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Monday, July 22, 2013

Hay Making & Pranksters

 We no longer farm, so we let our neighbors across town, make the hay from our small acreage.  We'd rather share than to see the land grow fast into brush.
 In minutes, the trailer is loaded with 10 round bales at a time, of beautiful hay of trefoil and clover mix for a herd of 80 cows and 70-some calves.  They will need a lot of hay so he works many fields besides his own to see his herd through the winter.  He also sees us through many meals of fresh beef~~~our ' bartering ' for the use of the field.  It's a delicious arrangement.
 Once the hay is loaded and on it's way to the farmers place across town,
 the pranksters must play~~~
 They were like two little boys, waiting~
waiting to see the reaction of their game.
 now to move that bale one more time~~~
boys will always be boys, adding to the fun!  
 The 40 bales from across the road, 
and the 22 from our field, added just a hint
of what is lined up in the farmers bale lot.
Hay making~just another part of 
' our view from the deck.'
Now, that's the only way to farm.

Have a great week~
Life is from God


Dicky Bird said...

I love bartering. Last year we traded small square bales for a pig. The family in our 4-H got what they needed and we got what we wanted - pork. Blessings from Ringle.

Jill said...

Bartering is the best way to do business!

jack69 said...

I love this, just more uniqueness from the North Wood. Yep no matter where boys will be boys!!!!

Always a joy to come for a short visit. Love your view!!!!
Hoping the back is still on the mend and soon you will be back to your complete Grandma self...... ((HUGS))

Sara S. said...

Was that Andy and Eric blocking Jesse's truck doors??? Too funny! I think Jesse is the butt of a lot of jokes, good thing he has a sense of humor and knows how to get even! Great pics.

Chatty Crone said...

Hey it is always great to mix fun and work. And then bartering - (do they cut up the meat for you?). Yum. sandie

TexWisGirl said...

blocking in his truck? scamps!

Betsy Adams said...

Neat that someone can use your land now that you aren't farming it....

I laughed at the boys-being-boys... Oh how much fun they had...

Hope you are doing well. Miss you and Mel.

~mel said...

Loved the pranksters ~ nothing wrong with some good clean fun once in awhile :) I love too the smell of fresh hay; but my eyes swell up from it just like balsam gets me... bummer

Paula said...

Bet it takes lots of hay up there where it gets so cold. Always nice to trade- off that way and everyone comes out the winner.

Michelle said...

Nothing wrong with mixing fun and work!

Dee said...

your a good neighbor.....:) It took me years to get use to round hay bales instead of the square one's LOL

Muffy's Marks said...

What a fun prank, I would have never thought of doing that!!! Enjoy your beef this winter as you fondly remember the haymaking of this summer!!

Buttons said...

Oh I love the prank:) B