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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sandhill Family and Food

Early this morning, as I opened the door, I could hear such a racket, a loud croaking rattle of the Sandhill Cranes.  They were way across the road in the neighboring field, tho they sounded like they were just the other side of the house.
 There were 3 of them, having just announced their landing.
 When I stepped out on the deck for a closer look, I quickly realized I needed to get something on these bare feet.  The deck floor was cold....like fall was in the air.   I hurried before the cranes decided to leave right away.  The neighbors dog would surely put the run on them as soon as she spots them.
Even the traffic did not cause them to flee so I thought, while they preen themselves, I would attempt to get a closer look.
 Slowly, I walked down the driveway, to see that there were 5 of them.  The two calling cranes are the parents, and what looks to be a teenager and two of this years hatchlings.   ( Maybe Ma and Pa adopted one along the way, as they usually only lay 2 eggs. ) Ma and Pa started warning immediately, of my presence.  And I thought I was being quiet and sneaky...
 It was so interesting to see how the parents flanked the youngsters, on watch from opposite directions while the little ones paid no mind to my presence until the parents warned again.
 Come along kids, it's time to leave.  Let's walk to the farthest end of the field for awhile, then fill your bellies before we start our flight.  First stop may be the Platte River in Nebraska.  We have not yet decided where to winter: either Ariz, Tex, Mex, Calif.   Some of our relatives even fly as far as Cuba.  We prefer Texas.
 Enough playing with the birds, that was also my cue to get back to work.    It was busy yesterday, and will be busier today.
The first thing I did yesterday, was to put some over-sized zucchini and over-ripe bananas to good use.  Two loaves of Banana Bread and two of the Zucchini Coconut Almond Bread were in and out of the oven by noon.  ( I sure had a difficult time grating the zucchini with these sensitive burned fingers.  Still so touchy. )
 Next, jar up the dehydrated onions.  Oh My, how wonderful these smell.  They are so crisp and will be a perfect topper for my Green Bean Casserole.  I know one Grandson that eats them right out of the jar like a snack.  I never say a kid love onions so much.

 Time for lunch...how about thick sliced tomatoes on toast?  The slices are so huge that they are larger than  the slice of bread.
 Now, That's a Sandwich!
 Back to work!  Where do I begin?  Maybe hulling the Yard Long Beans on the deck with a second cup of coffee.  It's such a beautiful morning that needs to be enjoyed before the fall winds start to blow and the chill in the air decides to stay.  
Working in the last sunny summer days, works for me.  
Have a great day yourself and find at least one grateful thing in your day.  It will bring a big ol' smile to your face.

Thanks so very much for stopping by and making my blog day.



Winderly said...

Just did.......find one grateful thing in my day. Your delightful pictures posts today! Thanks! ;)

God Bless!

Winderly said...

Pictures and posts that is.......

Remington said...

LOVE the pics! AWESOME! Thank you for sharing!

TexWisGirl said...

the sandhills are so wonderful!!!

Suz said...

now...how do I get to your house?

jack69 said...

I refuse to read anymore of this stuff! I love tomato sandwiches....
Didn't know you guys had sand hi9ll cranes up there? WOW My education increases. What a great read this is. Loved the pictures. It always amazes me how you understand animals ad birds!!!
Love you girl. We will be gone for awhile. If all goes well we will finish in 10-11 days. If we get a lot of rain it will slow us down.
We are carrying food for 14 days.

Love from Bangor.....

Shug said...

Geez, those tomatoes are gorgeous.
I love a good cheese sandwich with a big ol' tomato to top it off.
Great pictures!
BTW...I always smile when I stop at your place.

Paula said...

Those tomatoes are to die for. Green Bean casarole with those onions doesn't sound bad either.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Love me some fresh tomatoes!
I saw 2 cranes for the first time EVER on our property last week. They are so graceful looking.

Michelle said...

Those cranes are such beauties! And, so are those tomatoes!

Muffy's Marks said...

Tomato sandwiches are the best!! Loved the sand hill crane photos.

imac said...

Those Toms look like Beefeaters.

Cicero Sings said...

Had toasted tomato open face sandwiches tonight for supper. I was too tired for much else as I split kindling and my second layer logs this afternoon as well as restacked the left over wood in a new location. Hopefully my BIL will come soon with his wood splitter and I can get some more rounds split up. Then THAT job will be done in prep for the winter. Still splitting logs from trees taken down when this house was built ... and the lot is still well treed!

We get sandhill cranes here too during the summer. If one is in the right spot at the right time one can see them! Didn't see any this year.