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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Eagle Eye

A few days ago, I asked my BIL, Slim, (sister Mel's hubby from Up North With Mel), if he happened to have a beaver carcass from his trapping ventures, just lying around that he wanted to share.
I love to watch the Eagles feed and they are scavengers for winter food and road kills.  The beaver carcass must be like a delicacy in the eye of the great Bald Eagle.
It didn't take a few hours and there he was, sitting in the trees just beyond where his feast lay.
(sorry for the lack of clarity in these shots.  Some were taken through a screened window and some just too far away as I still do not have the trail camera set up.)
Old Eagle Eye watched the crows and starlings for quite some time before deciding to check out his feast.

 Even, once he was on top of his claim, he still constantly is checking~~~checking to see if a predator is sneaking up on him, or watching while he eats.
 I see, he's watching me, watching him...
The Bald Eagle is such a magnificent bird, so worth the watch, if you ever get the opportunity. 
 Whether feasting, soaring high above or taking flight, each movement represents strength, power, agility, a means to an end.
 And away he goes., off into the wild blue yonder,
until it's safe, once again, to return for more.
God Bless You this Weekend
(now, I really MUST go set the trail camera up to share more)


~mel said...

~ like I said, "toss them a beaver carcass and they will come" :) Eric came and picked up a couple to put out in the field over at the farm too. You captured some nice shots of the eagle, even through the window screen.

Helen said...

Love those Eagle shots!

Gail said...

I thought of the game cam too late for our eagle.

They are magnificent birds.

TexWisGirl said...

i am glad they could feast.

Winderly-Winderly said...

Whoops! I just posted this on your potato sausage entry by mistake!!

Winderly-Winderly said...
I love your eagle pixs and what a treat to be able to watch them so close up. We used to do eagle counts for the Forest Service in So. CA as they were dwindling there at one point along with the California Condor.

However, I have to say, I kind of feel like the joke's on me here as it relates to you and your sister Mel. I don't remember which I discovered first....I believe you...and was immediately drawn into your blog (at that time about an adventure to a possible still out in the woods somewhere) like a reeeeeely good book I couldn't put down. In a nutshell, you and Mel became my most favorite blogs and now to discover you are sisters, well, that's just all the better. Just want to say what a priviledge it is to be able to share your adventures and a huge thank you from me to you AND Mel....and if there are more sisters I'm following that I don't know about, them too.

Chatty Crone said...

I have been to Alaska and they say that Eagles are scavengers and because there are so many - aren't that impressed.

I am impressed. you call your BIL for a carcass that he happens to have one. Then you put it out and here comes this beautiful eagle...

Lucky you!

Dar said...

Helen, Gail, Tex, Winderly, Chatty:
We are very fortunate to call the eagles and other birds and forests with a few treats. and Winderly, you also be following Cher from CherShots. She's another sister. All of you, thanks for following us. We appreciate your visits. Our lifestyles are so commonplace to us that it seems like everyone should do and know what we do...Thanks

imac said...

Nice piece of work my friend

Cicero Sings said...

Don't you just have an in to drawing those birds in ... they really are something. I got quite close to one once ... it was on an island and I was in a kayak.

Thanks for the how to regarding moose. I did up the steak and it turned out nice and tender.

Paula said...

Well you've got one on me I've never borrowed a carcass before. Nice it brought that beautiful Eagle around.

jack69 said...

You cannot top our Paula for a comment! BORROW A CARCASS! Yep this is an interesting entry. Honestly it is amazing though, the eye sight of the Eagle. Wonder do they smell also? We do not have as many here in Florida but a couple times we have had them in our back yard.
But their eye sight amazes me.

Good entry, that is what I wanted to say anyway.

Love from Wildwood, FL but not as wild as the Northwood.

Michelle said...

Wow! What a majestic creature! You got some great shots!

Dee said...

Love the eagles...and I am a tad bit envious of you to be able to see them up close. :)