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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's Time

It's been bitter cold out and there is not a blade of green grass to be seen.  I am craving the warmth of the fire.
I am wishing for the feel of Winter Rye running through my fingers, and garden soil under my fingernails.
 As beautiful as the winter scenery has been as the snow refuses to melt off the trees giving hope of a warming trend,
personally, I think it's time ~ time for it all to go away.
Leave us with puddles to jump, grass to run freely in,
and flowers to smell once again.
I am not ungrateful.  Our trees and ground have needed the moisture so we have been blessed with plenty of snow that will melt into quite a spring drink, come May.
It just gets so long, our winters, and this one is not quite half over.  We do love at least ' something ' about the 4-Seasons we experience each year.  I love the beauty and walking the yard on warm days above zero, Bill loves to plow and plow and plow, and the grandloves Love the piles of snow Grandpa makes for their tunnels and sledding.  
It's been unnecessarily icy cold this week so I'm grumpy.  Do you know how unpleasant it is when you step outside and your nostrils literally freeze together and the icicles hang off your eyelashes?   Don't breathe too deeply or your lungs will feel like an instant brain freeze.  Now,  That's miserable.
If you really MUST go out in this unbearable stuff, do bundle up and move quickly to your vehicle that you have had previously warmed.  
( our last New vehicle purchase before my guy retired, was a Ram truck.  One of my requirements actually came with the truck.  Since it's so blasted cold some winters, and so long~I wanted to be able to start the truck from in the house with one of those double clicky things on my key.  Do you have one?  It's the best thing ever, going to a warmed truck rather than sitting there with my knees knocking together and my teeth clicking while I wait for the truck to warm...I know.  but it IS great. )

   That's the way we do it up north.

Stay warm the rest of your winter, and Happy New Year!!!

Now to find a toasty fire.... If Bill were to read this, he'd suggest I go fire up the wood stove.  


Michelle said...

Our wood stove is going 24/7 at this point! Winter is a cold, dark time! Stay warm!

Shug said...

We were in the 60's here today... Send me some of your cold PLEASE!
We truly need a Cold winter in order to rid this part of the country of some ugly pest. Stay warm and when you get really cold...think of me!
I'd love to have some around here.

jack69 said...

Beautiful shots, both green and white. No I don't need to experience that cold a weather. Imma complain if it gets down to 60. (smile) But it does get cool down here even in the 30's but the sun does warm it up fast.
I have NO DOUBT that remote starter is worth it's weight in gold. Certainly don't blame you for using it.
We do recognize y'all are a tough bunch up there in the North Wood.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and Bro Bill, et al. FOR THE LAST TIME,

Chatty Crone said...

I have never heard of a car that starts up - how nice to have that so when you get in you don't die from cold! It sure sounds cold up there. Sandie

~mel said...

Hey Buttercup ~ suck it up! We have a long ways to go yet before springtime warmth to start complaining of the winter chills. Go suck down some hot chocolate or apple cider ... or better yet a Hot Tottie. A little alcohol can do an amazing thing to the spirit. LOL AND yes ~ we do have one of those double clicky things on the truck for starting it. They are nice:)

Cicero Sings said...

My car lives in a garage that I keep heated to just a couple degrees above zero. Love that up here!

We've had a lot of snow already this year with two months to go. Will be interesting to see what comes next!

Dee said...

I miss our garage...and truly wish we had a starter for the car....baby it is COLD out side. I stay in most of the time except for church or a request to back road wander from my friend Sue :) I try not to think Spring...it is to far away.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oooh--remote car starter--what a lovely thing! I'd love my next vehicle to have heated seats.
This particular winter is very, very hard, isn't it?

TexWisGirl said...

i hope you've gotten through the brutal stuff that hit so many. 'regular' winters are okay but that dangerous stuff... bless you wisconsin girl!