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Friday, September 7, 2012

Skeptical and Sure

I have become very skeptical of my own judgement.
I used to be sure of the wild mushrooms in our woods, but that was way back when I took the care and time to do spore counts, so I do NOT claim to know any of these that I found by our cabin.
   My sister at UpNorthWithMel still picks and eats native mushrooms, and she's still with us, so I guess I shouldn't be so chicken....oh, now Chicken Mushrooms are a delicacy, and yes, I've had them.
 I'm really hoping that Mel can help me out here and identify any of these., particularly the first bunch.  Without knowing for sure, they look similar to the Honey Mushrooms that are sought after by those who know for sure.  What scares me, tho, is their similarity to the Ceasar's Fiber Heads which are deadly poisonous.
 Are you beginning to understand my skepticism?...
 Maybe I will try some wild mushrooms again when and if I know I'm about to die, cause it just won't matter then, will it, whether or not I kick the bucket.  Besides, they're ridden with tiny microscopic bugs that I just do not care to ingest just yet.
 Check out this carefree 'schroom' jutting straight out of the tree, horizontally.  I wonder if it's going to take an upward turn before it finishes it's growth.  
One thing about wild mushrooms, they are plentiful after a warm rain and, like wet fallen leaves, you can smell them.  I've noticed that the ones the mice and deer nibble on are usually, I say ' usually ' choice for human consumption.  But then, neither a mouse or deer, am I.
 One thing I AM sure of,~~~~~these are gorgeous zinnias!
Have a relaxing fall day and enjoy the sweet smells of pumpkin, carrots and spice....and of course, Apple Pie.



TexWisGirl said...

i saw your sis' post. i don't do mushrooms at all, so i'm in no danger. :)

Paula said...

I don't know a toadstool from a mushroom. I took a picture once of a toadstool growing out of a cow patty. That kind of threw me off.

~mel said...

Haven't I taught you anything over the years! Pick them ... let someone else eat them ... then the next day you're good to go!

Seriously, the top ones look like some dandy honeys to me. I'm thinking a mushroom hunt in your woods is in order very soon:)

Cicero Sings said...

The only shrooms (wild ones) that i've ventured to eat are the shaggy manes ... all the rest are suspect to me as well!. I'd love to go picking with some one who was in the know!

Suz said...

my old neighbor used to hunt mushrooms that looked like a giant skull....eeeuuu
I only eat mushrooms from the grocery store....
bless my heart

Shug said...

Oh gurl...I'm with you here. I would be way too afraid to take the chance. I'm kinda leary about the ones in the grocery store!! Crazy me!
Great pictures..
Have a Blessed Sunday.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'm like you with mushrooms--and we have loads of them! But I am too chicken to take my chances.