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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fall, Fog, Photosynthesis, Firewood, Freeze

It's beginning so early.
I wonder if the change from summer into fall
is happening for you also.  The ferns have turned  to gold. 
 The fog of early morning rolls in and within 30 seconds,
          I cannot see the barn just 100 feet away, the fog thickens.
 The underside of the maple leaves, show signs of photosynthesis.
  I'm anxious for the change, but sad to see summer leaving.
 But, around our home front, a sure sign of fall is the smell of firewood being cut, split, piled and burned at the cabin.  The woodshed at the house is already well supplied so I know we will be warm for another winter, starting sometimes as soon as October.   
I do not want the greens to disappear just yet.  Green grass, green leaves, greens of the garden.  It's all a bit depressing to realize that just around our corner, any time now, it could freeze out.   
Does that mean I have to cover tomatoes or pick all of them?

( Come to think about it, it has been a long time since we have not had a frost in Aug., so I'm thinking it's a blessing in disguise. )

For tonight, I thank God that the evenings, tho cooling into the 40's, have not yet threatened frost.  Instead, I will open my windows wide and enjoy the breeze and scents of fall.

Thanks for stopping by during your busy day....and....


TexWisGirl said...

enjoy it, dar. we're still in the 100s here.

Paula said...

I'm not sorry to see the summer go here. Even after the sun goes down it is too hot to want to do anything out side. I bet that stack of wood does make your heart sing.

Shug said...

Oh yes, do enjoy Dar....100's here in East Texas! I sure would love to have some 40 degree evenings. It was so hot and humid last evening at the football game, that I would have give anything to have had the ice water cooler dumped on my head!!
Blessings sweet friend.

~mel said...

Photosynthesis ~ I hate to blow your bubble on it - that's not the meaning of leaves changing color. Photosynthesis is the process by which green plants use sunlight to form food from carbon dioxide and water. When the leaves change color that's senescence - the organic process of growing older and showing the effects of increasing age. Like me! I'm going through senescence ~ my hair is getting grayer by the minute. I know, I'm sounding like a science nerd ... but you already knew that about me:) Every once in awhile it just creeps out ... I think I get it from Randy ~ haha.

Dar said...

Re: SisterMel, OK girly, so ya caught it. Guess I was too tired to correct myself...smartypants~~~That's what I get for doing this in the middle of the night...geeeez
Thanks...me too, going through senescence...and ya, let's give this one to Randy. lol

jack69 said...

Okay girls, I was impressed at the spelling, and definitely didn't know nothing else. hahahahah Love the entry. And wish I wus half as smart as you girls. I think together y'all know everything!!!!

Cool here in Maine this morning. Gonna be cold in them hills next week. Hope no rain though.

Love you girl, I am impressing the boys that I know someone who has built a REAL log cabin! They think you are Abe!

Winderly said...

I love your blog Dar and thanks for stopping by mine. Yours reads like a good book I can't put down. Thanks for sharing.

As for your cooler temps., I'm a northern gal at heart (grew up in New England) so understand the feeling, but I'm now transplanted in Central Texas and a good day here lately is when temps. aren't tripple digits. Today's not one of them. : |

God Bless!

Sunny said...

I love Autumn, my favorite time of year. Several (many, many) years ago, hubby and I had an over-abundance of ripe tomatoes in our garden, biut weren;t ripening. We picked them and wrapped each seperately in newspaper and put them in boxes under our bed. (no basement) We had fresh tomatoes that slowly ripened over the next several months! I don't remember where we got this tip, but it worked!

Michelle said...

I am ready for fall! It has been raining here, so I didn't get all the pumpkins out the garden yet!