope you all warm up soon...

Chatty Crone said...

You were not kidding at all when you said you had a lot of snow - that is a gigantic amount of snow - one of Andy's spelling words - gigantic. sandie

Dee said...

I will not complain about my tidbit of snow.....You have what is more than an abundance...

Michelle said...

That is just too much snow!

Suz said...

oh my...oh dear
you poor thing...this too shall pass...I hope
but tonight here in Illinois it is going to be 5 and a promise of lake effect snow of 6 inches

E.C. said...

Oh dear dear dear, you all are Covered with a capital C. It's beautiful though and doesn't seemed to have dulled your bright outlook on life. Sweet!
I admire folks who live in regions of such extreme weather. One of the aspects that fascinates me the most is how you all enough gardening season to grow anything. Amazing.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful photo and cheerful thoughts.
Sending warm thoughts your way. :)

E.C. said...

Typo alert:
That wasn't supposed to say 'photo'
it was supposed to say:
"Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and cheerful thoughts."

Sorry about that. ;)

Muffy's Marks said...

I think you have enough to last till spring, without another flake falling!!!

Paula said...

It's beautiful. We had a short sleeve day today but another cold front is on the way they say. We've had more winter then usual but no snow or ice.

Cicero Sings said...

Here I thought we had a goodly supply of snow. You have WAY more.

Bonnie K said...

I feel your pain. It isn't any better here. I hope the wind isn't howling there like it is here. That just adds to the misery. Oh for summertime.