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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Slow and Easy

This is not a clear picture, but it's a honey of a truck.  Yes, I want it.  Jack could tell me what it is!  I took this picture just for you, Jack.

It's a slow and easy pace this weekend.  Come along and I will show you what My Man is up to now.  He knows I cannot help him now, I do feel a twinge of guilt,  because I really DO enjoy working at his side.  This time, I will be like the tortoise and plod along carefully and slow.
 Bill and I spent most of the weekend at the cabin, he worked, ( it's his favorite thing to do ), Stacy and his girlfriend played ( their favorite thing to do ) with long lost cousins from the southern part of the state plus friends....so good to see them again.  It's been 25 yrs., way, way, way too long.
 Andy's guys are always digging, burying, and digging out what they buried ( their favorite thing to do )~~~only, this time, Sy could not find his sandals and of course, it was time to get ready to go back to his Mom's and get ready for school.  Oh, Sy! :)
 Thanks to Grandpa and his Big Lil'Blue tractor, he pulled the dirt back a few times and finally found the lost treasure., just in the knick of time...time to leave.  Summer is over, time for fun, new school adventures.
 Cause it's such a cute picture, I had to share this one of Andy's other two, Ben and Noah with bachelor neighbor, Gene.  Can you tell the boys love that ol' boy?  And he can't get enough of them.  They always have to climb all over him and blow the horn on the truck.  Gene doesn't walk so well anymore and the arthritis gets his hands all tangled up but he still can try to hook them with his cane, as they run past him over and over, just-a giggling.
 Ok, back to the day at the cabin~~~so tell me, is this fella an Emerald Ash Borer or a Cuckoo Wasp....whatever he is, he's drilling holes in the logs of the cabin and leaving sawdust piles all over tarnation.
 To top it off, this fella, a Braconid Wasp, seems to be traveling with him~~~~yes, I got the ol' wasp pistola, bug spray out and destroyed several.  I know they are drilling, laying eggs and skipping town.  Maybe I stopped at least one hatch of them, come spring.  They hollow live wood so I wonder what they find so interesting in the dead logs?  I see a research coming.
 Okey-doke, back to what I started to tell you.  Bill, My Man, is up to something again.  First, this is the remains, rest in peace, of a dearly beloved cedar bridge that once crossed the creek just below the cabin.
It rotted just enough that, it was feared that the deer that crossed it each winter, would slip a slender leg between the logs and become wolves dinner,  slowed with a broken leg.  No mind that one of the GrandLoves would fall through, but the guys were sure worried about the deer....go figure., huh?  What's with that.?
 Sorry, don't know what got over me.  Anyway, back to the subject at hand.  Do you see that white speck just below the hill off the end of the bench I'm sitting on>?  That's Bill on his tractor.  That's how much it drops off.
 It's been dry enough out that the frogs are lining up at the faucet at home, so Bill thought he'd take the opportunity to get a bit more logging out of the way near the creek and finally make a road to get ' across ' the creek with the tractor.  He sure is happy with his little ' powerhouse ' pulling some big timbers up the hill. (Of course my camera battery went out just as he was bringing in the biggest ones. )
 The robins were following him up and down the hill wherever he broke ground that was a bit damp.  They were getting lucky, finding a quick meal of crawlers.
 Big Lil' Blue finally was able to cross the creek on the more solid bed of rock, fully exposed with the water level so low right now.  One good rain, and he won't be able to do this, as the creek rises fast.
 Finally, after the fun stuff, it was time to cool off.  What a better way than to ' get your feet wet.'  Well, this wasn't exactly planned.  Actually, he was hooking a log with the chains, and his foot slipped in.  He said that as long as he was wet, he might as well clean up his mess from the tops that fell in when he felled a dead tree.  Some live tops of other young trees tipped so were cut also and fell into the creek.  I think he's making a swimmin' hole.
 Hmmmm, looks like a little more wet than just his boots.  Kids will play on such a hot day.
 All of this road building, logging and playing, and another good thing came out of it.  Bill resurfaced my huge pink stepping stone that he buried 14 yrs. ago.  
Note to self:  Thank Him for finally digging it up for me.
 Yes, there is always ' something ' to do along with the privilege of ownership., like move that wiring that was going to be done ' right away.'  That too, was long ago.
I did get the cabin cleaned out again,  aired for the next visit, ( tomorrow?), cobwebs swept away, Fabreze'd the life out of it, started to sweep down the logs, pulled Stinging Nettle that was growing too close for comfort, and read all about trials and tribulations of other New Pioneers.
Even tho we have to carry water in, use a generator for power, and use the outhouse, ( are you kidding?  I go home.  It's only a mile by way the crow flies. ),  as I was saying,  I love our lil' cabin in the woods.   Folks still ask why we built it so close to home.  Answer is,  " so we use it."   We spend more time there this way than if it were counties or states away.

Thanks so much for stopping and spending the afternoon with us.  We so enjoy your company.  


TexWisGirl said...

you guys are busy!

and big and little boys like to play. :)

Paula said...

Yes good idea to have cabin close so you use it.

Paula said...

Yes good idea to have cabin close so you use it.

Ian said...

It sure sounds like a good time was had by all!

~mel said...

So he FINALLY un-dug the pink rock! I remember many many moons ago when you were upset about Bill burying it in the first place. lol I'll have to pop over and check out the new bridge... and have a cup or two of coffee while I'm at it:)

Michelle said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!

jack69 said...

Fantastic read my dear. the pickup looks like 1940's vintage maybe the 1947-48. Profile could be Studebaker or Chevy.(Of course I am guessing!)LOL
Nobody with wood likes to see the sawdust falling. down here we just call them Carpenter bees.

Just love the area of the cabin, you guys have done a fantastic job.

LOve from Bangor....