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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Blind Man's Bluff

dinner, Dinner, DINNER~~~
Man, what's he up to now?  Sometimes Bill works way into the wee hrs. of the evening.  When he's on a mission, it's hard to even pull him in to re-fuel.
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My guy is always busy~he's a workaholic, which isn't bad.
This time he's building ' himself ' something.  Something every hunter would love to have.  It's his deer blind.  He has tirelessly put in an entire 40-hr. work week building this fine trailer, completely insulate, slide-by windows on 3 sides and comes with a heater.  (Quite frankly, I don't think he will even need it.) 
 The reason any hunter would love this is because it's built on an unused trailer so it can be hauled around anywhere he wants to park it.  He had some old green paint so on that went.
 But that wasn't good enough, so the entire thing, inside, outside and even the roof is ' camo.'  Why, of course.  Every hunter loves his camo to blend in with the landscape ~ a true 
Blind Man's Bluff~
 He knew he'd have to pull it out of the garage to add the roof.  That's also when the weather plummeted.  I had to tease a little and told him that with that shallow pitched roof, it looked more like an outhouse.  LOL
 Now that it's complete and to his satisfaction, he has pulled it out to his favorite hunting spot and started the quest for the big buck to fill his bow tag.  The very first weekend, the neighbors cows found it and used it as a scratching post.  He was in it at the time and the hunting shack became a carnival ride. 
The next day, the country critters ' scratched ' again and rocked the blind off of it's stabilizing blocks.  You guessed it.  It's time to move the blind.      As for the hunt?~~~nothing yet~

Have a great weekend as you remember that
Life is GREAT


jack69 said...

That boy picks BIG projects. Like the blind just below the BIG tree house.

I would have liked to see the carnival ride as the cows scratched their itch. hahahahaha

Love to Bill, my kind of guy!!!!

He done good!

jack69 said...

Oh I loved the title Calling, finally the yelling DINNNER!!!!!

TexWisGirl said...

oops, sorry about the herd.

but the outhouse on wheels really gave new meaning on 'to go'. :)

Sara S. said...

What a great looking deer blind. I was after Dad and Sam for years to build me one like that and when they finally did... MOM CLAIMED IT!!! I was ok with that because I was happy that she finally was getting back into hunting after soooo many years. She's put it to good use and has even claimed a trophy. I hope Uncle Bill gets his trophy. Good luck hunting to him and the rest of the family!

Paula said...

Those big ole' cows or bulls can give a hefty ride when they want. Pretty nifty to be able to move the blind around to better pickins'.

Chatty Crone said...

I love that - so funny yet so cute. I hope he catches something!!

Shug said...

Awesome.....and NEAT!! Way to go Bill.
hugs y'all..

Muffy's Marks said...

Those cows better watch it!!! He is armed!!! Funny story!

Cher' Shots said...

I bet he'll fall asleep in it ~ lol.
'love & hugs from afar'

Sara S. said...

Dar, I looked up the suggested shrub that you left in my comments and I don't believe that is what it is. The leaves don't have such a heart shape, they are longer and a little more narrow. I have been trying to figure out all the shrubs since we moved here lol. I guess I will have to keep looking. If you find anything else please forward it on to me, I appreciate the help.
Love ya and miss ya! Oh, and the hair color is still the brown with more grey showing lol, I need to get it done again.

Cicero Sings said...

A right chuckle!

~mel said...

Our boys and their toys!