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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Zone 3 Survivors

With such a short growing season in our zone 3 north central Wisconsin,  we have been happy to see our garden is bursting. 
 Early evenings, we water when the rains don't count, 
and the weeding and the thinning is done.
This time, a basket of thinned carrots were a perfect snack.,
that we snacked on all evening and into days to come.
 There is nothing like the taste of  ' fresh from the garden.'
 The sweet, sweet Sugarsnap Peas are beginning to make our mouths water as we wait for ' just ' the ' right ' time....
to pick and eat, fresh off the vine~
 but then, along comes a 6' 6" giant that just cannot wait.
I was amazed the vines were taller than he is.
That makes for easy picking and a happy crop.
 The highly nutritious kale and beet greens
are as sweet and tender as ever in their early growth.
~oops, someone missed a weed. 
 Thanks to my hard working crew, especially my guy,
the gardens are looking better than ever this year.
 Can you tell he babies his potatoes and his
 pumpkin patch that is beginning to 
spread it's wings....I think we will be pleasing 
a whole lot of youngin's this fall.
 and this is exactly why we are up at the crack of dawn
...for there is always work to do.
If you have had a garden 
or farm in any way, then you understand.
May you have a productive, tasty season.
No matter what zone we choose to live in, 
it's all in how you play the game.
Rise and Shine 
There's work to do. 

~Life is good~


Paula said...

Everything looks good. John used to grow vegetables to sell and he farmed peanuts. For the first time in years he planted two tomato plants.

Dicky Bird said...

Super nice garden - yes, love the potatoes!

Muffy's Marks said...

Great looking garden. To see a garden like yours makes one appreciate all the hard work that goes into it!!

jack69 said...

Always good to drop by. BUT today I am getting pop-ups every few seconds. I think I clicked something on flas player that is allowing them...
Love the fesh veggies. But my last carrot crop in 1961, I thinned them before I got the little fellows.
Love and better times ahead ..It is hard to concentrate with pops.

((HUGS)) Love to Bro. Bill!!!!

Cicero Sings said...

Zone 3 here too though in recent years it is ALMOST a zone 4.

Should dig some of my garlic today!

TexWisGirl said...

oh, fresh carrots! will a bit of wisconsin dirt taste to them. yum!

Sara S. said...

Your garden looks amazing like it does every year! Loving the fact that Andy is still a "Pea Snagger" even after all of these years . . . some things will never change! Feel free to send care packages if you have too many veggies and you don't know what to do with them lol! Love ya and miss ya!

Kellie said...

Your garden looks fantastic Dar!

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness it is one thing writing about your garden and another seeing it. It is awesome. I don't know if I could get up so early, but i guess I could. Your garden is beautiful! sandie

Jill said...

Oh my, Dar! Your garden is superb! I'd love to sneak some of those sugar snap peas, please! :)

Dee said...

Your garden is fabulous....

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...


Lucy said...

I was born on a farm and remember taking a stick and a small can of gasoline to scrape the potato bugs off. We had to depend on rain since all we had was a well. Sometimes dad would carry water for the tomato plants. Great garden you have. Those carrots look young and tender.