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Sunday, January 26, 2014


Do you write lists?
I am guilty! It's my attempt at staying organized.
My poor Bill has a list in front of him that is intended for the year.  It was my 'gift list' to him .
I was kind.  There are only 10 ' chores ' to do.  There is no particular order, but I am hoping that at least a few of the 
 ' to do's ' become reality.  You need to understand that this man is a workaholic.  He loves to stay busy.  Now that he's retired, that's a bit easier than years past.

1. fix the kitchen problem...we get ice jams that have created a hole in my ceiling from leaks~~~major problem
2. finish wall in spare bedroom
3. replace bathroom floor, mop-board, window trim
4. sunroom......please?
5. baseboard trim in family room
6. paint basement floor
7. finish deck stain....(he ran out of stain, weather changed, 
    so it's now another yrs. job)  We're so used to this.
8. finish roofing the house and hang gutters
9. hang patio swing under treehouse
10. extend garden #2 for raspberries & blackberries
11. purchase and put up new wire fencing around #1 and #2 gardens...with new gates....please?

As resourceful as what my guy is with his time, he should have no problem accomplishing these little/big projects with a little help from lil ol' me, right?

Of course there are my lists too.  
I make ' to do ' lists for myself as well....all the time.
I have furniture to down-size, books to pass on as well as  stacks of magazines.  There are cabinets to rummage through and move 90% to the Hospital Auxillary Resale store, the Christian Mission and St. Vinnies.
The closets....oh, dear, that's going to take forever.
I intend to move what has not been used in the last couple of years.  WHY does a person keep so much?  I need to adapt the habit I ' used to ' have.   ' Out ' with as many things as  I carried ' in ' from shopping and garage sales.  It kept the clutter in control.  I am on a mission to reclaim my home from all the congestion.  

There will be walls to wash and wood to give a good cleaning with Murphy's Oil Soap so it can breathe again.
There is painting to do.  Anyone want to help?

When, and there will be a ' when,' the snow melts and the ground can be worked, there will be flower bulbs to dig and new flower beds to place them in.  I know the iris will not stand the foot traffic from treehouse dwellers, so they need to be divided and moved out of their space.  
Did I mention the file cabinets?  I'm still working on those.

So, you see, I have been making lists in my mind, on paper and here, as testament to what needs to be done.
Some of these should keep me quite busy for awhile.

First thing in my day, groceries.
I best not forget my ' list.'

Have a productive, happy week.
Don't forget to


Buttons said...

Oh Dar yes I have lists then sometimes I get so frustrated by my lack of getting to them I burn it in the stove then start a new list:) Oh there is always so much to do like today I have farmbooks to do and there is a fresh dump of snow outside I may have to rethink this:) Good luck with yours. Hug B

Paula said...

Good post. My Mel (deceased husband) was like yours. Liked to work and knew how to fix everything. Sure miss that. John knows how to grow peanuts and raise cattle but doesn't give a fig about the house.

Shelley said...

I love making lists - and it drives me crazy until I can cross everything off on it. Very motivating. Hope you are staying warm!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'm a lister, too! And like you, I take advantage of these wretched winter days to purge my closets and get a few items knocked off my list because the sense of accomplishment feels good.

E.C. said...

Well, I'm exhausted just imagining doing all the chores on your lists. I hope you all have lots of energy. lol
I'm a list maker too. I always have been. I'm also a note maker and I stick post-it note reminders all over the house on stuff I need to remember to fix or do maintenance on.
Here's wishing you a successful week. :)

jack69 said...

POOR BILL!!..................... (smile)
Lists, you bet. sometimes I think I do it to make myself 'think' I am doing something, but I can afford to do that in 200 sq ft. hahahaa. I am sure I could not make it in 200 sq ft. over the North Woods winters! (smile)

Yeah, I can see some of the LIST MUST be done, the others, they can wait until NEXT year.

WE humans do accumulate TOOOO much. But it is fun.. (sometimes)

Love from down here, Would you Please CLOSE THE DOOR!

Betsy Adams said...

WONDERFUL to hear from you. I do think about you all --and your horrible weather this winter. Ours is bad enough (for us)--but nothing like yours.

YES--I make lists. Don't do it as much as I used to when I was working full-time. I was OFF work on Fridays and Saturdays --so I 'made' myself complete that week's list BEFORE I left work on Thursday night...

These days, my lists are more like yours (doing things around the house, etc.)...

Have a good week and please stay WARM.

TexWisGirl said...

ha ha. i have a 'to-do- list sitting at my left elbow. :)

Gail said...

After one wonderful day we are back to cold. I am very grateful I do not have your snow.
Stay safe and warm.

Chatty Crone said...

Hey don't give me one of those gifts just because we're friends - it would kill me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is a lot of work girl.

Dee said...

I have had similar lists..got wore out reading them...LOL

Cher' Shots said...

I always have good intentions when I write a list - however; you know the rest of the story!
'love & hugs from afar'