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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Worth the Wait

Papa got a new toy,
 Mama got a new toy!
oh, and how we appreciate our new toys~
It's exciting!
It's been a very long time coming for us.
We are calling these items 'perks' of retirement,
our 'plus' of this material world we live in.
It's seldom, I say, that we ever get anything for 'us.'
His new cross-bow is allowing him to continue an outdoor
sport that he loves, into the age of medicare and tired eyes.
The highly up-graded pc for me is another
' learning curve,'  another challenge.  
Don't ask me for details, I do not know details.
All I know for sure is that this touchscreen is nice
and it's faster than ever, ( anything is faster than the dinosaur I was using.)  I can see my daughter snickering at that comment.
It's taking some getting used to, Windows 8., but I will 
' get it ' sooner or later.
If he's happy,  I'm happy!
At the September of our lives, we have earned ' new.'
For that, we are grateful.

Life is Good


Joe said...

It's always good to get new toys :).

Buttons said...

Oh Happy happy happy you deserve that. Good luck with the new learning:) B

Dicky Bird said...

Good for you!

Chatty Crone said...

Congrats and make notes! You will do great! sandie

Paula said...

I'm happy for both of you. It's about time I got a new computer too. I keep putting it off but I think the time is coming sooner then later.

Darcie said...

Hmmmm, computer or saddle. Saddle for me mom. I want to go ride. ;) Still looking for the right fit. ;)

imac said...

Thats the right attitude to have spend and enjoy, can't take it with you,lol,

jack69 said...

We are so glad you have some YOU things. Neat for retirees. Glad for you, I know you will master '8', I don't look forward to that adventure. (smile) ((HUGS)) to Bill and to you sweet thing. Fred and I were talking about the Girls from the North Wood, a couple days.

LOVE from North Carolina

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Great you each got a new toy!

Cicero Sings said...


Dee said...

Life is to short to not have some fun....let us know how you like the touch screen. it looks like you both are having a fun weekend. :)

Cher' Shots said...

Toys are good! Especially old age toys. hee hee
'love & hugs from afar'