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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bounty 2 Harvest 2 Process

 We had an exceptional, plentiful year of apples.
Many were hand-picked, some bartered, some given away,
many bruised but always used.
 To hand pick some most delicious, sweet, sauce apples, I lifted Bill high in the bucket of the tractor as he filled pail after pail.
 This is just one of our late varieties which needs to have a couple nights of frost before they sweeten.  They also fall to the ground quickly after and have to be picked up before the deer and bear beat us to them.
The animals do manage to get their share throughout the fall.
 These were amazing this year, and of such nice size and not a blemish.  Because these do not hold up well, they have to be used within a few weeks.  I wish I could share the names of some of these but I don't know what they are either.
 From just one of these 2 trees alone, we gathered 8 bags and 3 large buckets.  Last year, we had no apples at all due to late spring frosts that killed the blossoms.  It was the first time in 32 yrs. that I did not have apples to make sauce.  What a great harvest this year......so, I had to get busy.
 I peeled, dehydrated, bagged and froze so many apples., but they are sure to taste great in the middle of a cold winter as....
 Golden crusted Apple Crisp, one of my favorite ways to use  those 
sweet orbs.
 The Sweet 16's are a family favorite, another that likes to sweeten up after a couple of harsh freezes.  There are still a few apples high in the tree even after the snow and cold we've already had.
 Almost any apple will produce an applesauce, but nothing beats the sugary flavor of the Macintosh for pink sauce that barely needs added sweetener.  I only used 1/4 cup of sugar to every 8 qts. of applesauce and it could have gone without any.
 Have you ever made Apple Butter in your faithful crockpot?
It's become my favorite way other than the oven.  And what a pleasure on morning toast.

 Apple Butter, Applesauce, Jumbo Apple Turnovers, and
 of course,  Gingerbread!
I'm getting tired of all those apples.

All kidding aside, we have sure been blessed with a bountiful harvest this year.  Not just with apples, but so much more.
One day, I promise to share the ' size ' of it all.  So far,
Life's Been Great
Thanks So Much for Stopping


Paula said...

No wonder the bear and deer like you're place so much .John's pecan trees have just started making pecans and the squirrels haven't discovered us yet.

Buttons said...

Oh you are making me feel lazy I picked all the apples and they sit in storage waiting for me to get at it. You are a very wise woman:) Love to have you come visit if you know what I mean:). Hug B

jack69 said...

Too bad your back has slowed you down (NOT), no telling what you could accomplish!

Now that is the way to pick apples, from the bucket of the Blue Boy!

You amaze me at the ability, time and talent to do it all.

Lots of beautiful stuff here, and I DO LOVE APPLES, but the prettiest picture is the Crunch in an iron skillet. GREAT! I can smell it and about taste it.

I just got some McIntosh for a change. I try to eat at least one apple a day. LOVE 'EM.

Michelle said...

That apple butter looks divine!

Shug said...

Wow....I am really impressed!! GREAT goodness every where around you. Goes from Wonderful, to have fresh, crisp apples.....to super wonderful in the apple dessert....to fabuloso...with the apple butter!!

I can already taste the beautiful bounty!!


Muffy's Marks said...

You sure have been a busy lady. Your place will be the place to be when the snow starts flying.

Cicero Sings said...

Oh my ... I love apple things. They ALL look so yum.

E.C. said...

Oh yummy yummy! It sounds like you're in apple heaven!
I can close my eyes and almost smell the tasty treats and taste the delicious bounty. Listen to my tummy growl. :)

Chatty Crone said...

You food knocks my socks off - the apples were beautiful - and that gingerbread with the dairy topping. And to call an apple an orb - you're a writer. sandie