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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mr. Bob and Eagle Eye

I need to thank Mel's guy one more time...for without his donation last week of a beaver carcass, we would not be seeing all of this extra activity in our back yard.  Look who wandered in late this afternoon, it's.... 
Mr. Bob, the bobcat, and he has grown.
He was here last year too.  Now we wait, we wait to see if his mate shows up.  She is more identifiable with her missing leg.
 This fella does make me a bit nervous.  He is not a bit afraid of us as we can walk out the door, talk to him, and he keeps on eating, keeping his guarded eye on us the entire time.  These are not the most clear pics, cuz, me? I did NOT step out the door,....yet~but  maybe tomorrow.
Also, much to my delight, Eagle Eye the Bald Eagle returned.  He faithfully shows up around noon and stays a couple of hours. 
 Today was an extra treat, as a couple of the grandsons were here and got to see Eagle Eye and Mr. Bob for the first time.  They could not believe how big they were.  They thought they were both pretty cool.
((Click on any photo for a closer look))
My camera wasn't quick enough, but at least I got a pretty good shot of him taking off.  What a powerful bird.  This picture is blurred but I can almost count his feathers.

Did I set the camera up yet, you ask?  No!  I've had a cold and just feeling a bit 'off' still, so I haven't set up the trail camera.  It's supposed to be minus -20 to -30 below tonight, but I still plan to step out tomorrow and set up the camera at the corner of the woodshed to get more clear and closer looks at these wonders of the forest and sky., just for you.

Stay Warm, Safe, Dry and most of all


TexWisGirl said...

really really cool. i LOVE that gorgeous eagle!

Suz said...


Chatty Crone said...

That bobcat is so SCARY! Awesome, but scary. And that eagle - magnificent.

Muffy's Marks said...

Beautiful photos. Watch those grandkids around Mr. Bob. He may not care that his next meal could be someone you love!!!

~mel said...

It always amazes me how fast the critters and birds know there's a snack in the yard. Great photo captures. If you need another carcass ~ send Bill over.

Cher' Shots said...

Cool! Great pics.
'love & hugs from afar'

Paula said...

Love the wild animals and birds. Thanks for your time to show them.

George said...

Thank you Dar. A wonderful nature lesson. I would give that big cat plenty of room.

Bonnie K said...

That bobcat is so beautiful. It is a bit scarey that he is so bold. You are so lucky to see the eagle every day.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

The blacksmith and I are enjoying your close up and personal view of the beautiful eagle.

Dee said...

Remind me if I am ever in Alaska not to put carcasses out....and to keep the door shut. :)