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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Dream Come True

What would you do with a pile of used dock sections?                       Build something with them, of course!!!                                          no, not a deer blind, either.
My guy, Bill and son were busy one weekend not long ago,
busy measuring twice and cutting once.
The tractor did the lifting of
the heavy, weathered 4x8 ft. sections, 9 ft. in the air, they went, and placing them on the temporary legs set between two strong maple trees by the barn and woodshed.  Two of them were set side by side to make the floor.  The north and south sides were also dock sections, everything securely anchored with screws.
 Bill built the rafters which were lifted with the forks of the tractor and then hoisted over the top by Andy, screwed into place one by one until they formed the roof frame.
 By now I'm sure you have surmised the surprise ! is a treehouse, every little boys dream come true.
Next the roof is added with lumber cut from our woods and sawed at Bill's brother's homemade sawmill.  ( I love that these guys know how to 'git-er-done.' )
 By now, there have been 3 little boys getting pretty exciting at what's going up 'right before their eyes.'  They can hardly contain themselves with anticipation.  But, but....
 there is still so much to do.
The roof was on but still needed to be shingled.
"How long is that going to take, Dad?," they all ask.
 Since the entire project is being done with left-over shingles from other projects, there were occasions when 'Dad' had to stop and decipher as to whether or not there would be enough to finish.
(Of course there was, but Andy just Had to tease his boys a bit.)
By now, the temporary legs were replaced with strong cedar poles.   Finally, the 3 Musketeers were allowed to climb the temporary ladder and check it out.  Oh, my gosh, 'Happy' doesn't begin to describe their reactions.
 Their dad had given each of them different colors of spray paint and had told them to paint the walls.  Of course, they loved that idea!  A little blue, some green, yellow, neon, no less.
 And did they 'have at it!'  Kid Graffiti!
 The weather has put a halt to part of this project.
The plexi-glass windows still need to be re-installed and framed.
The door and the rest of the wall needs finishing, as well as painting the outside.  The cracks will eventually be filled and outdoor carpeting has been suggested, (by the kids.)
 Also, no matter what the weather brings, the railings and the steps will be finished.  The boys already asked for 3 benches under each window and hammocks.  We will see.  All we know for sure is,
 there have already been some secrets told up there, and there are plans going on as they whisper when they go to bed.  We've heard that they want a pulley system to deliver their lunch and a zip-line.
This young man is the oldest of the 3 Musketeers and is so happy his Dad built a treehouse and that he can share with his little brothers and all his cousins and friends.  
What little boy wouldn't love this?

We are happy to report:
Not a single screw or nail entered any tree in this project.
The entire treehouse sits secure on cedar poles that rest on concrete blocks.   If well maintained, this simple treehouse will house the children of our Grandloves.  Wouldn't that be something extra special.

Life is Grand


troutbirder said...

Oh my! My grandkids would be green with envy. What a neat project...:)

Dicky Bird said...

That is nice!

Shug said...

this is the greatest!! Every kid needs a Treehouse. And....what a wonderful dad they have, who not only took time to build this awesome thing of an adventure, but... built it well.
I can see many years of fun in this project...

jack69 said...

You BET! A TREE HOUSE! The dream of every kid. I could feel the excitement. Yep, I know they were in their 'heaven' with spray cans and dreams of what was to come.
GREAT ENTRY AND GOOD ON Y'ALL, 'Specially the grandpa BILL!'

Great photo journey thru construction. Grandma knows some construction too....

Sara S. said...

What a great tree house, I can see the boys out there from sunrise to sunset. Brings back the memories of my younger years when Staci and I were always building forts out of everything. We had one built out of pallets down in the swamp, and one out of chicken wire in the ferns and every year we would each build our own in the snow drifts coming off of the fields. We spent endless hours in our forts, packing lunches in the mornings and returning just before dark for supper. I'm sure the boys will have a ton of great memories together in their tree house. Love ya and miss ya!

Buttons said...

Oh that is truly a dream come true it is awesome I would not mind one of those myself. Have fun boys. B

Cicero Sings said...

How very fun! I always thought a tree house would be great.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a wonderful gift! You are good people to do this for those kids.

Chatty Crone said...

You know I would love to have a tree house for me in the back yard - where I could go to have some peace and quiet! Wouldn't that be fun? sandie