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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hunter, Preeners, Research, Hide

On a chilly morning, as I was taking a picture of the hay rake before it leaves the field,  out of the corner of my eye,
 I saw This stealth hunter in search of his breakfast.
Mice and grasshoppers are plentiful after hay is made.
 Even after watching traffic coming and going,
 Mr. Coyoteeee continued his hunt.
 The very next morning, just after sunrise,
look who was comfortably preening on the far edge of the field,
 a pair of Sandhill Cranes.  
I wonder where their young are or
did the coyote find an easy meal?  The
balance of nature sometimes seems cruel.
 Half an hour later, and still getting the 'itch' out.
 Late afternoon and there are more creatures in the field.
 oops, My mistake.  It's a couple of researchers, 
 bug collecting this time.
 see, Grandma, look how tiny and defenseless.
Mr. allergy eyes is not about to stop having boy things 
to do, like catching and~~~NO~~~ 
 silly boy, dip him in chocolate first!!!!!
 Even the teenage Bluejays were about to get into 
the act of silliness...as they
 took gravel baths and~
 worked at packing seeds away for a winter snack.
 The deer thought they were hiding under 
the thick cover of the maples...but
 darn, I think she sees us...hush, stand very still!
I hope you enjoyed out little walk and ride.
There is always something to see, 
no matter the hour of the day, 
sunrise to sunset.  
Life is Good


jack69 said...

What a wonderful time. I thought at first the hay-rake was a 4 engine plane that had landed in your field.(smile)
I am not a coyote person, I know they are part of nature (but so was the dinosaur and I don't even miss them. LOL)
I do love the researchers though!!!
((HUGS)) from across the big water and south.

Sara S. said...

Love your wildlife and researchers. Were the deer pics taken at your place or Grandma's? It almost looks like Weik's pasture. Then again its been a long time since I have walked your property. Thanks for sharing the great photos. Love and miss ya!

Buttons said...

Oh enjoyed this your photos are magnificent. B

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh, to see a coyote like that!

Joe said...

Great shots of the coyote! Looks like a pretty big one.

Paula said...

I was thinking too the coyote looks very big. We have a lot of them here but they usually don't look that large. Yes enjoyed the walk with you.

Cher' Shots said...

Great pics as always, but my faves has to be your Grand-loves.
'love & hugs from afar'

Chatty Crone said...

I enjoyed it very much. Hey what kind of camera do you have? And wow - if I lived up there I wold get nothing done - I'd be looking outside all the time and taking pictures. Tell me he was kidding about the bug. Love, sandie

Lucy said...

What a nice stroll in your country. When seen through your camera, life is good.

Dee said...

wonderful post....the coyote would scare me a bit.... love the picture of your grand son looking at the bug on his finger. I did not know birds pack seeds away for winter snacks...interesting. I enjoyed my visit. :)

imac said...

Enjoyable Nature trip my friend

Shug said...

You sure do have some cute bug collectors there.....What fun!! I love seeing kids enjoy life the way we once did..
I'll have to tell you, those creatures (the coyote) scare me. I get nervous listening to them at night. Just something about them that makes me feel un-easy! lol
enjoyed my trip with you...