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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Turning It Around

Sooo, you're having a bad day.....
 so, the engine blew.....
so, he decides to take ' The Beater '....
 at least it's only flat and off the rim
on one side.
 so, lift it, change it, and roll it in the garage....
and fix it!
So, you had a bad day....do as the song says,
put one down,
sing a sad song just to turn it around,
so you had a bad day.

So much for our son taking part in the fisheree  today...
it is not in his cards.
He has ' The Beater ' to fix,
and the car doesn't run....yet~
he remains optimistic.
Soon, he will get new-to-him wheels
to get him from point A to point B
while he works on his car....

Ya gotta love it.
He's one that will not take kicking while he's down
and of that, we are proud.
He's taking his bad day and turning it around.

Have a great weekend


jack69 said...

How good it that, to be proud of your son!!! Great. Yep it is easy to be proud then they BE grown up more than some Grownups!!!!
Sounds bad, but good.

Chatty Crone said...

I hope for better days for him Isn't there a song with those words - so you've had a bad day . . .

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

He's got a 'can do' attitude, doesn't he?

E.C. said...

Sounds like the domino effect. I hope the rest of the day was better.

Anonymous said...

What a great outlook on life! Love your son's attitude!

Dee said...

We could all take lessons from him :)