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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rainbow Moon

There has been a pink ring around this icy, waning moon the past couple of nights.  The temperatures have plummeted to the minuses, as much as -30F with the winds., and waking to -20'sF without the winds...
 Reason enough for extra blankets at night, more snuggling, and even afghan warmth while evening reading and knitting.

My dishclothes are looking pretty ragged, so I'm knitting and crocheting a couple of new ones out of cotton yarn. Beautiful stuff, making into lasting products. 
Quite frankly, anything to keep my hands from becoming idle.  Those ' itis ' brothers, Burt-itis and Arthur-itis seem to love this cold weather we are having.  They kick right in and lock up the joints, knitting seems to help.  So does warm dish water~~~
 While I'm sitting, I've been skimming through the seed catalogs.  Three of my favorites arrived today...it sure makes me yearn for green grass, black composted gardens ready for seed.  Even Bill got excited to see them.  He passed them to me saying, "Here ya go, these will warm you up."  That's my guy!
 Until spring does show it's beautiful head, I will have to be happy with the bright sun daring to shine on this ice cold day.  
~~Thank God~~
Thank God for a bit of sunshine.

Stay warm wherever you may be,
Grab another blanket because this arctic blast is not over yet~
Say your prayers and


jack69 said...

What a nice entry.. Glad the seeds make you feel warm. I know you guys love the dirt that is covered with the COLD STUFF!

Knitting dish towels, neat.

I have never seen the moon with color. But then I have never seen the northern lights either. I would like to one day, but they show up when it is cold too. OUCH!

Stay warm for more weeks ahead, but as always the thaw will come.

Love to you and Mr. Bill. Think of you guys often.


Cicero Sings said...

Saw an article about your brrrr cold weather - it said it was going to last for a bit. Oh dear'! We've been having a relatively mild winter in our neckbof the woods.

Just in from going to the movie Les Miserables. A tear jerker.

TexWisGirl said...

ah, stay warm in that frozen land. :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

The sky has been beautiful at night--just majestic.
Loving the seed catalogs too at this time of year.

imac said...

Nice selections here my friend.

Chatty Crone said...

Okay I'm going to say that it's pretty cold where you are. The temperatures in the minus are cold! I don't think I've seen a pink ring around the moon here. How nice when you need dishcloths to just be able to knit them yourself. Who does the planting your house? Do you pick the seeds that will go in the ground and does hubby plant them in the ground for you? Have a good one.

joyfulinhispresence said...

When I see what your temps have been there is NO WAY I am going to complain about ours here in WV! ;-)

I need to pick up the crochet hook myself and do some work on a baby afghan for a friend.

Seed catalogs have been arriving here, too! We search the pages and then dream about how wonderful it is going to be to have the garden INSIDE this fence my hubby built this past spring/summer/fall to keep the deer OUT!

And loved viewing the pics of the Bobcat and the Eagle! I'm especially envying you of the Bald Eagle! Don't see many of those around here.

Have a wonderful remainder of the week, Dar!

E.C. said...

I crocheted a new dishcloth today. I use a simple solid granny square type pattern. I like them better than the regular ones we used to buy at the store.

I've been doing some gardening dreaming too. Seed catalogs are like the Christmas catalogs of Spring to me. ;)

Dee said...

I can almost feel your cold air coming through the computer screen :)