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Monday, September 10, 2012

Pumpkins, Squash, Cabbage Red

It's been another busy day on the acreage.  Before I knew it, it was nearly noon, a little banking, and more work called me to the gardens.
 First stop was the pumpkin patch while Bill cut more firewood.  The patch happens to be where he was cutting so he helped me once again.  Ya gotta love that man.  Some of the pumpkins are a bit green yet, but will ripen to golden orange in no time, even though we decided to cut them early.
 Besides some early cold nights, the animals  have started to taste-test the flavors before them...sorry deer, turkeys and bear.  The Grands want these.
 It's funny how one thing always leads to another task.  Before putting the majority of the pumpkins in the barn windows, I needed to get there~~>to the windows.  There were swim toys to put away, floor to sweep, planters to store.  Finally, an hour later, my corner of the barn/storage looked pretty good so the pumpkins could be unloaded.  Phew, some of them were pretty hefty.  They sure are pretty.
 Before parking the 4-wheeler and trailer, (my workhorses), I thought I'd see how the north garden was doing.  There are Red(purple) Cabbage to tend to also.  Look at the difference, tearing the outer leaves from the head...Beautiful color.  I fried a chunk of thinly sliced bacon and onion, thick shredded half a head, steamed them until tender, added a thickener of vinegar, sugar, cornstarch and water and  WOW, that was a delicious side of Sweet Sour Red Cabbage this evening.  We are so spoiled to be able to go out the door, across the yard to the garden, pick what we want and enjoy.
 The test field of German Butterball Potatoes are producing fantastic, buttery rich-tasting spuds.  We notice they are the last to finish but our favorites in flavor of the four varieties in the test strips.  
 We think the boss will be pleased....now, to see if he wants to contend with all the rocks in our field and do this again next year.
 The stripes on the Colorado Potato Beetle make him easy to identify.  Thank goodness he was only 'looking' because these fellas are long gone by now.
 Last, but by no means, least, a peek at tomorrows delicacy for the table.  We are trying this Buttercup Squash, my absolute favorite of the squash family, with it's deep yellow orange flesh, so sweet baked whole, then gutted, mashed with butter, salt, pepper and for the super sweet tooth, a little maple syrup drizzle.
What are your favorite, gotta have some, veggies of fall?  If you are gardeners or not, everyone must eat their vegetables.  Carrots anyone, for your bright eyes?



Michelle said...

I love the squash and pumpkins. Also love decorating with those gourds!

TexWisGirl said...

i loved digging potatoes as a kid - you could almost always find another one if you tried. :) and they're my favorite comfort food.

Muffy's Marks said...

I'm with you on the buttercup squash. Love them. Your garden sounds wonderful. Soon you will be ready for the 'snows'!!!

jack69 said...

No body ever told me what to eat so I could HEAR, it was always Carrots for the eyes. LOL
Your load is beautiful and the cabbage looks good. I have NEVER seen anything but Green cabbage in the field, so I know you dyed them ha!
The Squash sounds good which I guess are this evening.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. We are all good, a little disappointed but all is well. You can't say enough about a few days with friends and especially new good ones.

Lucy said...

I would love the cabbage, and buttery potatoes, and squash. I haven't had a garden in years but I still miss it.

Cher' Shots said...

I believe my favorite squash is the hubbard. So creamy, full of flavor and great for squash pecan pies!
We have one lonely 'little' pumpkin, but our summer and zucchini squash were beyond belief! The freezer if full of zucchini breads ~ several flavors.
'love & hugs from afar'

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love all of the pretty pumpkins and sweet potatoes are my favorite Fall veggie!