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Thursday, September 6, 2012


Can you believe it, I took a day off for myself.  My Michigan sister was at the farm, so, of course that warranted a fine visit.  It's always good to get my Cher Fix.
 Since the morning was already gone and Bill and some of the boys were at the cabin, I blew the rest of what could have been a productive day...well, I did get a canner full of tomatoes done before going to the farm.  That's something!
 A tomato sandwich later, and I was at the cabin gazing at the sky, reading a couple old magazines, smelling fall in the air.
 A Mama Robin was hopping along, following her young one, teaching it how to forage for itself, as it searched for food.
 The afternoon before, the sky quickly darkened but only for about 10 minutes.  Within that time, it rained, hailed and then 
 a wide but pale rainbow appeared in the Eastern Sky...a promise. It left the air cooled but still so humid that it lasted the night and next day...
 At least back at the cabin, it felt 10 degrees cooler with a slight breeze through morning intermittent showers.  Even the little Red Squirrel was all a-chatter about the weather, or was he reminding me that I should be storing nuts and seeds for the anticipated long winter days.
 As I checked on the pumpkin patch to see if I could cut any yet, 
 in flew a beautiful Great Spangled Fritillary.  They mainly feed on Violets at night so I was so surprised to see this one feeding in the pumpkin patch in the middle of the day.  
 The evening sky was red last night so I was hoping for the same thing this evening.  It did not happen.  I did get some pretty cool sunsets to share.  This is the neighbors barn toward town.
                          the pink sky over the end of our small field,
 the reflection of the mill yard across from Hines Park as the sun quickly lowered.  I love the sunsets, no matter where or when.  I still wish I had not missed the Red Sun the night before...my brother saw it and said it was one of the finer things in life, but so very weird.  Did any of you see the red sunset?  If you have pictures of it, please do share.  
Thanks for stopping by in your busy day to read this laid-back day of mine.  Upon re-reading, I fell asleep.  I hope you didn't mind.
Have a day full of blessings...


imac said...

Very Nice, love the reflecting sunset.

TexWisGirl said...

glad you got some UP sis time. :)

love that last photo!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

The sky has been gorgeous here, too.
Glad you had a "Cher fix."

Lucy said...

We did but my cheap little camera doesn't pick up on it.

Suz said...

oh a beautiful day
but...I thought I said tropical island...!

Shug said...

You have a pumpkin patch??? Oh, I'm so jealous. I do love me a good ol' pumpkin field.
We are so ready for some cooler weather. Of course, I know it has to get cooler your way before it ever decides to get cooler in Texas...
glad you enjoyed the day off!

Paula said...

Don't mind if you fall asleep. You certainly deserved a day off and a nap.

Cher' Shots said...

Hey Sis, its always great to see you too. Always seems way too rushed when we do get back to see everyone. We got home last night and I have tomatoes to can. Go figure!
I did get some good shots of that weird red sunset. I will post them today.
'love & hugs from afar'