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Saturday, October 26, 2013

By Gum, We Did It!!!

Yes, folks, pumpkin season has arrived.  Early this summer, my husband decided to grow pumpkins in the 1/2 acre garden he had used last year for just potatoes.
 I asked, "Just what are you going to do with all the pumpkins, deer food?"  I was a little surprised when he said no.
The first picture shows about a third of what he got out of his
' little patch.'
He's been pretty busy moving his prize orbs around,
from the pile by the barn to the wagon by the road,
from the pile by the barn, 
to his treasures on the deck for the grandkids.
 I've even gotten into the action, 
loading tractors, unloading, piling by size
(at first), that got old real fast.
We put up a couple signs only by our place
so as not to mess with the farmer on the other side of town.
 There are even gourds of many colors,
shapes and sizes., of which there will be more
(shhh, next year.)
   and then, 
The FREEZE warnings came so we had to
start to cover everything nightly.
 click any image to enlarge and if you enlarge the one above, 
you will see Bill in the cold morning un-covering his pumpkin wagon.
 By now, you may have heard that the freeze
turned into SNOW? yes, and more snow, 
 and still more of the wet, sticky, stuff yelling,
"I'm Here and I think I'll stay."
 Finally, these past 2 days, it warmed enough to
melt most of it and show us the last of the green grass,
and the orange of the pumpkins again.  Yeah!
 That bit of news sure put smiles on the grandloves again.
We are thinking here, they said, as they wondered how they would carve this years hand-picked pumpkins grown right here at Grandma and Grandpa's Pumpkin Patch.
We cut the prices this weekend and the wagon will
need restocking in the morning.
After this venture is all over, I plan to put another bug
in my guys ear about a long roadtrip.
I wonder~~~~
til next adventure I cannot wait to show you,
Life's Been a Blast


Buttons said...

By Gum you sure did:) Wow this is fantastic. Great bounty have fun Love the pics. B

Kay said...

Sounds like fun

Chatty Crone said...

Your pumpkins were beautiful!!!
Your grands are even more beautiful!!
And you are right - you had snow!!!
It looked pretty too. Looking for your letter!

jack69 said...

Beautiful story. YOu and Bill make some pretty music in life. Oh the thrill of a pumpkin from Grandpa's field. And to get to pick it out yourself.
You gotta know that is a thrill.
Good one again. Love ya!!

Great photo's.

~mel said...

Billy Bob the Pumpkin Man! I know he had fun doing that and he's already talking about next years garden. I just got my first new seed catalog today for the 2014 season!

Muffy's Marks said...

Lucky grands to have their pumpkins grown by their grandpa. Makes their Halloween so much more special.

Michelle said...

I love your hubby's project!

A Primitive Homestead said...

What a great bounty. What a perfect place for the grandloves to get their pumpkin. How proud grandpa must feel. Will grandma be baking some pies in the future?

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

HOLY smokes did you get the motherlode of a pumpkin patch! Fun to see them all like that.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

New meaning to the words, the frosts on the pumpkins...you've got snow.