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Monday, June 17, 2013

On the Level

 What do you do when you have restrictions?
I take pictures, lots of them...
from the house,
from the deck,
from the truck windows...
 Restricted to level surfaces during recoup
since mid-May when the ferns were unfurling
and the apple blossoms were full
only God knows when I can cut loose on the lawn,
has turned me Stir-Crazy!!!!

 I have had plenty of entertaining 
friends drop by, like this curious female
Ruby-Throated Hummingbird.  I think
she's wondering why I'm taking her picture
from the house on such a beautiful day.
 From the deck I can see my Bleeding Heart.
I received this clump and another from Mel,
my sis across town, down the road and 
around the bend.  They are swaying over 4 ft. 
tall in the warm, moist soil.
 I'm always happy to see our 
pollinators, the bees, busy as ever.
 From the distance, my grandlove shows me
the new growth of the pinecones.
 The Heliatrope planter on the deck
gives me whiffs of vanilla scents with each breeze.
 The Song Sparrow sat still on the feeder
for the longest time, like he knew I needed
to adjust my lens...thanks fella!
 Restrictions haven't stopped me from rising
at 5 a.m. to see our gorgeous sunrises 
the Lord provides...unreal beauty~~~
 Bring it on Mr. Hairy Woodpecker.
Entertain me.  He spent a good half hour
flitting from the birdfeeder to the tree
busily stuffing seeds under the bark.
I wonder how many he will remember
where he put what???
 Way down the driveway,
the Mourning Doves were filling
their crops with gravel...it makes
for a bird's roughage, ya know.
 One day I braved the uneven walk down the driveway
to get the mail and spotted these mushrooms.
Does anyone know what they are?   They were first
much like a puffball but opened into flat surfaced,
close-gilled, black bottomed, straight stalks.  I cannot
bend yet, so I was unable to pick one and do a spore count.
I also could not find them in my Audubon field guide 
for North America.  Any identifier out there?
Can you tell I'm getting bored???
 More entertainment is out in our 1/2 acre garden.
Bill dug a 100 ft. trench for a couple of the Grandloves
to plant their Birdhouse Gourd seeds...
Do you think we will have enough?  LOL
 Yep, ya know I'm bored when I'm 
turning clouds upside-over (like the wee ones say)
cuz I thought they looked like waves...
Calgon, take her away~~~
 This is my view of 2 of the gardens
from the deck.  I must say, Bill is doing
a wonderful job keeping up with all of 
my duties plus his own.  I Love that Man.
 It's only 4 p.m. and I'm ready to see the moon.
One day real soon,
I will share what Bill did for me today.
Oh, What a Relief.

Have a wonderful week everyone.
I'm going to.


Shug said...

Now you have my curiosity up...as to what Bill did!..Whatever it was, I can tell you enjoyed it.
Such great pictures...and I really like the fern photo. Seeing it in the early, curled up stage, makes this picture interesting. Enjoy your evening...and continue to relax.

Michelle said...

I would be stir crazy as well, but you are taking some great shots!

Jill said...

What did Bill do? I can't wait!

You are making good use of your getting well time, Dar. Love all of these shots!

Cher' Shots said...

Great pics as usual. Rest, rest, rest ... eat up this time to recoup and then take it easy when you do get back into the swing of things!!
'love & hugs from afar'

Dee said...

I am sorry you can not get out and about but you have time to see and experience the small things in a day. It is a blessing of joy in disguise. :) I to am curios about what Bill did for you :)

Chatty Crone said...

Well I know what Bill did - he took great care of you and when and if his time is there you will do the same.

Now that said - it is hard to believe you could possibly be bored with your family and friends all visiting and your beautiful beautiful home and gardens.

I do know that you would like to be up and running around on your own. The time is near!


jack69 said...

Okay, when I say "RUN", don't even think about it!!! I know you will be glad when the trying time expires and you are YOU again.
But then the pictures and narrative say, YEP, that is Darla.
I finally got to see some Hummers at home before leaving the feeder that will not be refilled until our return, but I could not take it down after seeing a hummer with a bright red throat. That might be what you called the Ruby throat. heck I don't know, but they are fun to watch.
Love and Hugs to you and Bill, and keep on healing.

Muffy's Marks said...

I'm glad you're making the best of your situation. And you know, if you're going to be able to do the things you love one day, you have to take the time to heal right now. Hugs and prayers that you heal quickly. And keep sending us 'porch' pictures of your beautiful world.

Arkansas Patti said...

It would be so easy to rush things but it looks like you took a gentle approach and just appreciated all around you. Jogging will come in good time. Love that sunrise

Arkansas Patti said...
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Lucy said...

I hope the time passes quickly so you can be back to your beloved out doors. Love all the pictures.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

We have similar mushrooms--no idea what they are.
This is the first summer I've seen hummingbirds NOT in motion. Unreal. They are so tiny.

Cicero Sings said...

Oh I feel for your stir crazy-iness. So constraining to not be able to move around at will ... so frustrating. Yet look at IOU still counting your blessings by photo recording the wonders around you! May you soon be able to "get going" again

imac said...

Really super shots.