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Friday, August 23, 2013

A Walk on the Wild Side

First, I apologize for unclear photos.
 Among one of the finest treasures of this earth, is the flavor of a fresh Giant Puffball Mushroom.  Bill came home with this one and asked if I'd fry it for him...of course, but only if I could have a taste.  I've had them before but was quickly reminded of their extremely buttery flavor.  I couldn't even tell you what we had it with for I only remember the mushroom.  They are wonderful, but beware, know what you're picking, and never eat them once they begin to yellow inside.  They must be snow white under their outer skin that first gets peeled away.  What a great gift to your palate.
 Late summer offers so many temptations from the woods and field edges.  Another are the multiple patches of wild raspberries, smaller in size but so intense in flavor compared to those terribly expensive ones from the stores.
 On our Lake Superior drive, we found Thimble Berries.  They also have a flavor all their own, similar to a raspberry but not a good one to pick a bucket full of: reason? they're a bit mushy.  I do love the leafs on their plant.  They are huge as my son's hand and would make a great impression in concrete~~~now, why didn't I pick a few?  Next time. 
 Thank God for this plant.  Did you know that wherever there is a plant that will pick you or make you itch like some berry brush or stinging nettle, poison oak or ivy, You can rest assured that God planted a remedy.  In this case, close by was Jewelweed, also known as Spotted Touch-Me-Not.  The juice from this plant relieves the itch or burn, just like Aloe plants.
 My Grandlove, Katie, couldn't get enough of the wild raspberries~
however, picking berries and sitting around evening campfires, can get itchy to sensitive little girl legs.  Katie's little sister Megan was proof of that.  Instant relief was close by. 
Also, if you see any fuzzy caterpillars on your outdoor adventures, don't be tempted to pick them up or let them fall down the back of your t-shirt.  Their fuzzy bodies Will cause quite the itchy-scratchy or even a rash.  Mr. White-Marked Tussock is not your friend nor the friend of your deciduous trees.
So much for today's walk on the wild side.

Have a great weekend and remember
Life is Good


Muffy's Marks said...

You've taught this 'city girl - wanna be country girl' some new tricks. I will let the mushroom picking up to you. I'm not sure I'd pick the right ones!!! Have a great weekend. And good luck with Windows 8. My friend had it for months and is still complaining!!!

Chatty Crone said...

Well I like mushrooms, but mentally I could not eat that - I guess I eat mentally! Or I am mental. I could eat the raspberries. Your grand daughter is adorable and I hope her itches are all better.

Paula said...

I never ate mushrooms until the last few years and now I love them. We have a new chef at the hospital cafeteria and he uses them a lot. I don't know a toad stool from a mushroom.

Sara S. said...

Mmmmm, puff ball mushrooms are soooo yummyyyy! Makes me want to take a road trip back home to see if I can find some, and of course to see the family!
Love ya and miss ya!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I never knew that about the "remedy" plant--so much amazing stuff to learn.

jack69 said...

If I could remember this stuff I would be very smart! I always enjoy reading and seeing your photos. But rest assured, I leave the mushrooms to professionals. Wonder why such a beautiful food is so dangerous to the neophyte.

I do love to read about your WILD SIDE, that is for sure.

Love from North Carolina.

Dee said...

I like your statement that God has planted a remedy for all the stings, itches and rashes from nature. :)