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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gasp~~~Careful Where You Tread

Feeling poorly, like I've hit a glass door, smack!!!
 feeling weak and breathless,
 gasping, failing fast, until,
 remembering very little, if anything,
it seems for hours, days, but then~
  still in a daze, but coming around,
 I've lost a few feathers, and I'm sleepy,
but wait,
 I think I will make it.  
I feel stronger every second, until~
 I've made it to the other side of the mat,
and I can move slowly, until~
 Yes, I've regained strength, and
flight once more.  Back to my perch,
my safety zone, my home.
 Poor Goldfinch but he is fine and flying once more.

Not much unlike what I have gone through
this past month.  Only, my 'glass door' was
major back surgery.........again!
This hardware was removed from surgery #1 from 10 yrs ago.
It was replaced with new movable parts and a very much 
' then some.' like, cages, bone grafts from my hip, fusions,
more instrumentations. 
Keep this up and I soon will be the new Bionic Woman.

All kidding aside, I am recovering nicely.
The walker has been cast aside and I'm getting
stronger each day.  My list of restrictions is unreal,
quite literally not allowing me to do much of anything.
Another year from now and I will be ' more better.'

Now, if only I could take a shower without the brace....
I wouldn't be such a crank!

Don't ever mess up your back.
Take special care of where you tread.


Paula said...

Hey you two pretty birds, both of you feel more and more well.

ZielonaMila said...

Beautiful photographs, birds are very photogenic:) Greetings

eileeninmd said...

Pretty Goldfinch, I am glad it was OK!

E.C. said...

I'm glad the Goldfinch survived beautifully. Your photos of the events unfolding are amazing. Well done.
Goldfinch are one of my favorite species of birds. They're like flying flowers. :)

I'm sorry to hear about your back surgery, but I'm happy to hear that you're on the road to recovery. I admire your positive attitude and I think that it's probably one of the major factors in a better healing process.

Sending hugs and prayers of healing. ((((hugs))))
Wishing you a pleasant weekend.

jack69 said...

What a neat entry. And so glad you are recovering nicely. One of these days you will look BACK and it will be over, but during that time it must be trying.
Sister Shirl would at times tell her husband, "Jim, I'm trying!"

His answer was always the same, "YOu sure are!"

Get better faster but take care. Glad the Bird made it, many don't.
But we are all PULLING FOR YOU!

Hugs to you and Bill!

imac said...

Glad you are recovering my friend.

That tail (lol) about the bird reminds me after a night out with the lads,lol.

Jill said...

Poor little goldfinch. So glad he's ok. I have found 2 dead ones here recently. Made me cry.

Bless your heart, Dar! Sorry you had to go through surgery again but so glad you are healing. *Gentle hugs* my friend.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh, you poor woman! I hope you're up and moving freely soon. No fun to be laid up.

Lucy said...

Gladthe surgery is over for now. My grandson fell from a scaffolding while hanging siding and broke his back. That was a few years back, maybe 2 years. He says he is doing ok but his wife said he suffers a lot of pain after working all day. He was fortunate to have heavy clothes on cause the ground was frozen. They told hi he was lucky to be alive. Take care,Dar.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh girl - that poor little bird came to the right place for nurturing! And I cannot believe all those things in your back!!!!!!!!!!!! You are amazing - I am glad you are okay and that you are getting better every day.
Love, sandie

Dee said...

Ouch to both of you....soon you will be like the little bird ...stronger and ready to fly. I pray you have a good weekend...hopefully pain free.

Muffy's Marks said...

Apparently, it takes a lot of patience to recover from back surgery. Take it slow, you don't want to start from square one again. Poor little bird, we have a four season room, and the birds think they can fly right through. Many knock themselves silly. But we haven't lost any yet!!!

Lucy said...

Dar, just keep on keeping on and you will get there soon. The best to you.

TexWisGirl said...

oh, bless you!

(and i'm glad the goldfinch recovered, too.!)