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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Heavy with Pollen

so heavy with pollen, like the bee~
 that it's near impossible to get up.
the gardens have been full,
the jars and freezer bags are beginning to fill,
the field crops are nearing harvesting.
but even with all the bounty to prepare for winter,
it was time to take a drive and a walk.

we rode to the crystal clear, barely tepid waters
of the south shore of Lake Superior to take a break.
the hr. ride was a noisy chatter, even some bickering,
all of us needing interruption before falling prey 
to physical and mental collapse.

the water was calm enough for the sailors to delight
in an excursion in their sail boats and little and big kids
alike, to walk the shore in search of a rare agate or the 
rock with the most sparkle, or perhaps one as round as a ball.

the breeze was slight but enough to ward off the 
heat of the day.  a ' hush ' came over each of us
as the search began. no phones, no tv, no camera

buckets of water were carried and poured on dry,
tumbled rocks of the shore, as the little ones sat and 
tumbled their treasures again and again.  maybe they
would find just ' one more ' special stone to carry home
as a memory of the day~
or a feather

one more stop to fill our water bottles with icy cold,
refreshing water from the artesian well ~ water that is
constantly forced up from the deep pressure beneath
the mountain.  a true gift from God

the best gift of the day?
the song or two that were sung,
the ' hush '
 on our return~

it was a great day
life no longer seemed so ' heavy '
life is good


Cher' Shots said...

There is just something about hearing the waves hitting the shoreline that calms the soul.
'love & hugs from afar'

Michelle said...

That bee has been busy!

jack69 said...

So sweet the story, so true your words. Love the peaceful feel of a huge lake and a beautiful shore line. Yep, I am glad to know the search for treasure is still alive in the young and old alike.
Love from a rainy Cleveland Tennessee

Paula said...

You all find the neatest things to do. We're so hot and dry here these days we're just thankful to stay in under the A/C panting for fall to come early.

Dicky Bird said...

I noticed you didn't say "a swim in the lake" If you haven't experienced the cold of Lake Superior - you might not understand "why" one doesn't really "swim" in it - for long anyway...beautiful part of our country!!

~mel said...

I have been SO WANTING to take a ride up to Lake Superior and do some agate hunting and take a little dip in the cool waters. I can't believe it was a camera free moment for you!

Dee said...

I pray the refreshing comfort of the trip will stay with each of you for a long time...so when you think upon it you will fell refreshed once again.

Chatty Crone said...

Okay I have a question - do you get your own honey too? It wouldn't surprise me.