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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Learning Survival Alone

I'm always looking across the field,
to see what I can see, maybe a fox, or
 this lil fella and~
 his sister.  These twins have been without their mother for about a month now.  I worried they wouldn't make it without her, but they seem to be doing quite well.
 They have learned quickly, how to fend for themselves, 
how to be cautious of their surroundings and~~~
 predators.  Though my grandson was able to walk quietly, talking softly the entire time, this fella knew to be aware.  At first, the fawns ran, but it didn't take them long to return to their business~~~
 eating and tasting whatever was available.  Hey,
deer are not supposed to like pumpkin leaves because of
their fuzzy leaves and stems.  I sure hope they don't find 
the tender pumpkins that are only fist size.
 On closer look, I see he has only a mouthful of grass.
 One of my biggest fears, is the highway we live too close to.
Obviously, the deer are also learning the sounds and sight of traffic.
 This was a good time to run and hide.  Do you see him
hiding in the sunflower stalks?  He IS there.

 Once the coast was clear, it was again, safe,
to come out from hiding and eat more before nightfall.
 Back for one last snack, 
 one more cautious look, 
and off they ran to the safety of heavier cover.

If all other adversity is dodged by the twins, 
they will make it through the seasons. 

I look forward to the day they grow out of their spots
and follow the neighboring deer herd around.  Perhaps the
doe we see in the field without her lone fawn, will adopt them and teach them how to survive a bitter WI winter.
For now~
We will continue to watch.

Life IS Good


Paula said...

A delightful story with pictures.

Sunny said...

Love your story and the pictures are beautiful! I don't see deer right around my place, just lots of bunnies and groundhogs.

Chatty Crone said...

I hope those two little twins will be okay too! That is so sad to think that their mom is gone! But I guess that is the way of the wild. Can you feed them? Beautiful pics. sandie

Dicky Bird said...

Let's hope that happens - I too worry about the little orphan fawns! Just like the little "ratty buck" that was around my bird feeder all winter. Blessings from Ringle, WI.

Buttons said...

Oh Dar I am sure they will be fine they are beautiful Nature is wonderful thing. Great shots. B

jack69 said...

A joy to read. Thanks for passing on a beautiful story in word and picture. Not many folks get that opportunity, and even fewer share them, (or even know how). A PLUS for you, sweet lady. Hope the back is still doing well.
Hug Brother Bill for us, I hated it that we felt compelled to head south instead of around the BIG pond. I hope there will be a next time.
(HUGS) from Ohio's farm country.

MastHoliday said...

Cute looking deers! all shots are wonderful. such nice captures.....

Lucy said...

Great story with pictures. Loved it.

Sara S. said...

Your twins are sooo Qute with a capital Q as Grandpa would have said lol. They seem to be doing quite well for being on their own... at least they have each other. Thanks for sharing the little cuties, and have you named them yet?

Shug said...

so adorable and I just love those spots....It would be so sweet to have one as a pet.
A little fawn that looked like this was run over by a vehicle yesterday, in front of our daughters home. made me sad.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I can't believe how many fawns we've seen this year...must've been a fertile winter!

Joe said...

They should be O.K. as old as they are.

Dee said...

I pray they make it...sweet baby's.

imac said...

Such a Deer Post n pics.